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  1. The next morning was colder than expected. The temperature of Myrrhi's bedroom had dropped so low that the Aes Sedai's breath was creating tiny clouds around her face. The young woman hesitated. Should she get up? Should she stay in bed and try to sleep some more? The night had brought her a restless sleep, full of chaotic dreams and memories that weren't hers. Now that she had come back to reality, she didn't know what to make out of it. Had this all something to do with her Warder? With how he felt? Or was it solely a way for her mind to tell her that she was lost? The more she thoug
  2. you of course ! so we can plan our next visit to the Reds quarters πŸ˜‡
  3. I really loved the strawberries :3 For the next one i'll grab #4 ... * fingers crossed *
  4. I can't wait to see the result 😊 Here some inspiration for real life eggs
  5. Hayl3y, Head of the Blues aaaaand no tricks this year. I had a big presentation at work and I was so stressed by it that I couldn't think of anything fun lol
  6. Awesome stuff here 🀩 I'll have to dig in my old papers to see if I have something to post in here XD
  7. Hahaha @JamesBrown Well you did pick the one with the cute little monster ! Here it is :
  8. Have you already tried to colour eggs ? If not, here are some natural ways to get awesome colours πŸ™‚ Don't hesitate to post your masterworks or your recipe / tips in this thread ❀️ For the people who would prefer to use real paint, pencils, aso - here are other eggs to have fun with πŸ™‚
  9. oh my XD Here is the one made by Jay on the Green off-site board And this is the oldest i could recover for DM ... that one was probably made with paint XD
  10. Welcome back Caddy ! I'm Hayl3y, I'm a blue here but a green in the RP section πŸ˜„ Good to see that we are getting more and more returnees 😊 *grabs the glue *
  11. What was she supposed to do? Was she overreacting? What did their host want? Why had he written the invitation that way? With such insulting words? So many questions and no answers. A good Aes Sedai would have reacted with coolness. But that was something she couldn't do, not at the moment. That last sentence had sent her back to her days as an Accepted. A time when she had needed to prove herself, to show to her seniors that she could have constructive talks, constructive ideas... that she was more than a very young girl who had been raised too quickly. Her current situation did
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