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  1. a sword captain? that paints? the man's like an onion! i like the stripe of of black being all casual with the other ajah colors 😄
  2. agreeing with @LilyElizabeth I learned the best from youtube videos. I also recomend Ravelry.com They have a huge HUGE library of patterns, and many are free. I started a friend knitting by teaching washcloths. I like them cause they're fairly small, so you get a good idea of how all the parts of knitting work, and get a finished item much quicker than you'd get if you made a scarf. afghan squares are also good for learning for the same reasons!
  3. Oh! coffee with cream and brown sugar would be lovely, thanks! So my older brother is about 10 years older than me. he was reading the wheel of time as a teenager. I loved reading and taking my older brother's things, so I pulled down Eye of the World and started reading it.. oh i dunno, 8 or 9 ish? My mom saw me with this huge book and was like oh no kiddo. wait till you're ten, at least, before reading something like that. I think she was more worried about the book surviving the chaos of small kids rather than me not being able to get it. So time went by, I had my 10th birthday and remembered... there was something I could do now! I asked my brother about two different books. cause i remembered this scary post-apocalyptic world with a man who killed his whole family, and this tolkinesque world with a farm boy with a shadow man. I had forgotten they were the same story by that point. After that I read through all the books that were out at the time obsessivly. I always had one with me, and would rather read than pay attention to anything else. My brother and I fought over who would get to read Winter's Heart first when it came out. My dad wanted to hide the books from me till chores and homework were done. I re-read the series a few times, and found Dragonmount as a resource for quesitons about theories and keeping track of plots. My main hobby besides reading is knitting. I fidget and get restless easily, so having something to do with my hands is wonderful. I usually listen to aduio books or watch movies and TV while knitting. I like all sorts of anime. I also love gaming of many varieties. Table top role playing games are my favorite, but finding people with matching schedules is hard. I love minecraft, especially paired with audio books. I play Pokemon Go and I'm planning on getting Sword and Shield when it comes out.
  4. yesterday was so productive and today... is not. it's too cold to be productive. I just want 3 sweaters and 2 blankets, soup, and no obligations. gonna see if i can pull off the aes sedai trick of not feeling hot or cold.
  5. My partner has 3, and so when we moved in together, I sort of adopted them. The one that adopted me back is a big black cat named Binx. i love him, he comes to me when i call for him and will purr till i fall asleep ❤️ Pickle is another boy, white with grey patches, and he's a sweet heart, but my partner's still his favorite and the 3rd is a demon calico who won't acknowledge me unless i have food. 😄 i still love her though
  6. aw, thanks Lava i've got my favorite lap cat keeping me company while I finish up some homework how's everyone else's weekend going?
  7. hey Calindra! I took a stab at doing some writing for nanowrimo a few years back. it was really fun! i didn't get anywhere near the suggested word goals but still fun. what kind of writing do you like to do?
  8. I'm off work today, so my plans are to tackle the closet. ah, the sweet siren song of adult hood. >.< if i can get a box of donation clothes, I'll reward myself with a trip to starbucks on the way to drop off the donations. my biggest issue is getting things from the washer/dryer in the basement up two flights of stairs to the closet. I LONG for a dumbwaiter. such longing!
  9. *adjusts glasses in a nerdy way* People keep telling Rand he looks like one because he's so tall. "tall as an aielman" It's mentioned the most when Rand's in Camelyn. Loial, Gawyn, and Elida all mention it. but it's all mysterious to the reader, cause we haven't met any. but you don't see any of the society. Which is REALLY cool. I'd be quite interested in an aiel group!
  10. I've heard that too! and people would complain about eating ocean bugs. i wish that description wasn't so accurate. then again... maybe normal bugs are just as tasty?
  11. *Idle waves from their seat next to a tea set* Hiya! What sort of things are you making, or planning on making? I'm working on some socks. but I always get so bored about half way through. chatting with folks would help me push through and get them done!
  12. The most notable thing inside this cozy cottage is the variety of chairs. Plush chairs, stools, rocking chairs, swings suspended from the ceilings, camp chairs that look like they might fold up with a person inside them, benches, love seats, and firm cushions for the floor, wooden, metal, stone, cloth, you name it. A modest loom and spinners wheel are arranged in with the chairs to help conversation flow. The second most notable thing are the cabinets! The glass fronts showcase yarn and thread of every thickness and color, and bolts of cloth of good stout Two Rivers wool and fine Sharan silks and everything in between. Even some 3rd age materials that came from no plant or animal you could think of. Small drawers show beads and wires to make jewelry and a case of wire rings for chainmaile. There's a shelf of paper tidly arranged, and another with scraps of leather. Tidy drawers have tools and notions, pens and brushes, pliers and awls, and some of those fancy machines out of that new college. It's a haven for people who want to weave *wink* and spin *double wink* without any bossy *cough* Towers *cough* saying who can belong. And for everyone else who likes to create and talk about what we're up to! Welcome!
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