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  1. I lost my voice for the last few days. I've got it back now! but it's still weak
  2. Weekend question: I'm swamped with finals, so education's on my mind What have you learned through crafting? about your skill set, how you learn, your personality, the people around you, discoveries you've made through crafting, etc!
  3. I agree with Lily! feel better soon Maybe crafting and creating beats back the dark one or something like that
  4. Oh those rubber snakes look so derp and cute ❤️ I bet I could get them to bite their tails. What's the weave to melt stuff?
  5. 'fraid i don't celebrate christmas, even secularly. I usually just buy toys for the kids in my family who do celebrate
  6. 1) My questions have been answered 2) no, it was fun and informative
  7. My favorite is roasted veggies I chop root vegetables and squash into sizes about as big as my thumb, and then definitely add an onion cut into big chunks. coat that all in olive oil, and add salt roast it at 375 F for an hour I usually add garlic and cumin to my roasted vegetables too
  8. I enjoy creating for that feeling of turning blankness into something. I struggle with depression, and find creating something as a great coping mechanism. When i'm feeling incredibly empty, it helps to show physically that doing one small thing can actually lead to a useful and enganging product. I also like to challenge myself to learn new techniques. i'll make things and then donate them or wait for someone to compliment it and then gift it to them. I don't really need seven pairs of gloves or scarves or what not. I just like the process and learning.
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