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  1. Shaidar Haran had been intimately involved in the Shadow's dealings from LOC through TOM-the resurrection of Aginor and Balthamel up to handling Graendal's punishment. It was utterly ridiculous and wasteful to simply dispose of this character by saying he was no longer needed. WTF??!!!
  2. TGS was definitely the tightest and most focused of the three books that Brandon worked on in WOT. I loved the dueling plotlines of Rand's descent into Dark Rand, while Egwene ascended to the Amyrlin Seat. The dream sequence between Rand and Moridin evoked memories of some of the dream sequences from EOTW, great scene. TOM was wildly uneven, with a great finish in the Tower of Ghenjei and the Epilogue. AMOL..... :(
  3. Sure thing Suttree, my pleasure! Hope we can get more voters in here before the poll closes on Sunday. Looks like TSR and TDR are clear leaders in the Shayol Ghul and Tear regions so far, but tight contests in the Andor region (EOTW-TFOH) and the Tarabon region (TGH-KOD). I have to confess I'm surprised KOD is getting so much love pitted against the Great Hunt (or perhaps that is my bias speaking, as I consider TGH my favorite book in the series).
  4. Hey everyone, I accidentally deleted the poll on this topic and was not able to bring it back. I went ahead and set up a new topic for the voting rest of the way. I promise I won't delete the poll again ;) Anyway, here is the link: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/80717-march-madnesswheel-of-time-style-round-2/
  5. I accidentally deleted the previous poll in the original topic post, sorry about that (but the votes are still tabulated in the original topic). Anyway, I've set up the poll for round 2 (and beyond) on this topic, so we are good to go from here. Voting will continue through Sunday, March 31st. Get your votes in for your favorite four books to advance (one from each region). Enjoy!
  6. Correct, top two advance from each region. My apologies on the Encyclopedia, that was supposed to be the World of RJ's WOT (aka Big White Book). But glad to see the Encylopedia got some love from 2 voters at least ;) After the first round, these are the books advancing to the next round: Andor Region: Eye of the World (13 votes) defeats New Spring (3 votes)-This was truly a 16 seed vs. a 1 seed, how could you vote for the prologue over the kick ass first book that started it all? Fires of Heaven (11 votes) defeats Towers of Midnight (3 votes)-Ironic that the book with Moiraine's disap
  7. In the spirit of college basketball's March Madness postseason tournament, I've set up a bracket for all 16 Wheel of Time books (including New Spring and the Encyclopedia). In the poll question, I set up four regions that mimic the regions in the March Madness tournament. There are four books in each of the region. For the first round of voting, vote for two books in each of the four regions in the poll. After a few days of voting, the brackets will be reset with the 8 books that get the most votes and advance to the next round. Hope this makes sense, this pool is purely for fun. If you have a
  8. I was very disappointed with the finish. While I appreciated the method of the sealing, I felt a tremendous distance from the characters I had followed since Eye of the World. There was no sense of familiarity with these characters. AMOL had the feel of a battle memoir. Some of them were caricatures of themselves (Demandred), and I simply could not understand the logic of Egwene dying after all the work put in on her character to reunify the White Tower. The epilogue was cheap, and there was no sense of connection with those characters. While I certainly appreciate BS stepping in to h
  9. I'm always a sucker for the book ranking polls, and this one is no different. Here it goes: 1. The Great Hunt-been my favorite for some time, really expanded the series from mimicking Lord of the Rings, and packed an emotional punch between Egwene's collaring, the redemption of Ingtar and Rand accepting his destiny. 2. The Fires of Heaven-the most action packed book of the series that provided many turning points and provided fodder for two of the series' biggest mysteries (Asmodean and Moiraine). 3. Eye of the World-even though the similarities to Lord of the Rings are unmistakable in
  10. I finished AMOL last week, but wanted a few days for it to soak in before I wrote a review. But after waiting a few days, I hate to say that I still feel letdown by AMOL. While the re-sealing scene was well done, the narrative read almost like a history book at times. Specific issues I had with the book: -Too much focus on Androl and Pevara. Logain should have been much more of a focal point through the Black Tower and Last Battle sequences. Androl and Pevara were tertiary characters that had way too much screen time being the last book of the series -While the last confrontation di
  11. Getting ready for AMOL-less than 48 hours to the release, woohoo!

  12. Yep, I am currently halfway through TDR so I have some serious cranking to do if I'm going to finish the reread before 1/8. I truly do love the first trilogy of this series, the sense of adventure in the first 3 books is never quite recaptured in subsequent books. I'm not saying the subsequent books are bad of course, just that these three books are teeming with adventure throughout.
  13. I agree, TGS might prove to be the best of the last three WOT books based on what we've seen of AMOL thus far. This last chapter felt contrived through both Pevara's and Avidendha's POV. Regarding Pevara, is it just me, or is her character overrated? Yeah, the atypical Red Ajah character angle was interesting for a bit, but I'm far more interested in the characters that have been with us since early in the series. I too hope that they are somehow releasing the more passive material and that the rest of the book is kick ass. But I'm concerned about the quality of AMOL based on what we've
  14. Thanks for posting Jason. That was a fantastic tribute to RJ, very thoughtful and inspiring. I imagine many of us will be penning similar letters to RJ once we have finished reading AMOL ;) As you said, the scope of the Wheel of Time crosses over so much of our lives. It has been a part of my life for 20 years so far, and look forward to the Wheel living on in other formats. Thanks again!
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