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  1. Welcome to the Blue Ajah's Harry Potter Week 2016 Owl Post! This is a super fun and easy activity :). Each post counts as one Owl Post. The first person writes a letter or message and the following post is a message from someone else to the previous letter sender. For example: (Owl Post #1) Harry, Remember, it's LeviOsa, not LevioSA. Hermione --------------------------------- (Owl Post #2) Hermione, He defeated Voldemort, I don't think he needs instruction on how to say Leviosa. Ron ---------------------------------- (Owl Post #3) Ron, Hermione is doing it again. Harry ------------------ Rules: As always, please keep it PG-13! Also, no double posts, and please limit your letters to Harry Potter characters, actors from the Harry Potter movies, and DM members.
  2. LMAO you are all doing amazing jobs!! Theodora guessed that Hallia was Cersei Lannester from aSoFaI. Gudrean guessed that Via was Harry Potter. Aidanna guessed that Xthrax was Tyrion Lannester from aSoFaI. Kronos guessed that Kaylee was Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity. Kaylee guessed that Aidanna was Frodo from LoTR.
  3. Kaylee guessed that Kronos is Jayne Cobb from Firefly/Serenity. Kronos, shoot me a pm if you'd like a new character.
  4. Via guessed that Theodora is Amy Pond from Doctor Who. Thea, shoot me a pm if you'd like a new character.
  5. Sorry this took so long everyone. Hallia Hallia guessed WolfbrothKronos was Spock. Gudrean guessed Tonnalea is Katniss Everneen. Via guessed Aidanna is River Song. Thea guessed Via is Arya Stark. You can all keep your characters, if you wish- or send me a PM, and I can get you set up with a new one.
  6. WolfbrotherKronos has guessed Hallia's character. Hallia was Harmionie Granger from the Harry Potter Series. Hallia, if you wish to change characters, just send me another PM, otherwise, you are free to continue as Harmionie.
  7. Send me a pm so I can let you know.
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