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  1. What part of "Sili always wants me dead" did I not make clear? GG Sili
  2. Wait - I survived D1 and got killed N1? LOFL. GL Town
  3. Oh, and I'm VT so no big loss Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  4. So nice to check in before shabbos and see I'm on the chopping block. Don't have much to add. Vote on Hally stays; when we were usual suspects together I remember her saying she had to stay away from interacting with zander or he'd catch her. I'm seeing that happen now. When I flip town, consider it. Shad - I'm not invested. Made clear in the sign up thread I don't have time to be. If I stay around, I'll pick up on things and contribute as the game progresses, but I won't be driving the bus (and it looks like that's a non- issue anyway :'D). Gl all Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  5. Actually, 1 more post, since I realized I've been chew-toying Sili a bit with the jokes and don't want them taken wrong leading to a melt down: @Sili, you try to get me lynched every game we play, no matter what our alignments are. So I'm joking about how I want you gone. Don't take those posts seriously, mmkay?
  6. That depends. What's rote? By the numbers I still don't get it, but okay. Looks to me like under Kiv's consideration, Halli and Zander are like the new Verbal and Leelou, which is sort of accurate (minus the googly eyes). But him focusing on Zander without addressing Halli at all (at least, I don't remember he did) is a good point and I liked that Zander made it. Agreed. Zander was around, so he was the one I picked to vote, to see how he reacted to pressure. I've generally liked his response - and genuinely dislike [v]Hally's[/v]. Maybe I'm wrong, but she is not coming across very genuine to me, and even when she is around she's really not doing the type of interacting I typically see from her as town. Zander is more in his normal town range, AFAICT on D1, so of the two I'll vote her. Don't really have strong feelings on anyone as scum right now, so this is the best I've got. And now I'm out, and since it's a Friday, probably won't be back before deadline
  7. an FE? extraverted feeling. I swear to all that I hold dear if you bring these god forsaken letters into this game I will lynch you on principle. lol what?! Explain this, now. Lenlo light green town. Would be dark green, but he seems to need a reason to policy-lynch sili, which is suspicious
  8. Turin & Lenlo: I need more time to figure them out. Hallia and Sili: they're suspects, true, but DL is still away and reads can change. You going for a mislynch, bro? because that's what you'll get. Read my posts more closely, and maybe you'll see what I mean Can you name a reason to lynch me? Every game you've ever played?
  9. Again, not the "mentions" that have me concerned. Which I still am. Raisins? You and Hally seem to be avoiding each other. Considering how well you read each other, that suggests one or both of you may be a wolf Considering I haven't been here? I don't see how that is considered avoiding. With my catch up, I've mentioned him a couple of times. I definitely want to hear a response to this. There you have it. Raisins?You and Hally seem to be avoiding each other. Considering how well you read each other, that suggests one or both of you may be a wolf !!!!!!! You're right!!! They talked like they were 2 peas in a pod in the previous game. ZOMG RIGHT!? I know my Saiyan *nods* prefer DB-Z to DB-GT personally wtf is DB-Z DB-GT? DBZ IS THE BEST ANIME EVER Dont have a lot of solid reads atp tbqh but still catching up. But atp: Not liking Shad or Thane Liking Besie somewhat. Will see if anything changes or shakes out when I get caught up. I disagree on Besie and Thane, but I'm with you on Shad at least.
  10. Raisins?You and Hally seem to be avoiding each other. Considering how well you read each other, that suggests one or both of you may be a wolf Spoilered below is Hallia's ISO. What do you expect me to say atp? Her activity level is off from what I expect Town!Hallia to be. But I've misread Hallia twice. 1st was in Friends, right after GnD where she powered hard as a Doc in that game and then lands a PR in Friends and completely slow rolls it. The other was where I was playing a game I shouldnt have been with RL stuffs, Darthe and Lainey misread me as Town vote me and then just stop doing stuff without real cases and Hallia buddied me and I just kept going after her. As Ive said in the last game and many times before that, Hallia becomes very easy to read as the game progresses. And the bold would NEVER happen. If we were w/w we'd intsa buddy Town read each other and I think everyone here who knows that. Im not really following, I cant interact when the person isnt here. But let me ask you this then, youre voting me and not Hallia so what else have I done to ping you and why are you not voting Hallia instead? 1) Sure you can. That's basically the definition of "message board" 2) Nothing else, and no reason at all.
  11. Of those, feel best about Bessie. But don't have particularly strong feelings about Shad or Thane either way; both are playing within town range, but not so outrageously town that I trust them much. As for your last question, you seem to be making some unwarranted assumptions. But yes, I'll leave my vote on him for the moment
  12. Damn you autocorrect. Atm not atmosphere. Once again, abbreviation costs me extra effort
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