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  1. need to read that soo bad, sounds epic. if i were rich, mr sanderson would be one of the writers i would have chained to a desk writing for me.
  2. i havent read either of the eddas (i really want to though but there kinda hard to get) but kevin crossly-holland is what i would recomend if you cant get them
  3. i bet chipmunks were thought.
  4. http://www.waterstones.com/waterstonesweb/displayProductDetails.do?sku=6351881 um i believe this is from a manuscript she auctioned for chartiy and its going to be auctioned, i think its the book mentioned in the deathly hallows and there going to publish it ;D *is excited*
  5. :) i suppose it was a bit, not as spectacular as the CoLs two week crash/roll back, but its was are little victory i guess you could say. your free to discuss how awesome fiddlesticks is if you like ;)
  6. OMD its kisson! where you been dude ..you like missing the awesomest game of mafia ever (meh its amusing me anyway :P)! (after the double blind of course ;) )
  7. wouldnt it make sence to have everything in just one fleshy package, thenthere would be no need to commute hmmm *goes off to ponder*
  8. .. you dont? but they're delicious and er nutritious?
  9. wasnt that just because of red ..eagal or something wasnt it? that it folded.. hmm sounds interesting, i migth have a gander
  10. indeed. why burn stuff that you can eat. eating is always good
  11. vvelcome to DM.. yeh i was just drawn to say hi since your second post ever was to join a mafia game, thats hardcore ;D but like the greifidge said, get thy to some fiddlesticks, or we may have to keelhaul you over a golgi body
  12. dont be silly ::) they've figured out how to time travel *nods*
  13. con;temp! contemping in my court!!! by a non-canadian!?!! guards, behead this man
  14. ... one text with the question, verses one text with the question and a request, and then the following of three links.. call me apathetic but..
  15. all rise for the right 'onnerable judge loki redfern. court is now in session. master 'gogo' mike, you stand charged with crimes against grammer, how do you plead
  16. :D SPAM! my spamshake brings all the spammers to the yard, cos my spam, is better than your (i could teach you, but i charge in cookies) *hands round dinky meat pies* finger food anyone *hands round the fingers on cocktail sticks with pinapple chunks and CHEESE* the names cheese. john cheese. ill have spam and beetroot on cibata. sliced, not fried. while you hover on delete, remeber there is always fiddles :-*
  17. .. that comes up if you do a google search? and what if you dont have friends :P
  18. the past is always (mostly) better, but thats because you edit out the bad bit, or realise the things that annoyed you were actually fun, and make a good story to tell the iclk innosent newbs (look at him the old fool, talking like we've been here all ten years rather than 2. and a bit. the bit is all ways important, remeber that) er now where was i ..um yeh, eventually new becomes old, and the presnt passes into the past, ect ect and other corny things like that (but i like cory saying, they sound good and are usually true) er ..oh, and eventually youll look back on howdm is now, nd think, hey 'twernt to shabby at all
  19. :) thank you gwampy. thank you from that bit deep inside my middle where the feelings come from. you make me smile there.
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