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  1. And for the people who enjoy watching star wars anime, Disney + just released "the Bad Batch"
  2. I'll link you to the trailer : As you'll see Enola is Sherlock's lil sister 😁
  3. Awesome ! To make it as easy as possible, I will break down the next part into small bits. We are going to do the first bit together πŸ™‚ So, for the next part, you will have to discover our subgroups, or at least 5 of them. Let's start with the Blue Ajah (since it's the one I know best 😊). BLUE AJAH Question 1 : Who leads the Blue Ajah in our version of the White Tower ? Question 2 : What is our Blue Ajah's purpose / main interest in our version of the White Tower ? To do : Post twice in the Blue Ajah board,
  4. I understand XD and worst case scenario, if you want to explore these quests lines, you can always make another character. Are you a Nord then ?
  5. @Robert Laurel Here is the class Liitha started πŸ™‚ For its first part, she posted 4 questions that you answered. Question 1 - your answer is correct. Question 2 - your answer is correct. It is important to remember the content of the code of conduct at all times. I placed a link at the end of this post, so you can check it out if necessary. Question 3 - PG13 means that what we write could be read by a young teenager. So indeed we have to pay attention to what we write (the language, the topics, ...). Question 4 - your answe
  6. I read some Sherlock Holmes a looooong time ago πŸ™‚ Now I'm watching movies and TV shows that are supposed to happen in the same universe lol I recommend the Irregulars (but that TV show is much much more fantasy like) and Enola Holmes (very nice movie, with awesome / funny characters) so far 😊
  7. brave enough to fail - that's an awesome quote ❀️ I'm right handed as well, but I always manage to stain my hands if I have to write on a whiteboard. But then I'm super clumsy lol
  8. We are preparing an outdoor teambuilding adventure for our colleagues ( = 1000 people) πŸ˜… They will reach the city heights with a cable car, then they'll have a nice walk with a lot of puzzles to solve along the way ... now, unfortunately, the cable cars are not functioning yet. So we had to walk and climb everything on our own to make the pictures we will use to promote the event and for the puzzles πŸ˜‚
  9. Hayl3y, Blue Head and i'm doing well 😊 (but a bit tired today because I just walked so much XD)
  10. Happy Star Wars day everyone !!!! If you look for "may the fourth be with you" on google you will have a nice surprise today ❀️ ... and for the people who prefer the Dark Side, tomorrow is "Revenge of the Fifth" Day 😈
  11. The shape is still ok, it still looks like a bread XD but it must taste so so good !
  12. Have you tried to make them? They look so yummy * drools all over the place* I'll bring chocolate puffy pastries (awesome on the saturday or sunday morning :3 )
  13. Scissors... i never managed to cut things straight πŸ˜› @Asha'man Shar'amanThat's an interesting story you shared. One of my daughters really struggles with the anger she feels. She's young but I know that breathing exercises won't be enough. I - on the other hand - usually feel angry at myself more than at other people. That's another tough fight 😞 Trying not to always aim for perfection, and settle for things that are "good enough".
  14. Wanna still fight ? Here are some apps where you can fight with your knowledge ! πŸ€“ Guess their answers Trivia Race 3D Do you know more of them ? What are your favourite ?
  15. Does it mean we are famous ? or at least our newest Warders ? 😁
  16. Welcome to our campfire πŸ”₯ This week we celebrate our victory against the Seanchan but let's go further in this thread! *** Let's share our own victories, our own fights and battle stories. Old ones, new ones, all tales are welcome ! *** I'll start with a light one πŸ™‚ I finally managed to draw a good looking hand (yes, really XD). I always thought it was impossible for me to draw a pretty realistic hand and so I never really tried it ... up until recently. What about yous ?
  17. We survived the Seanchan invasion !!!! Let's celebrate our victory *** We have banquet ready for you all ! 🍲 or maybe you would like to come over to our campfire and share your battle stories βš”οΈ Last but not least : we have some game as well 🎲
  18. Here is our celebration banquet !!!!! *** Lets work together to make it real ! POST picture of REAL food you prepared this week and TELL us about your FAVOURITE RECIPES ❀️ *** Let's share some foodie fun 🍲😊
  19. The dark brotherhood story line is quite nice. Indeed you have to become an assassin but there's more to it than just that πŸ™‚ Do you have the all the dlc ? The one where you can build your house and add the furniture in it is pretty cool. I never finished Oblivion but I heard it was a good one too
  20. I played Skyrim, the regular version and the one in VR (didn't finish that one though). Since then I moved to Elder Scrolls Online to play with my friends (ESO happens in the same universe > and a brand new DLC allows you to play in the Skyrim areas). πŸ™‚ The graphics are a bit outdated (unless you play on PC I guess) but the storyline is good, and you have so many side quests. I like the choice of races you have (even if I tend to pick breton each time) same with the choice of skills and weapons (even if I always end up playing with a bow πŸ˜‚). The companion syste
  21. Congratulations to you and the Warders !!!! βš”οΈ
  22. "Four days to go," Myrrhi yawned. "This is just torture!" She added. Another night had passed and like during the previous ones her dreams had been chaotic. This time however, she had managed to find some rest. Her eyes were itchy, but not as puffy as the day before. She could feel it. The single ray of sun that the shutters let through in the room was pointing towards the top of her head. It gave her a delightful warm sensation while also making it impossible for her to fall back asleep. The light called her to action. She needed to go outside, enjoy the warm temperature, and mayb
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