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  1. Plastic

    @CUBAREY I'm not sure what you think is retarded or implausible The plastic island exists, although the precise size is hard to gauge, as Nolder said. Or do you not think plastic disposal is an issue? And no I'm not saying banning microbeads (or single use plastics by itself etc etc etc) solves the problem by itself, microbeads are a separate issue, but is an example of government legislation etc
  2. Plastic

    Thanks, I was pretty sure they'd been banned here, but wasn't sure :) Over here each household, whether owner or renter pays council tax which goes towards things like rubbish collections. But it's down to the local councils how that works. Our council has just shifted to a 4 week black bag (landfill) pickup from a wheelie bin. Standard recycling is every week, and (most) garden waste, small electricals and clothes are picked up fortnightly. Our council allows black plastic to be recycled, but my parents doesn't etc. Every time there's an increase in the time taken between black bag pickups, the amount recycled increases, so it does work, but as I said there's a huge variety of plastics commonly used that all say they can be recycled, but whether that's true depends on where you live...
  3. Plastic

    The plastic islands size seems to depend on the density of plastic used as a cutoff, either way it's vast so I'm not particularly bothered by the actual size It wasn't here until blue planet and there hasn't been a big change since Yeah, recycling here is different to you guys (seemingly anyway) but if it's going to work on a large scale it needs to be easy and it isn't To an extent I agree that banning straws isn't going to change the plastic problem by itself, and the cynic in me thinks you're right on motives, but if as a side effect society can change social norms so that single use plastic becomes socially wrong (the way smoking is, or for the next generation drinking is becoming) then there's a benefit to it. Obviously it won't be soon, but over time maybe? At the moment the political will isn't there, our politicians give soundbites but nothing serious
  4. Plastic

    I can try to dig out YouTube videos later if people aren't aware of the problem (the visuals can be more meaningful than descriptions lol)
  5. Plastic

    This isn't necessarily meant to start a debate, I'm just interested in viewpoints from people outside my 'bubble'
  6. Plastic

    I don't know if blue planet II (BBC documentary in 2017) made it to the US, but it highlighted the growing problem of plastic pollution Theres a plastic 'island' in the Pacific larger than Texas, studies suggest that almost all marine birds are eating plastic etc Is there any appetite in the US for global (or any) legislation to try and tackle the problem? For example banning the use of microbeads in cosmetics (they're not necessary) if they haven't been already, or enforcing that all single use plastics are recyclable etc? In the UK plastics are awful to recycle because each authority collects different types of plastic and there are multiple types commonly found from weekly shops
  7. A Song Of Wolves and Villagers

    If you need a spot filled I can play, but am strictly limited to probably an hour a day so will be pretty terrible and probably won't be able to even read every post lol :(
  8. Images in Private Messages

    If you load the image in a forum post but don't hit post, you can still access it in private messages. It's not necessarily the best workaround and there may be a better way, but it does work
  9. Kavenough

    I think you're missing the point of token female, it's not that she's female (and yes youre probably right the response would be worse if she was male) it's that none of the republican senators were female (hence token). I'm guessing you won't care, but i don't think it was a damned if you do thing
  10. Kavenough

    A perspective from someone who was falsely accused would also be interesting I also agree that it has little relevance as to whose telling the truth and whose lying. I can't remember if it was this article or another but it appears that questions such as 'why can't she remember who drove' etc aren't really relevant. But, that still has no relevance towards whose telling the truth I find it interesting as a none political viewpoint I haven't watched the video, so I don't have a personal perspective/opinion on it
  11. Kavenough

    How so?
  12. Kavenough

    Interesting perspective
  13. Please Be Kind - Rewind

    \o/ Lol, I'll put something up tonight :)
  14. Please Be Kind - Rewind

    Oceans 11?
  15. Please Be Kind - Rewind

    It is \o/