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  1. Sul'dam able to channel isn't widely known still, although I imagine Aes Sedai will spread rumours as soon as they can I suspect it would have been a greater plot point in the outriggers :/ It's interesting to consider how much it would matter though. Randlanders likely wouldn't care, and the true Seanchan are ingrained with obeying orders from those higher up, so if Fortuna proclaims it doesn't matter, maybe they carry on as normal?
  2. Was it Nicola? Can't quite remember
  3. I think I agree with Wulf on this, especially since halima should have been able to invert weaves, which reduces the risk still further of being discovered. There's fantastic potential, but it's missed
  4. Remind me never to novice with you lol
  5. They test everyone yearly (for the ages that a woman would have naturally started to channel). The only people affected by the collar are those that have already channeled (hence sparkers, learners won't channel naturally so will always pass the collar test). If they can walk with the collar they test the bracelet to see if theres an affinity (or i guess if the damane can move lol). As they spend time as Sul'dam this effectively comes from the forced bond which is why the collar holds experienced suldam.
  6. Which is through village territory in Altara, there's still no major population center and this is a small country. I also dont get any impression that the Aes Sedai were actively recruiting, ie testing everyone they met because most disagreed with the idea. It was more likely a 'proclaim in a village that they're looking for novices/recruits and age doesn't matter anymore' but they're still relying on volunteers
  7. Plus, what's the catchment area? Salidar isn't exactly a populous area
  8. Agreed it's still low, but, the 450 are limited to women who want and can learn, are able to leave home (few direct responsibilities and able to afford it), are able to travel to the camp, are willing to join the rebel group, etc etc etc The Aes Sedai at the camp were against the new novices, they won't have been hard recruiting, it's still passive. Maybe the final numbers won't be as high as the Aiel, but they indicate that the traditional methods of recruitment are poor
  9. Numbers from the rebels camp suggest that traditional Aes Sedai recruiting methods were pretty dire, 450 novices were recruited just by opening the doors (so to speak) and that was still mostly people asking to be tested, not active recruitment
  10. Assuming taim as an individual separate from demandred he displayed characteristics of the forsaken, ie self (importance) above others etc, he didn't like serving and wanted to be more important That said training ashaman is arguably the most important thing at that time and a huge amount of trust so difficult to see what else he could have wanted
  11. Rand disliked taim in part to foreshadow the demanded reveal which was a possibility until ~lord of chaos? https://www.theoryland.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=8767
  12. She promoted them to Aes Sedai, it's Aes Sedai tradition that puts them in front
  13. Those arcs don't irritate me half as much when I'm not waiting for them to finish lol :)
  14. Moving to the main discussion board...
  15. I can't check at the moment, but I'm pretty sure that people remember what happened in the balefired time, which puts it into a position where those events both did and didn't happen, so mat did die even though he didn't
  16. Just pregnant women or women with children under the age of 10 (to complete the list of people who can't be captured) Eg married women aren't allowed to be maidens but can still be captured
  17. Im pretty sure that at least in the books time period she hasn't yet because she's pregnant. I'm not sure what stance Cadsuane will have on oath swearing so I don't know if she'll swear or not in the future
  18. The white tower has never been an institution that represents male channeling, nor do they have the resources (currently) to change that. In aviendhas future vision there's no indication the towers merge before they're destroyed by the Seanchan We know male and female channelers will work together when the wheel turns, but I don't think it happens officially in the next age If one towers wiped out I could see an underground resistance movement combined but?
  19. I would guess the bigger problem is with who knows her talents. Around Rand the only people who know what she can do are Min (spent life trying to keep it secret), Rand (who a, wants her safe and b, will do what she wants) and several Aes Sedai (the majority of whom will undervalue her because she isn't Aes sedai). As far as most people are concerned she's his lover and that's it, so why would they trust her to do anything? As soon as Tuon discovered her abilities she made use of them (if not in the most effective way, then in a way that makes sense for someone that doesn't understand the ability) I'm not sure it's a case of Sanderson disliking the character, more that the character wasn't in a position to be utilised easily
  20. That's a fun question lol Obviously the futures up in the air, but Elayne is no longer Queen in Aviendhas granddaughters lifespan, so in that version of the future she's missing or dead or retired early for some reason
  21. The wolfdream is telaranrhiod, but wolf brothers, Aes Sedai and dreamwalkers are all different things. Aes Sedai don't have the ability to use saidar in the dreamworld, but because they believe they do they still can (but it's their belief creating the weave, not their actual ability)
  22. I dont think it's the scenery or descriptions that needs cutting (lol how opinions change) After Shadow Rising almost every character ends up with at least a filler arc, or extra characters are added to show events that could have been left off screen etc But, cutting that out makes it a different story and there's part of me that appreciates the organic nature of the world we ended with
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