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  1. the way they could do it with Deadpool is how they did it in the game. have a separate external voice that only the audience and deadpool can hear, and have him legit conversate with it. where the voice acts as a narrator in the story. they could even do a CGI manifestation of a smaller version of Deadpool on his own shoulder that is invisible to other characters but visible to us and deadpool and that he converses with. like basically they could use it when he comes to a moral quandary; the narrorator would take the part of colossus from this movie in that aspect. and at one point he could tell the narrator to shut up, and so (being a smart ass) a yellow box could pop up arguing the narrators point and annoy deadpool even more. then the narrator would go back to talking, but the humor and fan service would be there. in fact, iirc; deadpool has both of these. and if they dont over do it like they didn't with the 4th wall breaking in this movie, i think it'll come off as classy rather than over bearing. our buddy says that Deadpool losses it when his girlfriend dies, thats when he has the break with reality and gets the voices and the chimichanga fetish. i had thought that it was a result of the torture undergone by the experiments in the Weapon X lab tbh. he was distinctly more unhinged when comparing the before and after; more careless and chaotic. so while i missed the voices and narrator and even the yellow boxes
  2. so i saw it on Saturday .. BEST MOVIE EVER!!! omg!! its been a while since i laughed that much in a movie, and the opening credits!! every scene from the trailers was in the movie, pretty much un-altered and those weren't even the best parts!! 100% now my fav super hero movie XD i cant wait for the sequel. seriously though ... wtf is up with the unicorns o.0 *shudders* we had people who brought young kids to see this <_< i just hope these parents aren't lame-arses and write Fox about this movie. its not Deadpools fault you were a bad parent and ignored the umpteen warnings about why this movie was rated R. edit - only negative comment i have to say about it .... i was hoping for an internal dialogue of Wade arguing with his voices and maybe a few yellow squares there was also a noticeable lack of chimmichanga's Stempy pointed out that the lack of voices is likely cause its an origins story and Wade just isn't all that insane yet.
  3. well theres nothing NSFW in here yet, but its a deadpool thread so its bound to happen at some point XD whose going to see it, whose amped up, and who are the haters lol <--- going on opening night with a group of about 8 other equally amped up fans >:) i absolutely adore this 4th wall breaking, chimmichanga loving, crazy man. and Ryan Reynolds is PERFECT for him. neigh, Ryan Reynolds no longer exists. Wade perma jumped the 4th wall into our universe, has been using the allias of Ryan Reynolds all along and is finally making his awesome presence known.
  4. bubba's sorta trying to quit. he's tried vaping, but (much to my disappointment) still buys a pack every other day <_< this is his 2nd time trying to use vaping as a replacement, but the different style of smoking isn't doing it for him. we went to a vape shop, where they actually mix the liquids with the different strengths of nicotine. to vape correctly, you have to pull it into your mouth (kinda like sucking on a straw, just not pulling as hard) then inhale the vapor. if you're serious about it, i'd 100% suggest going to a vape shop, rather than buying the ones from behind the counter. its a bit more expensive, but you can get all sorts of flavors, and control exactly how much nicotine and they also said something about being able to adjust the 'throat hit' with the vapor *shrugs*
  5. Lessa!!! gah i haven't seen you in ages *flyingtacklesnuggles* mama ducky!!! *goes in search of her duct tape* zomg a Wiley EP Coyote sighting!!!
  6. today is the last day for Caption This, so we'll wrap it up with some Big Bang Theory Pictures (with a little bit of the DC universe thrown in)
  7. i love the discussion so far ^_^ such insightful and well thought out answers todays question is building on yesturdays. in Disney's "The Incredibles" super hero's were eventually shunned from society because society got fed up with cleaning up their messes. The movie Hancock also showed how a populace can grow to hate a super hero that causes unnecessary damage to property. At what point, or how long after the imergence of a super hero, do you think it would be before the good will and tolerance of the people run out?
  8. honestly i think it would be a mixture of all of the scenarios Marvel & DC have put to us. i think that we'd see something along the lines of the Mutant Registration story arc in Marvel. the "Hero's" would be vigilantes for the most part. some would work with the police and government (like Cap), others would go on their own to clean up the streets like Batman. people would go from fearing them, to loving them, to envying them. the government would see them as a threat and try to control them or dispose of them. then something like Speedball would happen and cause the popular opinion to turn against the Hero's and we'd get the "Mutant Registration Act", as the government would have enough of the public backing them to finally jump on the Hero's and get control. Which would lead to a civil war, like we see in the Marvel universe; and would end in the Hero's eventually becoming our Overlords out of resentment to our societys, all in the name of establishing peace.
