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  1. Lea- Accepted (If we merge with the BT, then watch Davrick. He's like the black ajah over there. :p )
  2. Ahhh, speaking for Basel now. meh, it was silly to boot up a second computer. I just type what my bonded tells me to sometimes and he does the same for me and then we can has snuggles She's an obedient kitty. :p
  3. Wow. If high school was like the Tower, I'd have liked it much more. I wonder if the Aes Sedai would have let me play baseball though. **ponders** The Tar Valon "Flames"....yes, that would have been a good team name.
  4. **slips back in after taking a nice, long shopping trip in Tar Valon** Ummm, yes. To Mars and beyond! ~Accepted
  5. Ice is bad and evil....someone needs to explain to Winter that is Spring's turn now. :p
  6. Well, I did look like a right proper fool sliding down the sidewalk on that ice like I did. XD (It's ok, I didn't break anything so it's funny....you can laugh)
  7. I had a few things happen and ended up banished from the internet and all of the nerdy geeky goodness. Really REALLY sorry about all of that. I just did get back online and am trying to catch up with things.... so..... hi....again.
  8. LoA started and over. My internet went out on me and the phone wouldn't let me post on the LoA's on here. Sorry to everyone. Things are fixed now.
  9. That game is on my list, Dar. I like those suggestions though. I also like Han getting boarded by Storm Troopers. :p
  10. No, Theo. These are suggestions...in the American Idol Case, three of my Comedians would be judges and one would be a singer. The judges would then have to make up some random comments towards the singer.
  11. I needed to start this because I have four players and I really need a studio audience for a couple things.... So welcome to the Peanut Gallery! What I need is audience suggestions for Scenes (Where would you like to see our Comics act out a scene?) Situations (Drop random situations on our Comics to act out) Silly Songs (Silly subjects for a quick song made up on the fly) Also, we need suggestions for "Galaxy's Worst". (examples: Galaxy's Worst Prosthetic Hand Salesman, Worst Smuggler.....) Remember...it's all Star Wars based! We appreciate the help and hope
  12. I only managed to snatch up four people, but that is all right. The original game is played with only four, so that will do. I'm going to go ahead and start the game today and if anyone else decides that they want to play, then I'll add you in. To my four Comedians: I will PM you sometime today with the link to the thread.
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