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  1. Hello everyone, While fishing this afternoon, I began thinking about the WOT (Mainly to take my mind off how bad a fisherman I am) and two things occurred to me. One was something that I've never seen discussed and the other is something I think is a plot hole. First, does anyone know what the significance of the "al" prefix in in the Two Rivers? I mean some families have it and some don't, but it doesn't seem to denote social standing. I mean Rand, Nyneave, Egwene and their families all sport the "al", but they don't seem to have a higher social standing than do the Cauthons, the Aybaras, the Luhans , Cenn Bui or any of the others. So, what does it mean? Is it like the "O" or "Mac", "Mc" or "Map" found in Celtic cultures or the "ibn" found in many Islamic states? Just curious. Second, is the hole on the plot that has bugged me for awhile (and this is a two parter). Why does Alana go to Shayol Ghul and why doesn't Rand know that she's been injured? The only reference I know regarding her disappearance is Rand noting she's gone north, nothing more. Well, as he's her Warder, you'd think he'd know if she was hurt (which she was).The fact that Moridin purposefully hurt her to distract Rand confirms this. so, why didn't he know before hand? For that matter, if the Great Lord wanted to win the Last Battle, why'd he keep her alive at all? If he killed her, Rand would have gone insane and been useless to fight at Shayol Ghul (a fact confirmed by Moridin's actions in killing her after the bore was sealed.). For a while I thought that she might be a darkfriend and masking her whereabout, but I read several treatesies on the subject and now don't think that is the case (most notable by the fact that she released him as she was dying to prevent Moridin from winner..Not the action of a Black siter). All I know is that she went north in response to Verin's letter, she was held by Moridin in the Pit Of Doom, injured to weaken Rand and ultimately killed for the same purpose. Anyone have any imput on these two subjects? Thanks in advance...tud
  2. Mashiara Sedai, I'm not disputing your point about the pattern. In fact, Moiraine plainly was aware of it as evidenced by her admonition to not reveal the contents of her letter to Mat until he asked to read it. What I noted in my re-read of EOTW was what appears to be a continuity error regarding Moiraine telling Thom that he needs Mat to tell him where the Tower of Ghenji was located. In EOTW, Thom saw it at the same time as Mat and had its significance explained to him (and Mat) by Bayle Doman. Thom needed Mat to enter the Tower and he needed his luck to survive and to successfully rescue Moiraine, but he didn't need his knowledge to locate the Tower.
  3. Well, actually no, Mat isn't better at locating the tower. For one thing, Thom wasn't distracted when they encountered the tower on the boat. He actually makes mention of seeing the Tower when they encountered it. Also, Thom's memory of the trip is fine. Much better than Mat's. Unlike Mat, he didn't have holes chewed in his memory by the dagger and wasn't sick at the time. Finally, Mat generalship has nothing to do with Moiraine telling Thom that Mat knows where the tower is. you could say that perhaps she doesn't know, but if so, why didn't Thomreact when he read the letter?
  4. I don't dispute the point that Talmanes is making, I'm just asking why she told Thom that Mat can tell him where the Tower Of Ghenji is when Thom already knew. He gained that knowledge at the same time Mat did...Going down river with Rand on Bayle Doman's boat in EOTW. It doesn't make sense that Moiraine would see in the rings that Mat knew where the tower was and not see that Thom had the same knowledge. Also, why didn't Thom remark on it when he showed the letter to Mat? In fact, considering the whole in Mat's memory, Thom was more likely to recall the incident.