  9. LotR 1 - Faramir "Who is this Remus Lupin people keep mistaking me with?" Boromir "I dont know, they keep calling me Eddard Stark and asking me if Winter is Comming." 2 - What does he mean by mystery meat? I know all of the meats in my cupboard and none are from an animal called mystery. 3 - Smaug: and then i said to the knight, liar liar helm on fire and roasted him right there in his tiny little metal suit. Bilbo: *nervous chuckle* you dont say ... 4 - Leglos: Maybe i'm worth it Gimli: Maybe its Mabaline Game of Thrones 1 - Tyrion: aw man comeon guys, this was supposed to be my serious portrait Jamie: so how long do we have to hold this for it to be a portraitbomb, Cersie? 2 - Arya: I thought you were some big bad body guard, and here you're going all dopey eyed over a lizard. You disgust me. Hound: whose-a cute wittle lizard, you's a cute wittle lizard, yes you is, yes you is. 3 - Jamie: On a scale of 1 to 10, you my friend are an 11. 4 - Martin: So this girl comes up to me during a book signing wearing a "Team Jamie" shirt and asked when the net book is coming out. So i said to her Remember when i said every time I'm asked when the next book was out, I kill a Stark? Well I've ran out of Starks and have moved onto Lannisters. Narnia 1 - Caspian: Really man, you bring us to a beach with killer waves and you let me leave my surf board at home? 2 - "That store over there has great Black Friday sales" 3 - White Witch: no no my child, "The Better to Eat You With" is an expression. I assure you that wolf doesn't intend to actually eat you 4 - Aslan: Prepare well child, for when you return to your realm you will need your skills in a game they call Hunger. Marvel 1 - offset guy: "Agents of Shield, more like Agents of dont-know-what-the-heck-were-doing. Am I Right?" Shield Agents: Really? Oswold: dude that doesn't even make sense 2 - Thor: Brother I know the humans must think we are enemys, but you are still coming to my sleep over right? We will be playing Asgaurdians and Skrulls and there will be many cookies and milk. Loki: This time i get to be an Asguardian right? 3 - Stryker: Look, I warned you guys. The army is very serious about regulation hair cuts and facial hair. 4 - Deadpool: See Rouge, we totally went to prom together and everything. You had a great time, we danced, we ate, we fell in love. See how big your eyes are, see the great time your having. it was LOVE i tell you. LOVE!! Rouge: ummm, Wade ... i'm sure you're nice and everything but thats just a drawing you scribbled up 2 minutes ago.
  10. very good discussion so far ^_^ thank you everyone for participating and i'm glad that you find the questions well enough to respond to. Million makes a great point about in that philosophical question that it would be equally our part depending on the villain (people like Joker, Luther, Doc Oc ... these are normal people whose "powers" come from their intelligence and psychosis) So its just as much of societys fault as it is the Hero's fault. but i think we all know who society would blame, if blame ever came into the picture xD which brings me to the next question. Brandon Sanderson has written a series called "The Reckoners" which deals with every day people developing super powers (some people but not all people). Steelheart came out last year, and last month Firefight came out. what is your opinion on the world that Sanderson has created? How the societies in that world have evolved (or devolved)? How Sanderson treats the powers of the Epics (some having one one power, while others have layers of powers)? Adding onto this, if Mutants and Aliens and Gods and Super Intelligent people started coming about, like what we see in the DC and Marvel universes, how do you think it would effect our society? Would they be our overlords, like in Sandersons series? would we fear and respect and cheer for them as vigilantes like in Gotham? would we hold them up as the symbol of our society and rever/worship them like in Metropolis? Use them as the worlds police like in Avengers? Or the route that Xmen takes, where we try to "cure" them and eventually Register them and imprison them? How do you think the citizens and governments would try to keep a balance of power? Extermination, Legislation or Immunity?
  11. this is a discussion about super hero's, so the argument of "well in IRL" isn't exactly apt ;) lmao the moral question is this. Spiderman knows prison wont contain Doc Oc, because Doc Oc keeps breaking out of prison and going back on killing sprees. because Spiderman knows this, but refuses to kill Doc Oc and instead continues to send him to prison (ie lets the cycle continue and the death toll get higher). at what point is it Spidermans fault that Doc Oc is still taking innocent lives. at what point, if ever, is the blood of those innocents on Spidermans hands; because he refused to go against his moral code and just kill Doc Oc.
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