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  1. Faile.. She'd get herself kidnapped.. I wouldn't go looking for her.. and I'd inherit a fortune. Eventually, when Faile's "tragic" disappearence becomes old news, I'd remarry Galad.
  2. Mat's introduction in book 1 and the realization that he wouldn't likely be killed off any time soon.
  3. Favorite Character in WoT: Nynaeve. Which of the above should be removed: Mat. Who should be added: Graendal.
  4. So much SoT hate ;D I personally like the series (enough to re-read from time to time). I guess I'm just one of those people who can look past the astrocious (at times) writing and offputting, awkward rape scenes that border on sadomasochism. I also don't have a problem with how "preachy" the books are accused of being. TG himself referring to his series as more philosophical than fantastical in nature aside, his 5 paragraph lectures of the evils of socialism, of the same recycled material, is nothing compared to the 5 page descriptions detailing the clothing, gestures, postures, body
  5. The bolded bit is obviously the case as you can't not agree with what is written straight out. She hits, kicks and uses threats to enforce her will all throughout the first part of the story. She clearly felt the need to resort to this as a young Wisdom. It has been by far one of the most talked about aspects of her personality in the fandom. She does change somewhat in the later part of the books and even admits in TGS that her old ways aren't going to work on Rand anymore. TGS Ch. 32 In my defense, I've only read the series once and it's hard to keep track of every miniscule det
  6. Sorry but is that a joke? No. Ok well then you must mean that she isn't that type "now" as of ToM because that is just about all she did for the first three quarters of the story. I don't agree.. just as most fans wouldn't agree with my sentiments that Perrin and Mat are the most abysmally boring and unlikeable characters in the series. I agree wholeheartedly about Perrin and I think most fans would as well. The problem with your viewpoint on Nyanaeve is the facts are in the story. You can pull passage after passage of her bullying and browbeating people. It isn't e
  7. Sorry but is that a joke? No. Ok well then you must mean that she isn't that type "now" as of ToM because that is just about all she did for the first three quarters of the story. I don't agree.. just as most fans wouldn't agree with my sentiments that Perrin and Mat are the most abysmally boring and unlikeable characters in the series.
  8. Might have asked you this before but Nynaeve's bullying never bothered you at all? Not to mention much of the humor around her character is based on her acting in a hypocritical fashion. Does it not just hit as hard because it is played to comedic effect? I don't see Nynaeve as the bullying type. She has a strong personality and the ability to change, which is why most fans give her the benefit of the doubt. Still, I fell in love with her character since she was first introduced and I couldn't have been happier when it was revealed that she was one of the strongest channeler born in thi
  9. Nynaeve is my favorite character fighting for the light.. so it really annoyed me when Egwene was acting all self righteous and insulted Nynaeve for being "so reckless" in T'A'R when she herself had basically almost got sucked into Gawyn's dream among several other near death experiences that was a direct result of her hypocrisy and arrogance. Oh.. and every other instance of her belittling Nynaeve after realizing that she could. I wouldn't mind her ego if she were punished more severely (or at all) for her blatant contradictions and flat out arrogance. Still, she's just a minor annoya
  10. Why Mat and Perrin? Why not Mat and Perrin? Perrin because he's boring to read.. I also blame him for introducing Faile, forcing me to read her chapters too (as well as her unnecessarily long winded rescue.) Mat because I find him terribly unfunny. Also boring to read. Just die already.
  11. Sloth


    The Creator is the reason why time exists. You can't hold the Creator subject to an entity/principle that he/she transcends. It is for this reason that time is considered an infinite dimension (since it defines itself, there are no beginnings or endings).
  12. Oh yeah.. how could I forget the dramatic naming of Sheriam as Black Ajah? That too was one of my most favorite scenes in WoT.
  13. Nynaeve breaking her block. I was so happy for her!
  14. Pretty much every scene featuring the points of views of Graendal, Semirhage, Lanfear, Mesaana, and Moghedien Verin revealing that she's BA to Egwene The climax of Egwene vs. Elaida at the WT in which Egwene in which Elaida loses her temper and uses the OP The cleansing of Saidin Nynaeve <3 Seanchan attack of the WT Egwene + WT vs. Mesaana + BA
  15. I enjoy the Sword of Truth series enough to re-read them from time to time. While I do agree that it has gone downhill some since the third book, I still enjoyed the 8 books that followed. (Especially Faith of the Fallen and the Chainfire trilogy.) Obviously, I also enjoy the Wheel of Time series (or I wouldn't be here). As someone who has read both series up until the most current books, here is my personal analysis: Better writer? RJ, definitely. Better plot? WoT, by a slight margin. (A little too tricky and long winded for it's own good.) Characterization? WoT, again, by
  16. I've always imagined White Bridge to be heart stone, purely by it's description, and the rippling shadow to be either the Fade or foreshadowing that the Fade is near.
  17. I'm talking about the misguided claims that Moghedien could stand equal to Semirhage or Mesaana in the OP since apparently there is no evidence to suggest it when in fact there IS evidence-- circumstantial evidence and implications-- to suggest that she is the weakest. Who are you to say what suffices as evidence and what does not? Statements made out of arrogance can be just as misleading as implications made from subtle nuances in the books if not more. After all, it's easier and takes less effort to make a red herring out of a simple statement born from misconception and rumor than it
  18. Doesn't matter if they are direct quotes. They could be made out of arrogance or ignorance so we don't know them to be fact. You see, there's a difference between our assumptions and your conjectures. Our assumptions are backed by very circumstantial evidence and numerous implications throughout the books whereas you pull suppositions out of thin air and state them to be just as possible just because there is no evidence to support or deny these claims. Therefore, if we can't make the claim that Moghedien is the weakest female forsaken/weakest forsaken, you can't make the claim that Rand i
  19. The quote you gave me says that, but the 13th Depository Power-Level Chart doesn't. In fact, it says that was -Old- Moiraine's power level before dropping to "Level 2". With the angreal, her Level should be somewhere above Level 12. We don't know how much. http://13depository.blogspot.com/2009/02/saidar-strength-ranking.html This is why I am stating that somewhere along the line, 13th Depository failed and I suppose it comes from trying to intuit too much from too little information. Or maybe it was two different writers? I'm not familiar with their site and don't know what the discrep
  20. She wasn't a weak channeler beforehand. She was considered to be one of the strongest Aes Sedai during the start of the series. She's about 3 levels below Elayne, Egwene, and Aviendha in the OP. The quote I give you says that with the angreal, she would be as strong as Lelaine and Romanda, who are below Elayne, Egwene, Aviendha, and even Cadsuane. Therefore, Moiraine would still be weaker than Egwene, Elayne, and Aviendha with her angreal.
  21. Read the books, it's all there with the exception of Mesaana and Semirhage. BS told us he is pretty sure Nynaeve is stronger than Mesaana and that Semirhage is stronger than Nynaeve. Asmo was considered the weakest of the male Forsaken and he is even with a pre-maxed out Rand. A maxed out Nynaeve is still a level of two below a pre-maxed out Rand. Moggy was even with a pre-maxed out Nynaeve, she is below Nynaeve now that she has reached her full potential. Tell ya what, YOU provide the evidence against anything I said. Uh... I think I know what quote you are referring to in re
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