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  1. jbarlow1

    Roll Call February 2018

    Mine is actually red/white Norin Sisters, with Purphoros to end the game, but I still definitely approve!
  2. jbarlow1

    Roll Call February 2018

    YES! Long live dredge! (I play manaless dredge in legacy, and when my buddy isn't playing his Ad Nauseam Tendrils (one of two different legacy storm decks) deck, he lets me borrow his Lion's Eye Diamonds for "good dredge", as he calls it. For modern, I play 8-Rack and Soul Sisters, because I'm THAT guy
  3. Here, mostly! I live in Washington, and grew to really appreciate how green everything is here in the spring and summer when I used to travel more. So, things getting more green and vibrant is probably my favorite part of spring.
  4. jbarlow1

    Roll Call February 2018

    I have a lot of technical knowledge and rules-iness, but I consider myself an okay player overall.
  5. Permissions received, and I did the thing!
  6. Hmm, I have a feeling balefiring the teacher would be a less-than-good idea. Sadly, I don't have the permissions for classes yet!
  7. jbarlow1

    Travel thread.

    I've only been out of the country once so far, unfortunately - went to Canada in high school - but I have traveled to fifteen states so far, including living in Alaska for five months while I worked there. And, if money weren't a necessity, I wouldn't spend more than a month in any one place. I might be adding a new state with Minnesota this summer, but that is still a "might happen, might not" thing.
  8. jbarlow1

    Roll Call February 2018

    Aye, I'm here! As for favorite games, I've been enjoying West of Loathing lately, and just finished (again) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. In the less digital stuff, I love Magic The Gathering probably a little too much!
  9. Woooo! I am excited! Now, how are the brownies in that section? *munches on a tainted brownie*
  10. jbarlow1

    Hiya , WoT's up?

    Welcome! I'm in the same boat as you - long-time series fan, bit slow on finding this site! You should definitely listen to Illian Tear. The brownies in the Black Tower are tainted tasty!
  11. I am more of a kaf drinker, but I love some tea as well. And my favorite depends on my mood: chai is probably the near-constant favorite, but if I want to relax, I enjoy a good cup of chamomile. Ginger-based teas are nice, and fruity teas like a mixed berry blend is good, too.
  12. No permissions yet, but I will try and keep an eye out (between work and whatever else)! *mild excited bouncing* *drinks tea*
  13. Done, and the email has been received! I am excited!