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Sign ups no longer required, just come join us here https://dragonmount.com/forums/forum/482-general-discussions/ 😄



So we have a lot of people who like to make fan art or otherwise work with pictures as a medium. Be it taking them, editing them, or making them with pens, pencils, brushes, datapads or mouses or whatever other tools out there.

A group of us therefore debated that we should have a club to discuss, share and learn from eachother.


1. Nynaeve

2. Arie

3. Taymist

4. Lavandula



7.lian cresent





12.Caldazar al'Aemon




16. Starphoenix42





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@Wayward_fool of course we are, I am involved afterall ? and its my main medium too.


And yes we use others pictures but we still create new things, sure when I started my tools and skills may be limited to frames and text, but we all got to start somewhere (and it didnt mean I still couldnt be at it for a long time geting it just rigth).


these days its filters, brushes, 10s of layers, effects and sometimes even added elemts of drawing and shadowing in it. In the end its a new product, so when do you draw the line?  ?


And someone who draws bigger pieces, they may have started just dodeling doing ligth scetches, it grows over time, or even the doodles are put together as pieces to a larger whole, again where is the line? 


Wheter you been at it for years or just starting out , we all want to learn and be inspired, and best way to do that is from eachother.





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@Caldazar al'Aemon @Maera so curious what you all into making, I somewhat know the rest here, but I dont know if everyone else knows everyone else


So yeah like said earlier too wayward I mainly make sigs and such, but I used to doodle some when younger and sometime sketch a bit in gimp. A few times from botom, but mostly as part of manips. I also have color books and draw by numbers for adults. And I dable in taking photos.


So also lately inspired by Lian cause I tend to get curious and try new things, I been geting sketch by someone else or use kids color book to test inking ?


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I know i need to figure out how to re-calibrate my wacom tablet. It's brand new and i'm not remotely used to the drag-delay or whatever on it. 



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On 10/25/2019 at 11:46 PM, Maera said:

In! Thanks my lovely lav! Xx

You're very welcome Maera sweety? what are you tinkering around with?

On 10/28/2019 at 3:17 AM, Caldazar al'Aemon said:

I do my best with sketching and painting, as well I mess around with computerized art.

That is interesting, you ever mix your sketching/painting into your computerized art?

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We all noobs at one time or another in every subject we focus on, I just started on the inking thing

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I'm more than impressed with you doing both cal, maybe in a not to far away future?

And yes lii it will be very interesting to see how we all evolve our skills, or even learn new ones, no matter what skill level we're currently on ? (I'm currently on doodling level, and computers hates me..lol) 

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On 10/24/2019 at 2:47 AM, Lavandula said:

I'm here!

@Caldazar al'Aemon @brownbirdsedai @Maera @Calindra something that may interest any of you?


I mostly draw, I may paint or use pencils sometimes for fun, but charcoal is where my heart's at.



Sure thing,  but the stuff I've done is very limited,  and mainly involves commandeering artwork and tinkering with fonts. Like the attached image which was done for a gang graffiti competition for a science fiction club I'm a member of. 




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Ok too worn too watch tv tonite so sugesting inprmptu arts nite in chat lets just invade SG since its not much in use anyway

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