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  1. A few ideas: Foreshadowings Trial by fire The Forge through the ringer Passing the gauntlet no holds barred the cold hard truth sweating bullets cold as ice
  2. It should have emailed you in google? If not, I’ll try the pm thing, somehow... as soon as I figure out how. ^.^;
  3. LOL - not this year, I’m afraid...! Far too busy to write a well thought out story within that month’s timeframe, though the children might give me lots to write about... hmmmmm.... btw, I recognize the artwork in your sig. did you get it done, or do it yourself? I’m sure I’ve seen you on DeviantArt if you’re the artist!
  4. Yep, found the RP and registered, just not sure what the social aspect involves... 😞 Will keep sniffing around the tower anyway! 😄
  5. Thanks for the welcome! :) I'm a big fan of Kim Harrison's Hollow's series, loved Patrick Rothfuss' Name of the Wind (still waiting patiently for the third book), Jim Butcher has a place on my shelf, including Robert Jordan's WoT (which I haven't re-read in decades). I've been delving in Star Wars fiction writing for several years now, and was hoping to get back into the series and write some fiction, but I just saw that WoT isn't allowed? :/ Given that, I'm still pondering what I'll dive into. I'm loving the Dragon Prince series on Netflix, and I've been toying on creating myself a Moon Elf!!! <3 The show is really well done, with a good range of characters, most of them noble with good intentions, struggling with a darkness within them. Some are more prone to restraint, others indulge their darker sides, unaware that they're corrupting themselves at the same time. They even have a mute general who uses sign language...! I was and still am very impressed with the show!!
  6. Thanks for this! Didn’t know this existed..!
  7. I can confirm, I cannot access the document. 😉 it opens my google drive and prompts me to request access... which I have done. 😄
  8. Greetings, I hereby confirm that I have: a) Read and Understood and Agree to Abide by all the rules, and b) Filled out the form. Will be creating profiles soon, but I’m thinking Calindra will serve as a Warder. 🙂 l’m a writer by trade, so having someone else to bounce characters with down the road is rather appealing. xox
  9. Thanks for the welcome! *curtsies* Been looking forward to writing some fiction, so hopefully I'll get something going, once I'm adapted to the new school year.! 🙂
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