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    Ok I think I can /in but on limited time (abroad can't access WiFi outside of hotel etc)
  2. Just pregnant women or women with children under the age of 10 (to complete the list of people who can't be captured) Eg married women aren't allowed to be maidens but can still be captured
  3. Egwene the leader is generally pretty good, she isn't perfect all the time, but she does learn mostly Egwene the person isn't, and she doesn't demonstrably learn, shown mostly in her interactions with the people she's known since book 1 (treatment of Nyn in the dreamworld/treatment of Nyn during her testing etc) Egwene the character suffers because from rejoining the Salidar Aes Sedai she's never amongst equals/superiors and most people root for the underdog. Her situation may not be great, but she's clearly better than everyone else around (Siuain excepted, but her purpose there is to help/guide Eg rather than challenge), so theirs a lack of tension. Compare to Elayne in Andor who has Nyn (as a superior some of the time), and Birgette who does what she wants. When she's captured by the black ajah there's genuine tension (imo) because elayne isn't in a strong position and isn't clearly better than everyone else The only time I think Egwene was genuinely brought low was when made damane way back in book 2. Captured by the tower doesn't count because elaida was so clearly incompetent

    For myself I'm struggling to find time to play atm :( I may be able to in ~2 weeks
  5. ******mod hat****** If anyone wants to continue the off topic discussion on posting etiquette, please take it to PM and feel free to add myself. Please note that I have edited and hidden relevant posts, so this is now not in this thread Obviously feel free to continue the discussion about the relevance of the Dark Tower TV show ******end mod hat******
  6. Trump Presidency

    Although I guess you mean because he actually quit over the tariffs and just considered it over the rallies Based on the article linked above and the BBC I think that's a harsh interpretation
  7. Trump Presidency

    BBC are reporting that he almost quit following Trumps remarks ~supporting the far right in Charlottesville, so either BBC misinformed or this has been taken out of context
  8. Elayne's lifespan

    Im pretty sure that at least in the books time period she hasn't yet because she's pregnant. I'm not sure what stance Cadsuane will have on oath swearing so I don't know if she'll swear or not in the future
  9. Heh, the only one of those I'm familiar with is eragon and that's an example of very cliched story telling So the question becomes, why did game of thrones and lord of the rings work? I think game of thrones lack of fantasy at the start would help, but wheel of time starts differently so may not be relevant Understanding why lord of the rings worked, since that is traditional fantasy, would be more useful, but although I loved it, I'm not sure I know ~what~ made it work so well
  10. I don't think that [all] fantasy has failed, although I haven't watched many episodes game of thrones has done very well, lord of the rings were mostly very good films etc The problem fantasy has is that it's very easy to be cliche and generic, so focusing on what makes the story different from that is a good idea That said, the problem wheel of time may have is that it does start very cliched opening with trollocs and magic, compare with (eg) game of thrones opening with the threat of ice zombies, but then almost immediately switching to politics. The first season has very little traditional fantasy in it, which makes it an easier sell
  11. ****mod hat**** To be clear, 2 identical threads were started, one was locked to keep discussion to one thread, this ones still open And there's nothing to apologise for :) ****end mod hat****
  12. Interesting approach 1. Time as circular is (probably) going to be very difficult to convey without bashing people round the head with it like a brick. It makes sense to drip feed, but I'm not sure it's a TV plot point unless they expand Ishmaels philosophical ramblings and I'm not sure thats good tv 2. Unless they introduce Perrin to the wolf dream earlier, this won't likely be in the first (half of the) series, so won't be a draw 3. Again the 'balance' in the power doesn't really come about till later I think for me, an approach that could be established quickly (and is currently relevant) is the matriarchal hierarchy, we open with the woman's circle having equal/more influence then the men, village wise women, Aes sedai are female, Andor has a Queen. It's not till late in book 1 that we see men with equivalent power But again I think it may be difficult to do without bludgeoning people over the head with it, it needs to be just there, no need to draw attention to it sort of thing
  13. Locked as repeat topic
  14. The white tower has never been an institution that represents male channeling, nor do they have the resources (currently) to change that. In aviendhas future vision there's no indication the towers merge before they're destroyed by the Seanchan We know male and female channelers will work together when the wheel turns, but I don't think it happens officially in the next age If one towers wiped out I could see an underground resistance movement combined but?
  15. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!!

    I had kat/darthe/cass as my Poe day 2, eldricks lynch sort of narrowed that to cass/darthe for me, but I can't say I was massively confident in town reads this game lol