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  1. I have no idea where to post this but I really just wanted to share it.
  2. raitora

    Toraneko's WoT fanart

    WoT fanart album for Toraneko.<br />Check out my DA gallery for the rest of my art: http://toranekostudios.deviantart.com/
  3. raitora

    art noveau Mat

    From the album: Toraneko's WoT fanart

    done for a contest on DA
  4. raitora


    From the album: Toraneko's WoT fanart

  5. YESSSSSSSSSSS I LOVED that live action trailer to bits, more would be like Christmas came early.
  6. raitora


    From the album: Toraneko's WoT fanart

    on DA: http://fav.me/d3f5j96
  7. raitora


    From the album: Toraneko's WoT fanart

    on DA: http://fav.me/d3f5iqt
  8. raitora


    From the album: Toraneko's WoT fanart

    on DA: http://fav.me/d3f5idp
  9. Dramatic before after pics, gogogo! Thankfully I won't have to do this, I have the books with the plain black covers. Boring, but effective. Also, who is that guy in the blue coat on the ToM cover? I get the other two are Mat and Thom, unless I'm mistaken.
  10. Here's a pic I drew of him - http://yaywewon.tumblr.com/post/4985640252 *avoids reading rest of thread for fear of spoilers*
  11. On my to-read list after I finish WoT and ASoIaF. Looking like it'll be many years from now... I may get a little impatient.
  12. raitora


    From the album: Toraneko's WoT fanart

    For the Artist's guild March challenge.
  13. I'm a frequent poster at another forum even before I joined this one, and I check that forum more regularly than I do this one, so nothing will change on that front. As for books, I will probably start reading Song of Fire and Ice and/or maybe finish Sword of Truth - I was up to Chainfire; the only reason of which was just to say "I read it and it was truly crap".
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