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  1. I'm from Ontario Canada, where the premier of Ontario is in the middle of a strike with the province's teachers' unions, and they just used the Corona virus as an excuse to close the schools for 3 weeks. I suspect it wasn't purely for the 59 cases in Ontario that he did it, but then... as a parent, I think it's a good thing that kids don't congregate at school anyway. I'm just wondering what will happen to those parents that are still technically working... House wise: I sold my investment property for slightly double the amount I purchased it for. S
  2. It usually makes me tipsy after a few, just like Duff Beer. Honestly though!! I've been very very busy irl, closing on my old property on March 2, closing on my new one next week... Miss you guys though!! xoxo ❤️
  3. I'm pleased with the result! Apparently I'm a Green and a Red a very close second (which does not surprise me), my guess that makes me Brown (mixing green and red). ?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm fleshing out my first character, mainly a mercenary that spent a good chunk of her time defending trade convoys, that would be "late" in joining the Warders. A bit like a Novice that's accepted, well after her "formative" years. So imagine a rich merchant's daughter who would rather ride horses and see the world, understood quickly that it's not all roses and clear water, had some fair success at trading and "keeping" what's hers or her investors' out of the wrong hands. I'm thinking there's an Aes Sedai connection at some point, or points of fealty to
  5. Typically, if you fancy someone, any reason is a good reason. You can tell a lot by someone based on how they summarize book..! If they babble like a babbling brook, you know you've got their attention in a good way.
  6. The very cute lifeguard was reading them when I was 16. So I kept borrowing his books. . LOL That said, no I never dated him, and ended up buying my own books. ?
  7. Ahhh! The Warder's Barracks, I've kept for last..!! (you'll excuse my ramblings!) ? As most of you know, I'm going through my rounds for the White Tower / DM Class, and I've been poking my head in most Ajahs so far. My main reason for joining DM in the first place was to roleplay and do some creative writing based on the WoT novels. I've a writer's soul, and I've spent the last 10 years writing about Star Wars and Calindra's fall to the Darkside on another fan site. When I got here, I naturally brought Calindra along with me since she's been a part of me for a good part
  8. Well, I don't see why fan fiction would immediately impede on his work. Role Playing to me is acting a role either by table top or developing stories within the fictional context... I wouldn't write about Rand or Matt (for example) directly, but would really enjoy to take events from the books and show a different perspective from another character's PoV, or describe a thief catcher working the streets, or an Aiel fighting in the wetlands, yearning to see their home again. So to me, this interdiction is somewhat baffling... unless I'm misunderstanding something?
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