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  1. Yo, gratz Talm!! :o Read that recently! Tis pretty hype I am currently working as a Christian missionary!
  2. Locke

    The Way of Kings

    iirc, Sanderson said Lift was set to be one of the main characters of the back 5 books?
  3. Locke

    The Way of Kings

    It tempts me every week but me and my roomies made a pact to wait to read it together haha
  4. Locke

    LZM is a ...

    i guess i'll play rand al'thor then.
  5. Locke

    The Way of Kings

    Almost as stoked for Oathbringer coming out as I was with WoT at the end. I just hope Sanderson doesn't follow in RJ's footsteps too closely...Even at his current rate, with the scope of Stormlight Archives and the Cosmere as a whole, I'm more than a little worried he won't get through all 40ish books he has planned.
  6. Locke

    I'm back!

    congratulations good sir
  7. Locke

    Nyn has taken the plunge!

    omgitisslocke!!!! HELLO LOCKE hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. How's lyfe?
  8. I've always wanted a pet whale
  9. DJ!! Welcome to the Black Tower!! I'm Locke aka your best friend here =D
  10. Thank you. Hmm, it depends on what we're talking about. I thought it was implied, but coffee.