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  1. My most consistent scum trait is disappearing (completely) under pressure, I can only think of one game I didn't That and avoiding Chris in thread <3
  2. Krak if you don't believe there's a jk and doc in the game why did you switch votes?
  3. And for most games in the past year I can be top poster or near one day and absent another, being absent is completely nai for me and has been for a long while
  4. The fact it didn't count was pointed out at the time and he hasn't voted again since even when he started to double down
  5. I don't believe Chris puts in a jk and doc in a 9 player
  6. Zander not voting at all is sketching me some, and the change in pace (from before he went AWOL) is throwing me a little, but on the whole I've liked the paranoia and the wide focus
  7. My truest read is that I think this is a difficult thread for reads right now There are a tonne of players I haven't paid enough attention to feel confident enough reading :(
  8. Krak is mostly floating from what I've seen, but I don't know I've ever read him right so don't have a tonne of confidence
  9. I don't have enough time to read through darthe again before deadline, the problem I have is that I can see his early posts being either alignment as a way of getting into the game. Yes they're controversial but I don't think darthe shies from the limelight and I've seen his town/mafia meta switch so much I don't really trust it I'm not sure what to make of the none vote on me, part of me thinks is feel better if he had actually voted and part of me thinks is feel worse
  10. So to address the main points against me Lack of engagement - not going to lie is fair, but sadly nai. Was celebrating with family all yesterday ended up stopping over at my sister's and my phone ran out of juice, and struggling to find a footing since I've been back Not responding to Darthes none vote - I don't think I've ever responded to a vote in rvs in Darthes favour (from an early post) that's a tactical(?) (Not quite the right word) choice I made ages ago