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  1. Weekend question: I'm swamped with finals, so education's on my mind What have you learned through crafting? about your skill set, how you learn, your personality, the people around you, discoveries you've made through crafting, etc!
  2. I agree with Lily! feel better soon Maybe crafting and creating beats back the dark one or something like that
  3. 'fraid i don't celebrate christmas, even secularly. I usually just buy toys for the kids in my family who do celebrate
  4. I enjoy creating for that feeling of turning blankness into something. I struggle with depression, and find creating something as a great coping mechanism. When i'm feeling incredibly empty, it helps to show physically that doing one small thing can actually lead to a useful and enganging product. I also like to challenge myself to learn new techniques. i'll make things and then donate them or wait for someone to compliment it and then gift it to them. I don't really need seven pairs of gloves or scarves or what not. I just like the process and learning.
  5. Hey circle! What inspires you to create?
  6. *raises hand shyly* i really like the rp descriptions
  7. yikes homework *fistbump of solidarity* Me too, sister. me toooo... and only a month till finals for me. I finished my socks, so i'm inbetween projects at the moment. I might wait till the semester is over to really start a new thing. But i have this watermelon themed yarn that I really would love to work with.
  8. Weekend Check In! Have a hot cocoa and share what you're up to! Any plans? works in progress?
  9. *cough* certainly not a guilty conscience! I walk in the Light!
  10. Toe beans! Little dipper or Big dipper constellation?
  11. That is some serious decorating power I love the windows and the vines! absolutely crafty. I'll get a set of nozzles brought to the cottage!
  12. a sword captain? that paints? the man's like an onion! i like the stripe of of black being all casual with the other ajah colors ?
  13. agreeing with @LilyElizabeth I learned the best from youtube videos. I also recomend Ravelry.com They have a huge HUGE library of patterns, and many are free. I started a friend knitting by teaching washcloths. I like them cause they're fairly small, so you get a good idea of how all the parts of knitting work, and get a finished item much quicker than you'd get if you made a scarf. afghan squares are also good for learning for the same reasons!
  14. *adjusts glasses in a nerdy way* People keep telling Rand he looks like one because he's so tall. "tall as an aielman" It's mentioned the most when Rand's in Camelyn. Loial, Gawyn, and Elida all mention it. but it's all mysterious to the reader, cause we haven't met any. but you don't see any of the society. Which is REALLY cool. I'd be quite interested in an aiel group!
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