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  1. I have no idea where to post this but I really just wanted to share it.
  2. If forced to use a metal sword, instead of a lighsaber, and if also forced to be unable to use the Force, then in those circumstances, I would not place Anakin Skywalker, or any of the other jedi knights from the movies in the top 20 of best fictional swordsmen of all time. ^ this Plus I wouldn't say Anakin was the best, I'd say maybe Mace Windu or any of the other members of the council.
  3. In addition to Jaime, I'd also like to add: Silchas Ruin (Malazan) Brema dan Gorst (The Heroes) Drizzt do'Urden either Lan or Gawyn I'm trying to think of someone from Warcraft but none really come to mind. Maybe Varian Wrynn. I really wouldn't put Richard Rahl on that list, all he really does is flail about with his sword and hope he doesn't get hit. lol
  4. Did you mean Lannister? ;D He might be, but only before
  5. raitora

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    Cats and dogs because they are cuddly and fluffy.
  6. Gonna second Quick Ben. Dust of Dreams spoilers Other great mages from the Malazan world includes Bottle, Beak (sad face) and Gothos (Freezing an entire continent so that Magic doesn't evolve, ever. Badass) Gonna have to give the crown to Quick Ben though, he's like the Batman of Fantasy, always has a plan. Yes yes yes, frickin' yes. The moment I saw the title of this thread I was going to say Quick Ben. Him and possibly Anomander Rake, but I'm not sure if he counts as a mage-type. Also Melisandre, from ASoIaF, because come on she frickin Mind frickin' bl
  7. True, but as a 16 year old I was told to stop at book 3. :P
  8. ASoIaF is definitely too mature for high school kids. Think of all the sex, for one. :P In high school I read the Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms series and Sword of Truth. Not popular choices, I know, and D&D might come off as kind of nerdy, but they're an easy introduction to the genre.
  9. Maybe you should try the graphic novel series first, the story might go down better with visuals. The Dark Tower graphic novels tell of Roland's rise to being the gunslinger he is in the first book, and therefore the story is different from that of the novels. However they will give you an idea of what King's storytelling and the subject matter he is dealing with in this series.
  10. Nyehh, I got a bit lazy toward the end. Grats Blackhoof!
  11. I have tickets to their concert here in October, can't wait. :D
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