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AiW Murder Mystery: Who Killed Alice?

Mashiara Sedai

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Welcome to the White Ajah's Alice in Wonderland Murder Mystery Game. 


Hear ye! Hear ye!  Alice has been found dead by the Queen of Heart's throne!


The Queen of Hearts—so fond of executions—has been arrested as the main suspect of the crime.  The Queen has pled not guilty, so perhaps the real murderer is hiding in plain sight?  The citizens of Wonderland are summoned as the jury, to ascertain the guilt of the Queen of Hearts, or to find the real culprit. 


The Mods


The Judge - Mashiara Sedai

The Executioner - Izabella


Our word is Law. Just letting you know.


The Jury:


Bill the Lizard - Ithillian

The Caterpillar - Rhea

The Cheshire Cat - Bridmorgan

The Dormouse - Elaevia

The Duchess - Luciena

The Gryphon - mcs083

The Hatter - Misheru

The King of Hearts - Tonnalea

The Knave of Hearts - Suchmadness

The March Hare - Keyholder

The Mock Turtle - BFG

The White Rabbit - Kronos



The Rules


1. ***This is NOT a Mafia Game***


2. It is a game of discussion, questioning, reasoning, logic, skill, and deduction. 


3. You cannot lie outright. *Although the Murderer can deny that they are the Murderer if asked directly.*


4. You MUST answer questions if you are asked them. 


5. Full participation is required from all players. 


6. There will be no hiding away in corners or sneaky lurking. 


7. You will be expected to post at least once every RL day. 


8. Nobody is going to try and kill you or get you kicked out of the game. Everyone will make it to the end. You just need to identify which one of you is the Murderer by using the evidence and clues. So talk away and post as many Wall'o'Texts as you like. 


9. You can talk to anyone you like during the game, but do not do any direct quotes from your PM, or let people see any evidence you have before you are supposed to show it.


10. Your Character will be fully revealed and you will even get a special siggy to wear so everyone knows which character you are.


11. Acting in Character is encouraged, but not essential.


12. Shouting, accusing, and having a lot of fun is also encouraged.



If you have any questions, or would like any clarification of anything during the game, feel free to PM the Mods or post here in the Thread.



Now, if you will all find your seats, we can begin.



Edited to add:

I forgot to link this in the character PMs.  If you need help remembering who your character is, look here.

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