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  1. need to read that soo bad, sounds epic. if i were rich, mr sanderson would be one of the writers i would have chained to a desk writing for me.
  2. i havent read either of the eddas (i really want to though but there kinda hard to get) but kevin crossly-holland is what i would recomend if you cant get them
  3. i bet chipmunks were thought.
  4. http://www.waterstones.com/waterstonesweb/displayProductDetails.do?sku=6351881 um i believe this is from a manuscript she auctioned for chartiy and its going to be auctioned, i think its the book mentioned in the deathly hallows and there going to publish it ;D *is excited*
  5. :) i suppose it was a bit, not as spectacular as the CoLs two week crash/roll back, but its was are little victory i guess you could say. your free to discuss how awesome fiddlesticks is if you like ;)
  6. OMD its kisson! where you been dude ..you like missing the awesomest game of mafia ever (meh its amusing me anyway :P)! (after the double blind of course ;) )
  7. wouldnt it make sence to have everything in just one fleshy package, thenthere would be no need to commute hmmm *goes off to ponder*
  8. .. you dont? but they're delicious and er nutritious?
  9. wasnt that just because of red ..eagal or something wasnt it? that it folded.. hmm sounds interesting, i migth have a gander
  10. indeed. why burn stuff that you can eat. eating is always good
  11. vvelcome to DM.. yeh i was just drawn to say hi since your second post ever was to join a mafia game, thats hardcore ;D but like the greifidge said, get thy to some fiddlesticks, or we may have to keelhaul you over a golgi body
  12. dont be silly ::) they've figured out how to time travel *nods*
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