  5. While I agree that Mat had to be one of the three to make the rescue attempt, that doesn't explain why Moiraine told Thom that only Mat would be able to tell him where the Tower Of Ghengi was located. He already knew and if Moiraine could tell him the Mat knew the way, then she'd also know that Thom had seen it at the same time. It doesn't make sense. tud
  6. Just on a whim (too much time on my hands), I recently started re-reading the series. I'm well into the EOTW and hit the scene where Mat first sees the Tower Of Ghengi. As I read the scene, I flash forwarded to Mat reading Moiraine's letter to Thom regarding her rescue in Towers Of Midnight. As I recall, the letter specifically tells Thom that only a team consisting of himself, Mat and one other can succeed. No problem with any of that since Mat is the one to figure out how to use the lines from the Fox and Snakes game to gain entry to the tower and out fox the Aelfin (I think those are the people holding her). What did bring me up short though was the part about Mat being the only person who can tell Thom where the Tower of Ghengi is located. That's absolutely not true. Thom was standing right next to Mat on Bayle Domon's boat when they first encountered the Tower. That being the case, there's no need for Thom to consult Mat about it's location. Of course, Moiraine wasn't there when the tower hove into sight so you could argue that she wasn't aware of Thom's presence, but if that's the case, how did she know that Mat had seen it and knew where it was? Also, why didn't Thom remind Mat about the tower when Mat read the letter (I believe Moiraine told Thom that he had to wait until Mat asked to see the letter before showing it to him). This question may have been already posed and if it has been, my apologies. However, I couldn't find any reference to it , so I'm posing it now. What give's? Is this another continuity error like with Perrin's on-again, off-again sisters or is there another explanation? Thanks, tud
  7. The worry I have is with the emphasis on Moiraine which would completely change the dynamic of th story. I say this because of what happened last year with another series I love. The Mitford series by Jan Karon is a story about an Episcopal Priest in western N.C. It's all about his experiences. So, last year Andie McDowell purchased the filming rights and made a movie of the first book. As you might expect, she cast herself as Fr. Murphy's love interest, Cynthia. Nothing inherently wrong with that except for the fact that she changed the pov of the series to her character and totally ruined the entire story. Fr. Murphy is described as a short, middle-aged, balding guy who wins Cynthia's heart by being kind (he adopts an abandoned 10 yr. old boy, etc. In the obscenity she produced he is young, tall and handsome and competes with another tall, handsome man for her affections. In short, she ruined the series for her vanity. That is not what I want to happen here. Yeah, I know that the Mr. Jordan flipped the power structure giving us a world where women occupy the power position, but I don't want a film where the women take the center stage and shunt Rand, Mat and Perrin into support roles. Tud
  8. Sorry about a second post so soon after my first, but this one is squarely on topic: who should play the characters. For Moiraine, I think that Racheal Wiez(Sp?) would fit the bill. I think she is actually close to be the actual age of Moiraine (early forties) ,she has almost the correct stature and coloring. Alternatively, you could cast Racheal Striling, a very fine British actress. For Lan, it would have to be someone tall and older..Cavil almost fits the bill except he's too good looking...Lan's supposed to be forbidding looking/grim. For Nyneave you could cast Natalie Portman . For Egwene, you could try Camilla Mendes from Riverdale. She possesses the correct age, coloring and height. For Rand, Mat and Perrin, I think you'd have to go with newcomers or relative unknowns. no one else fits the bill. I agree that Sam Elliot would make a pretty good Tom. Thinking about it, I think Cavill would be better cast as Galad..He has that pretty boy look to him (And that's not a knock. I actually think he's a pretty good actor). Hey, I just noticed something, a lot the actors I've mentioned are British. Here, I complained about the idea of making the Andorans have a British accent and I recommend British actors. So much for my credibility!*G* Tud
  9. I've a question about accents...Why do we need to have the Two Rivers Folk and main characters have British accents? They aren't used in the sound recordings and no mention of any kind of accent is noted in the books (Despite the unfortunate idea of giving the Royal Andoran family members pseudo- British accents.). To my recollection, the only accents noted in the series were the clipped tones of the Cairhienin (sp?) (very clipped) and the Seanchen (drawling) .I've also noted in previous discussions where an attempt was made to ascribe an actual nation/region to the WOT nations a continual assertion that Andor/The Two rivers is equivalent of England/Ireland..Again Why? On the same subject, describing the Aiel as Scottish based solely on their hair color is off in my opinion since their battle tatics are clearly drawn from the Zulus (weapons and tactics) and their cultures is more closely akin to the Japanese (Je'etoh) Also, I heard Mr. Jordan once describe the Seanchan as a mixture of The Mongol and The Ottoman Empires. Sorry about the above off topic discussions of nations to the point that it diverges from my original query regarding accents; but, parts of that discussion also impact the accent issue, IMHO. tud
