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  1. Cos it’s been too lonnnnnnnnnggggg!

  2. Whatcha stalking me for? *winks *

  3. Sword master hey *waggle eyebrows* Congrats! I'm just sad I can't go annoy Fnorrll in his office anymore
  4. Oh wow. So... I have a new boyfriend - which kind of just happened - I'm really not one of those girls that feels validated by dating someone. But this guy. Wow. We started off as a casual thing and within a month we were dating. I've not even been dating him for a month yet and everything is just so natural and comfortable, you know? Not sure I can even describe it. I'm living between two cities - commuting weekly. It's very inconvenient and annoying. I also signed a contract with one of our major Banks for next year - Nedbank (I was one of 16, chosen from 700+ applicants). Errr... I feel like a lot else has happened - but cannot think of what it is But I actually kind of feel like a new person - my good old self. Looking back at my year in Cape Town, I think I was actually in a huge unhappy slump. So yea... That's my life in five seconds
  5. Dear Reds, What's up my beautiful people? I feel like every time I come back huge changes have happened. Maybe I should visit more... Love, TynTyn
  6. ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *tackles and snugglebites Killashandra* Fun fact.... When I first joined TV.net, I adopted... or was adopted? by Eli and Aloren as their TV.net brat child :grin: Ah... the good old days! What i really find interesting is how many of the members who are Red on DM, are members of very different groups elsewhere. Personally I'm not that active anywhere anymore. University is just swallowing me whole. As it is I should be studying for an exam I have tomorrow *mutters* 1. Favourite History/ Silliness There is actually a part of our Aspiration process that is a favourite of mine. Just because it requires you to really think about what you're doing, rather than making a decision on a whim. *flinches in case the Highest thinks that's too much info given away* Hmmmm I really liked it when my delightful Warder and I both won the best butt competition. Obviously we're the hottest pair in the tower I don't know if I can pinpoint one great thing about Red. But If I had to, I'd probably say the uniqueness of it all. We are all *very* different people, but there's a single common trait of respect and strength that we can all revere in one another. 2. US Reds I actually think we have ridiculous spread of members. I mean we have (Yes G, you're still totes a Red ) and myself - who are from SA. Then we have a few Aussies. We have a fair amount of Europeans - definitely Belgium and Scotland (off the top of my head), and we have Asia . Most Stateside members are quite inactive, but they do come and go as life allows them to.
  7. Dear Reds, Holy Hell.I'm actually posting Don't even know where to start. Life is busy, but good. Broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years and am heading toward my board exam in January next year. That's it in a nutshell
  8. *snugglebites James within an inch of his life* That is very snugglebite. Depending on your constitution it is either the greatest thrill of your life, or the greatest thrill of your life. I don't think finding passion in life is quite right. More the ability to stand straight in the face of injustice and never defer from what is right, even if it is to our detriment.
  9. My ickle Warder... All grown up. I am so thrilled for you love *snugglebites*
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