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  1. jbarlow1 - newbie! Also, I didn't think until I saw this poll that Timothy Omundson would be a very interesting Lan. I'm down!
  2. Welcome! I'm in the same boat as you - long-time series fan, bit slow on finding this site! You should definitely listen to Illian Tear. The brownies in the Black Tower are tainted tasty!
  3. Not familiar with Shadowrun beyond hearing a couple of podcasts running short campaigns in it, but good luck with the project! And welcome to the forum!
  4. Good kaf, I can do! It is in frequent supply in my home! I could see Pevara being described as cuddly, especially after being bonded with Androl for a bit.
  5. I am SO glad that I'm not the only one!
  6. Your sidebar says "Cuddly Elaida", which is a mite terrifying....
  7. Are there people that don't like brownies?!
  8. @Ryrin - I did post in the Wolfkin area to become a member, as Perrin has always been a favorite character, and wolfbrothers an interesting thing, but it seems a bit inactive. I might have to poke around the others, too!
  9. I won't tell them your secret!
  10. Has the madness taken you, Illian Tear? Too much channeling before saidin was cleansed?
  11. I'm Justin, and it's exciting to find a community of Wheel of Time folks! I've been rereading the series lately, and have fallen headlong into Randland once more. Looking forward to chatting with everyone! :)
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