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[SG Faire: Shayol Ghul] Ask Narg!

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do you have a decent recipe for the cookpot, Narg? or is it pretty much boiled dinner every night? not that there's anything wrong with that. i was just thinking, the open fire really does give you some better options.


People say variety is spice of life. Narg say cumin is spice of people.


Narg, why is the sky Blue??


Particles in air diffract light. You see as blue. Is called Rayleigh scattering. Bet you thought Narg not know that one!


(Side note: Rayleigh taste delicious scattered with cumin, carrots, horse and turnip. Now you know rest of story.)


Narg, how do I get rid of this wart on.....uhhh....my toe? Yeah, my toe.


Get mate bite it off.

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Narg, if i was compulsed, then how can i tell what is reality and what isnt?


How can Red tell if not compulsed? Red could just be brain in jar manipulated by scientists. Narg hope scientists used good brine; brain in jar Narg's favorite condiment.


narg, to what do you attribute your incredible popularity?


People have good taste. So they know they either like me or I eat them.


Narg, how would you solve the current budget problems in the US?


Cut subsidy to White Tower, cut military spending. Trollocs no longer real threat. Narg promise.

Dear Narg.


Wich staff member here at DM would you rather eat?


Is Haxorsist staff? Narg hear he pre-marinated.


Narg, who let the dogs out?


Who? Who? David.


Dear Narg,

Why cumin? It is supposed to be oregano!


Sheesh trollocs are silly.



Nargbert... A trolloc.... or so they say....


Oregano spice favored by children. Nargbert need develop palate.


Dear Narg,


What do you do on rainy days?


Same thing Narg do every day, Leelou. Try to conquer world.


Also, Narg knits.

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Children? Narg think Narg want to take this to next level!!



Why you use hoo-mahn spices when all trollocs know that essence of blight worm is the best seasoning of them all?!?


also, could Narg explain maxwell's equations? Because all trollocs know these.... otherwise you unable to determine position when can't see large ball of fire thing in day or large balls of fire at night... or make your sword spark to scare poor Aes Sedai....


Narg... bert...

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