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  1. Cos it’s been too lonnnnnnnnnggggg!

  2. Whatcha stalking me for? *winks *

  3. I got hufflepuff. From the description I actually think it's a pretty good fit. So yay :P
  4. First all, I'd like to thank all warders for putting up with their crazy Aes Sedai and letting them into their heads. Each Warder Aes Sedai bond is something truly special. It's a balancing of nature and singular type of relationship comes from each bond out there. You fulfill the role of confidant, partner-in-crime, the tactful one, the rash one, the responsible and dependable one - the list goes on. Each Warder is perfect for their Aes Sedai in their own way. (I know I've said nothing about them younglings, but they're great too ) Now I'd like to say something appreciative about my very own Sword Captain. Despite the tragedy of being out of touch, I'll never stop loving you and no words are enough to convey how amazing a person you are to me. But let's see if this song jogs your memory: <3
  5. Can I please make F invade with you? *bats eyelashes* I want to see him playing Maidens kiss
  6. You can buy a huge plate of carb loaded Spatlo for $1-2 (depends on where you buy it) Hell yes Township food >.> It's a hollowed out quarter loaf of bread with various fillings.
  7. Those are amazing! I also happen to have a new background now
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