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  1. so this the BT now? I see we survived the gutting 🤘
  2. well, not allowed to say exactly where cause it's kind of illegal there, and they like to deport people like me haha. But it's a place with a wonderful tradition of great tea! ^^
  3. hey, I found the shiny new forum, we're still alive! What's new folks? I finished college a bit ago, will be moving to Asia in a bit as a missionary. I also drink tea now instead of coffee, so that's a big deal!
  4. Locke


    =D Baam finally reunited with everyone! I can't wait to see what happens in the next arc.
  5. Locke


    I absolutely love Tower of God and Kubera. Only 2 I read except for Bleach, although Bleach is more for the lols than anything else at this point. Oh gosh, this show is the absolute most intense thing right now. I've been really busy lately and have fallen off on every other anime/manga, but I still check back in every Monday to see what will happen in the next Hunter X Hunter episode. It's at the top of my anime list along with: One Piece - Long, epic, adventure. Humour, interesting characters, emotional moments, it has it all Attack on Titan - The best anime production I've seen. BA
  6. Hii! ^^ When were you here? ~~
  7. Discworld. By Terry Pratchett.
  8. Yo. A fellow disciple of the spam arts.
  9. Happy Birthday! *togas*

  10. Hahaha, epic. =D

    (wouldn't mind me a real one of those. >.>)

  11. Sorry, my dad unplugged our modem without warning me. It's working again, though.

  12. *completes the fanboyism*

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