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  1. the way they could do it with Deadpool is how they did it in the game. have a separate external voice that only the audience and deadpool can hear, and have him legit conversate with it. where the voice acts as a narrator in the story. they could even do a CGI manifestation of a smaller version of Deadpool on his own shoulder that is invisible to other characters but visible to us and deadpool and that he converses with. like basically they could use it when he comes to a moral quandary; the narrorator would take the part of colossus from this movie in that aspect. and at one point
  2. so i saw it on Saturday .. BEST MOVIE EVER!!! omg!! its been a while since i laughed that much in a movie, and the opening credits!! every scene from the trailers was in the movie, pretty much un-altered and those weren't even the best parts!! 100% now my fav super hero movie XD i cant wait for the sequel. seriously though ... wtf is up with the unicorns o.0 *shudders* we had people who brought young kids to see this <_< i just hope these parents aren't lame-arses and write Fox about this movie. its not Deadpools fault y
  3. well theres nothing NSFW in here yet, but its a deadpool thread so its bound to happen at some point XD whose going to see it, whose amped up, and who are the haters lol <--- going on opening night with a group of about 8 other equally amped up fans >:) i absolutely adore this 4th wall breaking, chimmichanga loving, crazy man. and Ryan Reynolds is PERFECT for him. neigh, Ryan Reynolds no longer exists. Wade perma jumped the 4th wall into our universe, has been using the allias of Ryan Reynolds all along and is finally making his awesome presence known.
  4. bubba's sorta trying to quit. he's tried vaping, but (much to my disappointment) still buys a pack every other day <_< this is his 2nd time trying to use vaping as a replacement, but the different style of smoking isn't doing it for him. we went to a vape shop, where they actually mix the liquids with the different strengths of nicotine. to vape correctly, you have to pull it into your mouth (kinda like sucking on a straw, just not pulling as hard) then inhale the vapor. if you're serious about it, i'd 100% suggest going to a vape shop, rather than buying the ones fro
  5. Red - Blue Aes Sedia ummm does participation count if you just now posted in a few of the activies
  6. ah man i can't believe i missed this!! i haven't seen a RP thingy like this since i was an aspie ^_^ reminds me of the olden days. this was great and a pleasure to read *nods* cheers to y'all who put this together and hopefully i'll be around for the next one
  7. true story - i hear from a teacher about kids names .... she had twins in her class named after Jello. the only one i can recall is Orange-jello (pronounced Oh-Ronja-Allo). it maybe stupid, and laugh worthy. and i pitty the kids .... but the government has no right to dictate names. its not constitutional and goes against our 1st amendment rights (freedom of speech and expression). you want the freedom to say what you want and wear what you want and not be shut up by the government; then you also have to give the idiots the same rights; otherwise you're part of the problem imo. Const
  8. You know whats more epic than sharks with lasers on their head? A potato gun attached to a flame thrower! Takes a whole-nother level to the meaning of Hot Potato.

  9. other WHIP CREAM RULEZ! Whip Cream/Cool Whip > Ice Cream > Frosting > all other desserts they make better by adding them too Red, ASBA (Aes Sedia of the Blue Ajah)
  10. lmao i know, i was just giving you crap cause i haven't been able to give you crap in a while bah, black sheep only had a few good quotable parts. Tommy Boy is where its at when you have to pick one of Chris Farley's movies yeah ID4 = Independence Day Mike: I'm just dandy, I got a bowl of chocolate pudding in my underpants. Steve: We didn't have any pudding in there buddy. Also, Mike: open the fridge, bats are attracted to lights! Steve: thats moths you idiot! and Steve: thanks for not sticking the nozzle up my ass *tires screech* were alway
  11. lmao i know, i was just giving you crap cause i haven't been able to give you crap in a while bah, black sheep only had a few good quotable parts. Tommy Boy is where its at when you have to pick one of Chris Farley's movies yeah ID4 = Independence Day
  12. Top Gun Jurassic Park Land Before Time Lion King Flight of the Navigator Short Circuit Natural Born Killers Never Ending Story Goonies Sandlot Gremlins Tommy Boy ID4 Pans Labrynth Pink Floyd, the Wall Avengers Thor (really only the towel scene. you ladies know what i'm talkin about *grins*) Guardians of the Galaxy gah i know i'm missing more Lame. you'll notice I tend to rate anything time-travel highly.. the fact that you left off Short Circuit, Natural Born Killers, Never Ending Story, Goonies, Sandlot, Gremlins, Tommy Boy, ID4 and Top Gun fr
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    Bubba and me Bubba and his mom Bubba and his best friends, and me photo bombing them with old school rabbit ears Great photo of the head table (with bubbas cousin wearing a 49ers jersey at a Siants wedding lmao) Me and our youngest nephew Bubbas grandpa at the piano boys will be boys Bubba and his Sister My maid of honor and her son me and bubba's sister being photo bombed by her husband my maid of honor and her step-duaghters after cutting the cake
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