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  1. As Lavandula and @kukasö's son waits for snow, eventually the sun sets on another snowless day. The young boy heads back home, before his mother sets dinner on the table. As the door shuts, it drowns out the giggle of a small mischievous elf and it's helper... Bzzzzz... bzzzzzzzzzzzz.... As everyone settles in the quiet house, the elf sneaks into the hearth...
  2. Automatic writing then? As in just writing anything that pours out of you, or actual writing with a purpose in mind ?
  3. Can't say that I have! *adds to the list* https://www.goodreads.com/series/43272-temeraire
  4. I loved it when I was a child! Never have I ever gotten my wisdom teeth pulled!
  5. Ohh! 21 points and OMG, look at all the stuff you folks have been doing since I got that servant to sing for you..!! Awww, that's sweet... can you do that?? They seem to have found all the pink in the world!! But that turtle was cute... no points for that one? I was busy all week, selling a property, dealing with work, dealing with lawyers and buying agents... sorted two offers already, negotiating has started... Hope you'll be fine! Welcome to the Red with Spalshes of pink dungeon @Maera !!! lol Most fun I've had in a while everyone!! ?
  6. I've always been partial to dares and gambling, which is how we got into this dungeon in the first place... ? Dooooo it.. ! ^.^
  7. that is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard, why wouldn't you be able to delegate?? ? Obviously, you do need to delegate more. ??
  8. Oh! thank you mother! these are absolutely lovely! I will do as you've suggested and hide them behind locks of curls. ^.^ *eyes the cake and noms a piece!* Now we can really get into mischief together now that we're both novices, eh? Thanks everyone for posting in my graduation..! Makes me feel loved. ❤️ xoxoxox
  9. 16 points! Woot woot! *shakes it with @Lavandula* *curtsies* Glad you enjoyed my theatrics, @MysticaSedai. ^.^ Ohhh! is that hot coco!? https://www.theendlessmeal.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Spicy-Aztec-Hot-Chocolate-1000-6.jpg *takes a sip and enjoys the heat, then hands cups to the people who want to try one* Are we doing new games then? Lavandula seems to have lots of them up her sleeve.
  10. Corrupted: Got us fresh new novices, Bought them to scrub and shine, Worked them till their fingers bled T'scrub that pink crap off them walls of mine..! Me and the girls from school Love Red and we can bite real hard Lava got tricked, Cali got scullied They should have known they'd never get far Oh when I look back now that pink haze seemed to last forever and if I had a choice Yeah, I'd always scrub that crap out Red is the best shade of my life! Eh! Ain't no use complaining when you've got a job to do spend your evenings down scrubbing And that's what happens to pink, eh!! Standing by, mother sighed She told me that stain'd stay forever sooo, I told them t'scrub or else they knew it was now or never Red is the best shade of my life! Oh yeah..! Bought them to scrub and shine... ohohhhh... Hah! they'll be killing time even if they were young and tasteless they need to learn that red should always last forever! forever! Wooooo... Red!! Bought them to scrub and shine, oh yeah...!
  11. Calindra and Lavandula head out of the Red Ajah quarters passing a shirtless man with a tray. "Oh..! just in time, Mystica Sedai was looking for you in her chambers..!" Calindra shouted as she ran out on her first errand as a novice. "You might want to find your shirt, before..." the rest was cut off as the girls turned the corner. The man turned, probably to tell the novices to stop running around, but saw they where out of earshot by now. He shrugged and made his way to the Ajah Head's quarters. "How..." He noted the Keeper and the Amyrlin, catching the last of the challenge. "ohh! corrupting a song..! one of my favourites," he said as he offered Mystica the drink on the tray.
  12. Thank you! I've got the perfect slippers to go with this dress. ? *works on a SIG file*
  13. "My heart is that of an Aes Sedai, so I offer service to the White Tower, should they accept me as one of their novices, Kaylee Sedai," Calindra states with a curtsy.
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