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  1. I had a blast doing that one I didn't know what motto to grab, as a Blue I wanted something geeky. I found this one, read it aloud and the hubby confirmed it was a perfect fit XD I took the wolf, it means perseverance but I like the whole symbolic behind it (the idea of a pack, the importance of the "family"). ¨Purple is for being victorious after life's hard stuff - silver for sincerity - and the arrow shape for protection 💙
  2. well then ... it's streaking time.... *throws shift away and starts running next to Liitha * 😄
  3. ... ermm... is it safe for me to post in here ? >> <<
  4. Alright it's time to fight!!! Swords are raised high Cavalry is charging Minds are set on the battle to come And...tunes are being blared to pump you up!!! The theme here is battle music!!! What kind of music would you want to have blasting the background when you are getting face to face with your opponent? Post your theme song below and get ready to fight for what you believe in!!! I'll get us started
  5. oh i love these more ethnic pics ❤️ the fabric, the jewelry ... makes me want to travel
  6. @Cairos if only I could dive into the screen and have piece of these XD * drools * It's so dumb, with the confinement and all, I should have the time to bake but I just don't. I'm gorging myself on strawberries and smoothies tho lol Even if used to bake smaller things like macaroons and cupcakes, that blueberry cake is just soooo pretty. Maybe I should have a try at that one 😄
  7. oh we found unstable unicorns on a kickstarter project. The idea sounded fun and we invested a couple of euros in there. We don't regret it at all because the game is super fun. For Villainous, I discovered it on Facebook thanks to IO9 (a geeky channel). Now, you do have to be a Disney fan to appreciate it but - for once - it's nice to play as an evil character and fight against the princes/ princesses 😈
  8. oh and there's Hedwig from Harry Potter !
  9. Does Roach count ? it's Geralt's mount in the Witcher but I'm not sure it can be described as a companion ^^
  10. I would love to play to unstable unicorns 💙 Best came ever... (you have to raise an army of unicorn to crush your opponents) I also love Villainous (as one of Disney Villains you have to get your happy ever after)
  11. omg omg !!!! a hugging booth 💙 Can I has one too 😊
  12. Also don't hesitate to take the time you need, there's no rush :)
  13. @Lavandula I tend to glide round looking pretty in my cosplay outfit *wise nods *
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