  10. MB, you might be correct as to the affect, but now that it is known that "stilling" can be healed in such a way that the person can be restored to full strength, i'm betting the reluctance will be far less. I wonder how long it's going to be before someone makes the connection that using Saidar to heal a woman has been stilled or vice versa will restore the victim to full strength. tud
  11. Barid, I tend to agree with your take on mashadar. I've always felt that Mash was something like one of the fungai you encounter in the wood. The ones that are quite vast, covering acres, yet are still one organism. you can cut part of it away or even kill off 99% and not kill the organism. It just re-grows. As for those parts taaken away, they are still part of the fungus . Essentially, they form colonies of the same organism. The mist that Shasiam brought to Shayol Ghul was the survivng part of Mashadar mixed together with PadainFain and something else. The clue to this is the fact that Mat, who had been infected with mashadar, was now immune. As for whether Rand was able to change people's fates, I also agree with you and Jack on this matter. It does seem like there is a strong hint that at least Lan's fate is somewhat altered. Mr. Tham, regarding the issue of what affect stilling would have on a "Turned" person, it seems to me that there would be none beyond the fact that the person wouldn't be able to use Saidar/Saidin. Turning is, after all, a form of compulsion and that isn't even resolved by the death of the person who laid the the compulsion. On the other hand, it would make removing the compulsion easier.since the victim would be more tracable. On, the other hand, since stilling does have the afect of altering a victim's physiology, you might be right. Certainly, something so profound, would have some affect. tud
  12. Mr Ares, I suggest you go back and re-read that portion of MOL entitled "Tendrils of Mist", pages 869, 878 and 881. On those pages it is specifically stated that the mist is Mashadar. Based on my readings, Shaisam is Mashadar's name for itself and Padan Fain is identified as it's host for lack of a better name. You may advance the arguement that both Perrin and Mat made a mistake and misindetifeid shaisam as Mashadar, but until I hear that affirmed from Mr. Sanderson. Mr. Jordan or Mr. Jordan's Widow, I'll choose to believe otherwise.
  13. Jack, I'm not disputing the point that he may have learned to alter reality as Dreamwalkers do, I just don't think he made a conscious effort to do so. Still, your idea does address the issue of why his lighting the pipe seems so similar to what the Dreamwalkers. Also, regarding changing lan's fate...my only quibble is that he couldn't know what Lan's fate was going to be during the fight and afterwards, wasn't it Mat, Narishma and the borderlanders who made sure he survived? I guess, what i'm saying is that I'm just not sure when Rand would have altered Lan's fate. Was Nyneave even aware of lan's duel until it was over? MB: Regarding the difference between being killed and being sealed away from the world for thousands of years, I'll agree that there is a difference that one is permenant and the other temporary (even if temporary is a very, very long time), but the affect on those linked would have still been the same. If they required the link to survive, then any severing of the link that isn't very short term would be fatal. As for the idea that there still might be a link, I can't answer that directly except to note that before the bore was created in the AOL, none of creatures of the blight existed or had done so in such a long time that it was implied that no one remembered them. Furthermore, I think there was mention of the fact that Aginor had created them during the period of time leading up to the War of The Shadow.
  14. Jack..good points. However, I don't think it was indicated that he lit the pipe with a conscious thought. Frankly, I don't think Rand changed the world when he re-sealed the bore (like Lan's battle since that occurred before the final confrontation with the DO and if he could do that wouldn't he have also changed Egwene's fate or Hurin's? However, I tend to agree with you that he seems to have changed himself. As for the blight creatures, while it's true that he didn't kill the DO, he did seal him away which is pretty much the same thing, so if the creatures required the link to survive, they're toast..I think. tud
  15. Sabio, Thanks for reminding me..I knew someone else had had similar thoughts, but I couldn't bring who it was to mind. She even had a monologue on the subject, just like perrin, but more detailed.
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