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  1. Next time a question like this should probably go in the General Wheel of Time Discussion board ^.^
  2. No, it is a nation unto itself (similar to the vatican)
  3. *nods* It wouldn't matter if Lan was 10x as good as Mat; he would still lose against a gholam without inflicting any damage because those medallions are the only things known that can cause a ghoman harm (well I think balefire would still work)
  4. Lan would dominate, then get hit by a meteorite. Taveren/DO's Luck hax ftw
  5. The alterations are indeed new, but not necessarily false prophecy (they could have had some other foreteller say it) personally I think that if it IS true, then it probably relates to the fact that when rand went on his 'ima kill everyone' trip and fell over in the street... I think that was probably the closest we are going to see to that prophecy coming true (if he had not had that moment where he regained his senses then the prophecy foretells a rather bleak future - something I think most people would agree, would have been likely had Rand not had some sort of enlightenment)
  6. I began reading the series when there were six or so already published; and with each new release I have reread the series and continue to do so with the last one. I will probably also reread the series every so often after it is completed; since it is one of my favourites (or perhaps my favourite)
  7. So.... about the genders of characters and how changing their gender might make me re-evaluate them.... I realise that I only really commented on maintaining the tone of the book and the nature of the relationships as well as my own preference for male leads, but on the characters suggested: Rand - As I mention, I like male leads, so having rand as a female would make me less likely to read the series or to enjoy it as much, however if rand wasnt so much the focus of the series but had still done the things he had? I would have liked him more in the earlier and later books, but I may have liked him less in the middle where he was more Machiavellian (using people to achieve the outcomes). I believe that I may have found his continual questioning of the white tower positions and meddling to have been paranoid (at least until they brought up more information about how screwed up they are) and his unwillingness to harm men (currently women) to be bizarre, his relationship with the three lovely uhhh... guys would be a turn off for me also. Egwene - I probably would have liked her just as much in the early books, then as she (sorry he) grew more Machiavellian I would have found him more interesting to read about, certainly not someone to like, but more engaging in a way. Perrin - I would probably find this sort of personality rather different in a female, im not sure how this would go down, perhaps I might perceive such a quiet person to be more bookish, more withdrawn; I would have been more willing to understand the emotional state when pursuing Faile (though I would have been no more willing to count it acceptable). However the entire dynamic of the Faile/Perrin relationship I would be unable to find acceptable (I dont even now) as it would be abuse. Cadsuane - I find her an enjoyable enough read most of the time, if she was a man I would still enjoy reading about her, perhaps slightly more (?), Im not sure. Though when she was conspiring with the wise ones to teach rand tears and laughter, if the genders were reversed there I might have found that creepy. Logain - An interesting character, I would tackle the pre and post gentling separately really, of pre-gentling we know little except that he did some brutal things that resulted in many deaths. Personally I do not think that he has so far had too much impact (dont scream fangirls/fanboys this isnt the thread for it) so I would not really care one way or another about his gender.
  8. For starters, much as it shames me to admit, I probably would not have read the books had the genders been switched until perhaps the fifth or sixth book had come out (I have a great deal of trouble relating to female lead protagonist books - with few exceptions; this means I have a lot of difficulty enjoying the read). That stated, had not just the people, but the problems facing the users of the one power and everything else been switched... it would tell a story of male domination of the world with women breaking out of their control to some extent... itd be like some women's liberation fantasy thing... I would not enjoy it. I could manage if it were one or two of the characters (though were perrin and faile switched around everyone would call it domestic abuse), however for the entire cast? I find it difficult to imagine that the relationships between the characters or the tone of the book would remain consistent with the WoT series as we know it.
  9. Likely their merchants are somewhat different... because they have to interact with other people... I must admit I had not considered the Snake/Fox angle... its possible that was (indirectly) one of the things that ol Mordy askey for... or perhaps it was part of the price or something... who knows
  10. But only for time sensitive goods, those that will have their value greatly diminished by taking the longer route - such as agriculture.
