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  1. A new game?

    Maybe a little late, but how about athletes or athletic sports?
  2. Remind me never to novice with you lol
  3. They test everyone yearly (for the ages that a woman would have naturally started to channel). The only people affected by the collar are those that have already channeled (hence sparkers, learners won't channel naturally so will always pass the collar test). If they can walk with the collar they test the bracelet to see if theres an affinity (or i guess if the damane can move lol). As they spend time as Sul'dam this effectively comes from the forced bond which is why the collar holds experienced suldam.
  4. Trump FP

    The soy beans are market forces, Brazil will export more to China due to tarrifs on the US, so US will fill the gap. It will happen, but not from anything at the trade talks The natural gas is good, but will take time, both for Europe to build facilities and for the US to ramp up production. Overall this is definitely something I can support though! The main problem with open trade is labelling, rules appear to be a lot stricter in Europe, the biggie being labelling of GM foods, which the US didn't want to do (based on an article several years ago) and Europe does... There have also been moves to standardise food labels etc Chickens are a whole separate topic :p The article above also brings up the Paris agreement, which could be interesting
  5. Help me understand: religiosity

    I'm not against nuclear, although our governments approach to it is laughable, would prefer that to fracking The efficiency stuff I've seen have more to do with switching the design of refrigerators and air con away from off, but I think that's already agreed and whether that's strictly speaking an efficiency is debateable Also housing insulation etc, as I said incremental gains
  6. Help me understand: religiosity

    For the rest we may be talking incremental gains where possible, it seems fairly commonly agreed that the world could fairly easily reach 80% electricity from renewables (although this may include nuclear) without a significant economic cost, but it doesn't address transportation which is a major use It's also suggested that the best thing would be efficiency gains
  7. Help me understand: religiosity

    Regarding electric cars watch France (and possibly India) Paris is already extremely electric car friendly and I think the country has commited to banning the sale and use of diesel cars by 2040/2050 I read an article saying India was committed to the same, but it was just one article so I'm not sure how reliable it is
  8. Which is through village territory in Altara, there's still no major population center and this is a small country. I also dont get any impression that the Aes Sedai were actively recruiting, ie testing everyone they met because most disagreed with the idea. It was more likely a 'proclaim in a village that they're looking for novices/recruits and age doesn't matter anymore' but they're still relying on volunteers
  9. Plus, what's the catchment area? Salidar isn't exactly a populous area
  10. Agreed it's still low, but, the 450 are limited to women who want and can learn, are able to leave home (few direct responsibilities and able to afford it), are able to travel to the camp, are willing to join the rebel group, etc etc etc The Aes Sedai at the camp were against the new novices, they won't have been hard recruiting, it's still passive. Maybe the final numbers won't be as high as the Aiel, but they indicate that the traditional methods of recruitment are poor
  11. Numbers from the rebels camp suggest that traditional Aes Sedai recruiting methods were pretty dire, 450 novices were recruited just by opening the doors (so to speak) and that was still mostly people asking to be tested, not active recruitment

    Sorry :( this continues to be a bad time for me and mafia rn
  13. Trump FP

    Oil is not gas and transportation of them is very different. And your reserves of gas are very small compared to Russia, (Iran, Qatar or Turkmenistan), although not really the point The politics are terrible, don't misunderstand me, I'm not pro the pipeline, but the point is that there isn't a "good" solution, Germany are trying to replace their nuclear stations by 2022, the US cannot double their current gas production in 4 years (which is almost what would be needed) so it's not a viable option Additionally 80% of the current gas supply is via pipeline, again changing that to LNG makes a lot of political sense, but is a long term strategy and I don't think the financial benefits or technological knowledge is there yet to make a meaningful shift (costs of LNG plants are still high) and in addition, a preliminary Google search suggests that significant changes to existing infrastructure would need to be made as LNG reacts differently to untreated natural gas No doubt you'll correct me, but... The only time NATO has directly come to the defence of a member state is following 9/11, it's also been involved in several conflicts outside the member states I believe the wording is 'defense of member states' and although Russia may have been (was) the initial threat, the wording is broader than that and also the actions taken, whether this means another look at the purpose is??? Not exactly true You supply 22% of NATOs direct budget, you also spend 4.something % on ~defense (which is where the 67% comes from) but thats your global budget, that's not the same thing as NATO and separating out the numbers is beyond my interest I'm not arguing this? Just correcting your initial statement See above, TLDR US production isn't feasible in the timeline Germany is working towards, nor is switching the pipes based network to LNG Politically I agree it's not good/desirable, but go back to my statement that currently Europe is dependent on Arab states or Russia for energy, neither of which is politically "nice" and changing that is not a simple or short and probably not a mid term solution and is more likely to come from renewables than anything else
  14. Trump FP

    I'm trying to not take this out of the context of your argument, but this is a tricky thing (in terms of practicality) and not an 'easy' choice Europe doesn't have vast quantities of natural resources left, there are still some big fields coming online in the north sea, but nowhere near enough to supply Europe and most of them are marginal (deep water or extreme conditions) which means that with the low oil price it's difficult to bring them online. With Mexico (and even more so) Iran opening markets and the US fracking keeping oil prices low that's not going to change soon, although the current price is better (and hopefully sustainable) Fracking isnt an option offshore and hasn't been economic where tested mainland Europe, it's also difficult because we're more densely populated than the US/Canada So that essentially leaves Russia or the Arab states for oil and gas because that's where it is and neither are ideal, (gas from anywhere further away is a none starter at the volume needed) pipelines from stable Arab states have to pass through less stable states and actually building/safe guarding them is "difficult" In general regarding NATO, Greece, the UK, Estonia and Poland all technically meet the 2% commitment as well as the US, although some people seem to dispute the numbers