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  1. Hiyas, Dusty....Can I call you that? Of course, I can! It's cute and I'll remember it. **wicked grin** You will need drinks. Lots 'o drinks, and the best ones around are over in the archery range (**whispers** that's where us awesome people hang out). **smiles all sweet and innocent like at the Cav and Infn'try** Oh, ummmm...yes. Those guys are pretty sweet too. Seriously, welcome to the Band. You'll find all kinds of great people, and there is plenty of fun to be had. and pranks to be pulled **smiles innocently at the RA's**
  2. Ahhh, speaking for Basel now. meh, it was silly to boot up a second computer. I just type what my bonded tells me to sometimes and he does the same for me and then we can has snuggles She's an obedient kitty. :p
  3. **tosses the new person a flask** Hiyas! Welcome to the Band! I'm Lea, from the Archers.
  4. Listening to everything that I listen to every year at this time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fzsHDIWrqo&list=RDf9KxZqDaO-I&feature=share&index=3
  5. If you are panting after me should i expect a Banding request?? oh and 12th i LOVE the avi! Wedge FTW!!! Oh, I can't send you a Banding request yet, Sugar Britches. First, you must pass a series of tasks that will amuse me but absolutely humiliate you. And after that, you have to pass a series of tests administered by my other two Bandeds and believe me, my Duckling might look all cute and cuddly and such, but he can be pretty ruthless with the testing.
  6. See, Duckling! You can't hide your true feelings from your Banded. (Our friends tell on you. )
  7. **pops Lazy in the bum with a suction cup arrow** Where's your style, lovie?
  8. Wow. If high school was like the Tower, I'd have liked it much more. I wonder if the Aes Sedai would have let me play baseball though. **ponders** The Tar Valon "Flames"....yes, that would have been a good team name.
  9. Demandred (hope it's ok that I just popped in)
  10. LOL My poor Duckling. He probably didn't get picked on nearly as much while I was gone.
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