  11. That it is a wealthy city I dont doubt, but compared to a group of countries even if those countries consist of one major city and a double handful of towns and villages? No way... Tar Valon relies on others for its wealth, whether through tithe or trade, it is not of itself generating wealth, instead it could at best be seen as a gateway for wealth and while I agree the north south corridor would be lucrative for agricultural products - that would be the major source of duties, because other types of goods (those that dont spoil) can easily be transported around it without having to deal with the WT tax collectors; without having their own production its a simple fact that they are going to have a smaller economy - more lucrative (proportional to its size than other 'nations' but it will be smaller because it simply does not have a solid base) though less stable (since they would rely almost solely on tithes and trades, the later changing depending on the other nations and thus NOT within TV control)
  12. Are they now? They might be a center of trade (though that is probably not as prominent as you might imagine) yet they control almost no land, so their agricultural production would be reduced, as would their mining opportunities etc etc etc. The only thing they have going for them are tithes paid to them by the borderlanders and the trade moving along that river (which there are several ways around the tower - such as off-loading goods upstream/downstream then moving them around the island by wagon and loading again to avoid duties) not only that, but in reality, that river would probably not be used by many groups, except for trade along the illian <> andor <> central borderland corridor and the only goods really passing through TV would be seasonal (mainly agricultural) goods that would otherwise spoil.
  13. Personally I am inclined to say no since from many perspectives (such as One Power (though with the Aiel and Sea folk this is less sure), Military and Economic power) the Empress is far greater; however if one is to look purely at their political influence within Randland... at the moment I would suggest that the current Amyrlin is able to exert greater political influence within Randland than the current Empress, however at least partially this is because the empress has not really attempted to get involved in political matters over in Randland... with the exception of attempting to invade everyone and then later attempting to negotiate a peace treaty with the Dragon.
  14. Just because they seem to disagree with you doesnt mean they didnt read it. For example I read your post yet still believe that what she saw the second time around is likely to be different than the experiences of any other wise one or chief to date - that seems to indicate that something changed and given the way that it was written, it is likely that this change occurred either automatically (which does not seem to be the case) as a result of the times (the truth about the past being exposed and the difficulty of attempting to determine what the purpose of them GOING to the pillars will mean for the individuals from here on out) or else in response to her touching the pillars and the awareness of those pillars (which means that while the pillar did the reconfiguration, it was in response to her actions and largely subconscious musings) Less likely is that the pillars have always done this, yet the wiseones have been silent on it, thinking that the individual should discover the second pass through by themselves. Less likely STILL is that the new visions are the result of some taveren or DO influence on the pattern, causing the terangeal to malfunction or something.
  15. From a purely traditional militarily perspective, the Randland Seanchan empire is probably a little light to be taking on the united armies of Randland (provided that they clashed with forces similar in composition and comparative numbers as they currently have), the impact of the firework 'dragons' could make this even more dicey save for the fact that should Mat decide to go join his wife (which eventually he probably will) he will have 'dragons' with him, so this advantage is significantly reduced. The major deciding factor IMO will be the OP, the Seanchan are more skill-full and experienced at using the OP as a weapon and to use it in other applications in the field of war; they (the randland seanchan) are also currently united under a single, relatively competent ruler with a skilled strategist on side, and most (excluding the newer arrivals) have appropriate training to integrate them into a military structure. To counter this the randlander's access to the OP comes from fragmented organisations, however these organisations are able to link, forming circles and the presence of men will make a useful addition (should they be brought into the fold). While the seanchan males are still hunted and any ashaman captured are likely to be killed, we do not know the extent to which the seanchan are aware of the black collars that Sem had, nor if those were the only ones; should the seanchan have male adam as well, then the advantage they gain will be great. Circles main benefit is raw power at the expense of the individuals within being unable to direct their own power, instead it is done for them; this means that the circles are likely to be more cumbersome but that direct attacks with the power are likely to be less effective. I am not sure that the more experienced Seanchan are more likely to be able to find a way around this issue - as I believe their skills are more suited towards more obvious displays of the power and probably not towards the sort of subtle weaves (and more importantly creative thinking) that would be required to identify and exploit the weaknesses of a circle. Still, should they hold back while even a third of the Randlander army is savaged? Different story. Oh and as for Eragon, I found it a reasonable read; and given the author's youth (where we are more prone to call on a limited number of creative influences given the amount of life experience), quite impressive.
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