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  1. "This ballad was splendid," Myrrhi smiled. Once more, she hummed the melody. "I guess I really needed some good entertainment." She made a small pause, then went on commenting on the previous evening and the way the innkeeper had behaved around her. "Do you remember his face when I asked him to personally fetch our drinks during the whole time we were in this establishment? He would have chocked on his own saliva." She grinned then sighed."Can't he understand that Aes Sedai are on his side?" Myrrhi shook her head. Schirrù's face briefly came to her mind but it didn't brea
  2. It's actually on top XD (just discovered it hahaha) - took ages to load 😅 it does look like an interesting feature but I'll have to get used to it before really giving it a try. It's hard to get into new habits lol
  3. Why did I react that way? Myrrhi wondered. Her reaction annoyed her. It made her feel angry. She wasn't supposed to be squeamish. She was an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. Years of training had taught her that she needed to do what needed to be done, and how to live with it. She had to focus on the Greater Good, about the Last Battle, about her loyalty to the White Tower. These were perfect reasons to justify her actions. She had already crossed some lines she thought she would never cross. Shirrù was not the first man Elessar and her had interrogated. They had killed — taken the life — of
  4. @Asha'man Shar'aman if you need help , don't hesitate to send me the picture. I can resize them for you 🙂
  5. After Schirrù's interrogation, Myrrhi felt the need for a change of scenery. She fought to keep her face serene when she thanked Elessar - she would never have managed to get anything out of the darkfriend on her own - and announced him that she needed to retire to her room for a brief moment. An old jug still full of water was waiting for her on what served her as a desk. She poured some of its content in a bowl, cooled it down, and used it to freshen-up. Sometimes, she thought of herself as a strong person. Sometimes she thought of herself as someone cunning, who would always do wh
  6. >> I always come here from on my PC lol 😂 You are right tho, we have a very important amount of Aes Sedai compared to the Warders... Did we scare them away ? 😱
  7. That's the one, right ? I have watched the first two season, still need to watch season #3 It was indeed hilarious... and I even bought a shirt with this on it 😄
  8. If Myrrhi had been a cat, she would have purred when her Warder - Her Warder - ordered Schirrù to kneel. She would have purred even louder when the man actually complied. She felt so proud of her Gaidin. Schirrù told her how he had come to know her name and insisted he was not a darkfriend. She listened, but refused to believe him. Then man looked evil, felt like evil. Further questioning was necessary ... Unfortunately, they couldn't afford to stay in Schirrù's mansion. The man could call for help, a servant could wake up, staying was way too risky. Elessar quickly cam
  9. Aman both are correct - that's two points for you 🙂 Phae got two pointses as well as James. Lemme do the math... Phae 4 James 2 Cross 2 Aman 3 Phae you are the winner !!!! Here is your prize : Well done all ❤️
  10. ❤️ Wow Phaedra ! Belt is important, no one wants to lose their pants 😂 The game ends here with a tie between James and Phae. Well done guys 🙂
  11. I do have a lot of weird and random thought XD The last one I had reading your thread about WOT nationalities. I thought that I'd love to come from Antiva... which is a city of Thedas (Dragon Age Universe) 😂
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