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  1. Not my type either, but wanted something Scorpio related. 😉
  2. and all that is shiny... silver or gold, or so I'm told.
  3. Did not play Pokemon Go for very long either... I'll leave the critter hunting to the Warders.
  4. Well, considering I have written permission from the Keeper to redecorate:
  5. Of course Keeper, and I've always known the sky was green.. lol Somehow, I'm not reassured. 😅
  6. Some how, I do not trust this. Another example of someone who didn't swear on the oath rod... 🤨
  7. I find that I'm often in my head too! LOL. Lately though, it's more to sort my feelings, like double checking if my head is in agreement with my heart. That said, I totally get how you'd fantasize about events and develop them, I'll often do that too! "What if... this or that..." or "picture it, Sicily, 1938..." My favourite is taking a certain point in time and then twisting it around: What would have happened if JFK had survived? What if Napoleon had succeeded invading the UK, or... or...
  8. wow! I'd never be able to do that! well done!
  9. congrats! at least you knit it yourself ! 😄
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