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  1. vvelcome to DM.. yeh i was just drawn to say hi since your second post ever was to join a mafia game, thats hardcore ;D but like the greifidge said, get thy to some fiddlesticks, or we may have to keelhaul you over a golgi body
  2. welcome to DM, loving the signature, classy 8)
  3. Ahoy there!, welcome to DM, sounds like your already having fun so i guess i dont need to tell you to :D
  4. hi and well come to dm, and dont forget theres not just the orgs and book discussion and RP, you can have spammy in fiddlesticks or play mafia games in organised games, or add your own ideas if you have them ;D but what ever you do, have fun
  5. Welcome back :D hope you enjoy
  6. well welcome back to dm, glad to have ya :D
  7. And in the red hand corner CORKI ! and in the white tower corner, it ATA! place your bets now!
  8. welcome, enjoy exploring the wonders of dragonmount ;D
  9. welcome serenla, nice to meet and i you hope enjoy DM and i think alot of us (i wont say all because dm is pretty diverse) feel the same way, and he will live on long in our memories
  10. welcome! culinary school sounds awesome, for me it was either something like that or sciences, and sometimes i still wish id done food, but yes, have fun gadding about DM and if you dont mind if you 'good disscusion doesnt make sence then drop by fiddlesticks somethime :D
  11. hehe welcome, and ..well what they said ;D
  12. hehe i already seended you! ..yay im sure youll find lots of people who like reading round here ;D welcome to DM ..if you didnt already feel so, and your welcome to come round fiddles more if you liked your taster :D
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