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  1. Sketchass Arachnofondler

  2. Happy Birthday! *togas*

  3. Oh great...my first mosquito bite this year. If I predicted fortunes based on bug bites, I'd say it looks to be an annoying year with ridiculous challenges that will make my brain itch. Since I don't, though, I'll just say that there will be a whole new level of skeeter carnage coming, courtesy of yours truly. Be afraid, skeets. Be very afraid.


  5. Taking another trip down memory lane by listening to songs from my childhood and youth... =D

  6. It is so gorgeous outside!!! I hope it stays this way....

  7. I'm very upset right now...I don't have to work till later than usual this morning, so I decided to get up at my usual time and exercise. I have an elliptical trainer, why not, eh? Well, no. A while ago, someone decided to go in that area of the basement and organize all the power cords lying around and whatnot. Till now, I just assumed the adapter for my elliptical was in the pile somewhere. So this morning I'm all optimistic about exercising and stuff, and then I get downstairs and look for...

  8. Iowa Weather, will you just make up your mind already? What's it gonna be?

  9. I'm gonna try my hand at a tiny bit of gardening this year. *looks at thumb* We'll see if that's actually a hint of green there, or if it's staying resolutely black.

  10. I think Mason is the only tone-deaf person in the world who can sing without me wanting to rip his vocal cords out. Actually, I think it's cute, too. Which should tell you just how much I love that boy. Oh, he is so lucky. =D

  11. Thank goodness I don't have much to tempt me online anymore. Lots of reading to do for school. Plus planning and research for my preschoolers! This is more fun to plan than I thought it would be, and getting the kids interested is an exciting challenge! Maybe I'll bend and say I'm willing to teach preschoolers in the future, and not JUST do daycare. ^^

  12. "You will experience a tingling sensation, and then death."

  13. And I made a spur-of-the-moment decision while I was getting ready for bed. For the first time in I don't know how many years, I'm going to grow my hair out. Not sure of any details beyond that yet, and I have no idea how it'll go, but it's a change. =D

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