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  1. Ahhh, speaking for Basel now. meh, it was silly to boot up a second computer. I just type what my bonded tells me to sometimes and he does the same for me and then we can has snuggles She's an obedient kitty. :p
  2. Wow. If high school was like the Tower, I'd have liked it much more. I wonder if the Aes Sedai would have let me play baseball though. **ponders** The Tar Valon "Flames"....yes, that would have been a good team name.
  3. "We're men....we're men in tights...we roam around the Tower looking for fights!" **cackles wildly** Sorry, That's the first thing that came to mind, Dar. ;) You could make them do everything in song, and they must break into random choreographed dances. :p
  4. Those are beautiful! No Blue either though. :(
  5. Ice is bad and evil....someone needs to explain to Winter that is Spring's turn now. :p
  6. Well, I did look like a right proper fool sliding down the sidewalk on that ice like I did. XD (It's ok, I didn't break anything so it's funny....you can laugh)
  7. I had a few things happen and ended up banished from the internet and all of the nerdy geeky goodness. Really REALLY sorry about all of that. I just did get back online and am trying to catch up with things.... so..... hi....again.
  8. That game is on my list, Dar. I like those suggestions though. I also like Han getting boarded by Storm Troopers. :p
  9. Dear Fatsy Hobbit, You...you RUINS it! Stay away from my...my precccioussssss **coughGollumGollum** Smeagol
  10. Dear Sauron, I found a bottle of Clear Eyes on a Hobbit that I just finished wrapping. Hope it helps. -Shelob
  11. **doorbell rings** (sorry, folks...I was so sick yesterday that I couldn't even sit up. Couldn't get on here.)
  12. Dear Nynaeve, Do not worry over me, that is my brother's job. Also, I can kill you with my brain. Yours, River Tam
  13. **eyes a bow and arrow from across the room and wonders how quickly she can reach it**
  14. My dear Minerva, Enclosed is the hairball treatment medicine that you ordered. I am not a veterinarian, however, borrowing this from the Alliance for a friend as dear as you is worth it. I hope it helps. ~Simon Tam
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