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  1. Well, I was killed by a polar bear and I was reincarnated into a chinchilla but then I got eaten by a hawk and came back as myself... And no I never have any free time.
  2. Vacation? What is that? I for reals haven't been on vacation in like 3 years...
  3. Yup.... Hello bro. *Slightly less bouncy but still bouncing around*
  4. *Takes headphones off* I may or may not have been listening when someone described the ascension process in the club. Would someone do me a solid and tell me?
  5. In my country the school system just closed. So all the kids have to do remote learning online. But I'm homeschooled so it doesn't make me any difference. My cousins hate it though.
  6. My favorite fairytale is the tale of Bluebeard. I've read every brothers Grimm tale and a bunch of Hans Christian Andersen's tales.
  7. While Caldazar sat looking at the dancing flames, he thought of dancing with Endara at his birthday party. Everything had been perfect: Rogosh had given him the sword, Endara was there, life was perfect. But, then came that coven of hags to ruin everything. They came for Endara... They took her, took her away. They stole what he had loved from him. And he would steal theirs. He would kill that queen of the damned that they love so much. He would kill the Amyrlin seat. With each laugh coming from his throat, his soul cracked. Sometime in his trance he heard. "You
  8. My problem is the complete opposite. My diet is fine, but I eat too much of it. Normally I make a excuse for my height. But I'm on a basketball team so I'm fairly active.
  9. Caldazar looked at the man for a moment considering him. "Why, you mistake my actions! Why should I bother with the lad, when the leader sits where you are?!" Chuckled Cal. Caldazar noticed the crude knife laying besides the man. In a easy-going way, he slid his sword from her scabbard. " The Queen's Revenge." He said fondly caressing the edge of the fine sword's blade with his forefinger. " I am trained with it, you know." Cal whispered like a threat or a joke or both. Turning on heel, Cal went to the still have half dressed boy. "I'm terribly sorry for the way I acted towards you
  10. With a Cheshire grin Caldazar noticed the fire. Who made the thing surely wouldn't mind company, would they? The thought chilled Cal but never the less, he fixed his face in it's best smile and walked towards the camp as lithely as a cat. A small flock of birds took flight as Cal moved by closer. He noticed the boy first, standing there naked half covered with a blanket. The boy wore on his face a look akin to hate and disgust. Frowning slightly through his smile, Cal tilted his head. That is if one can smile and frown at the same time. The boy was whip thin and sprinkled with lon
  11. I am. And I know who gave gifts to who. I was supposed to receive a gift as well... *Wipes tear from eye*
  12. Whether you think you can or you think you can't you're right. Henry Ford
  13. I give 'im a yell. I not part of the club. I really didn't want to join another.
  14. There is no finish line. When you reach one goal, find a new one. -- Chuck Norris
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