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  1. @ Nol - i disagree. it did a lot for Kasich imo. and i think it harmed Trump tbh (after 8 years of hearing 'its Bush's fault' for everything thats gone wrong; i think even the most rabid Trump supporter woudl hit the dislike button on those comments with him) . Rubio, Cruz, Bush and Carson are null from it, i agree with that. Kasich has appeal now that the field has shortened. tbh, i've written him off in favor of Cruz and Paul. my standing is in this order Cruz > Rubio > Kasich > Carson > Trump > Bush gut feeling, i could easily swap Kasich for Rubio's place though. i watched it on Youtube just now tbh - still haven't watched the New Hampshire debate, but this one is on the DVR. probably gonna watch it again with Bubba after we get caught up on Walking Dead and Lucifer.
  2. @ Ty - you and I listen to different shows; so we hear different sound bytes. the main one i've heard is focusing on Trumps 9/11 stuff and the crowd acting like they were at a WWE match. Mkay - my thoughts holy monkey crap fling feast batman. my ears glossed over for a few parts of it tbh. imo, Kasich came out the clear winner. only because he was the most level headed of the bunch. Carson lost any little support i still had for him with suggesting looking at term limits for SCOTUS. its a life time appointment for a reason, not just based on life expectancy. i do think that there needs to be a way to "impeach" SCOTUS members for things like writing legislation and ruling via politics and personal values rather than by what the constitution says. i still want him for Human and Health Services Sec side rant - seriously though. im flipping tiered of this dude "oh thanks for including me on the debate" "hey you guys, can i get a question too." "but i want to talk as well and they've got 3 questions and i've only got 1 asked to me" jeasus christ man, you have 60 seconds to answer a question, stop whining like a flipping 2 year old already. (goes for all of them, but with Carson its like every damn time he gets to talk he starts off with that.) he's a nice dude and all, but cripes. Rubio continues to give the establishment vibe; i agree 100% with "thank god every day it was Bush in office and not Al Gore" i've said that myself idk how many times. i think i'd like to see Rubio as Sec Defense or Sec State tbh Bush, needs to just drop out. Cruz, is still the one i plan on voting for; but his in-fighting and bickering with Rubio is getting annoying. Kasich didn't say much aside form "guys play nice"; i do like his idea for how to deal with illegals; its similar to what Rubio had originally started off with (but Rubios since changed that) Trump, needs to drop out as well at this point. i hope that he comes in dead last in S.Carolina. his tactics on the debate stage belong on the Democrat stage. i get why he's attacking W.; because he knows that W. was coming to South Carolina on Jeb's behalf. the 9/11 stuff went too far imo
  3. just now getting around to watching it, though i've heard a few sound bites. thoughts?? about both the debate and the up coming election tomorrow?
  4. the way they could do it with Deadpool is how they did it in the game. have a separate external voice that only the audience and deadpool can hear, and have him legit conversate with it. where the voice acts as a narrator in the story. they could even do a CGI manifestation of a smaller version of Deadpool on his own shoulder that is invisible to other characters but visible to us and deadpool and that he converses with. like basically they could use it when he comes to a moral quandary; the narrorator would take the part of colossus from this movie in that aspect. and at one point he could tell the narrator to shut up, and so (being a smart ass) a yellow box could pop up arguing the narrators point and annoy deadpool even more. then the narrator would go back to talking, but the humor and fan service would be there. in fact, iirc; deadpool has both of these. and if they dont over do it like they didn't with the 4th wall breaking in this movie, i think it'll come off as classy rather than over bearing. our buddy says that Deadpool losses it when his girlfriend dies, thats when he has the break with reality and gets the voices and the chimichanga fetish. i had thought that it was a result of the torture undergone by the experiments in the Weapon X lab tbh. he was distinctly more unhinged when comparing the before and after; more careless and chaotic. so while i missed the voices and narrator and even the yellow boxes
  5. it was a stand alone monster of the week type of episode. basically, the city is cleaning up Philly's version of skid row by forcefully moving all of the homeless into an abandoned hospital. but the main people involved in the push for this, are doing so for monetary gain and in a way that can be called less than humane; rather than to help the homeless. so an artist, who is also a homeless dude, finds out that he has the ability to bring his creations to life and creates an entity that punishes the people praying on the homeless and who are responsible for the homeless being relocated. essentially, this guy is Frankenstein with a paint brush and is attempting to create a Batman. but like the book Frankenstein, his creation takes on a life of its own and essentially goes rouge. by the end of the episode, the Trash Man has accomplished his set goal (taking out the people who are reasonable for relocating the homeless) but is not gone (as he has a 'life' of his own) and continues to watch over the homeless even though his creator has skipped town. does that clear it up for you??
  6. so i saw it on Saturday .. BEST MOVIE EVER!!! omg!! its been a while since i laughed that much in a movie, and the opening credits!! every scene from the trailers was in the movie, pretty much un-altered and those weren't even the best parts!! 100% now my fav super hero movie XD i cant wait for the sequel. seriously though ... wtf is up with the unicorns o.0 *shudders* we had people who brought young kids to see this <_< i just hope these parents aren't lame-arses and write Fox about this movie. its not Deadpools fault you were a bad parent and ignored the umpteen warnings about why this movie was rated R. edit - only negative comment i have to say about it .... i was hoping for an internal dialogue of Wade arguing with his voices and maybe a few yellow squares there was also a noticeable lack of chimmichanga's Stempy pointed out that the lack of voices is likely cause its an origins story and Wade just isn't all that insane yet.
  7. im interested to see how they'll bring her back but i flippin LOVED her character!! saw the promo for it during X-Files this week. B.D Wong playing Strange o.0 ZOMG i got goosebumps!! i've been waiting for this character since the show started and they teased the Asylum. not sure i like how he looks ... the electrocutioner dude looked more like a pictured Strange. but Wong is a great actor so i look forward to seeing him as a villain psychiatrist XD
  8. well theres nothing NSFW in here yet, but its a deadpool thread so its bound to happen at some point XD whose going to see it, whose amped up, and who are the haters lol <--- going on opening night with a group of about 8 other equally amped up fans >:) i absolutely adore this 4th wall breaking, chimmichanga loving, crazy man. and Ryan Reynolds is PERFECT for him. neigh, Ryan Reynolds no longer exists. Wade perma jumped the 4th wall into our universe, has been using the allias of Ryan Reynolds all along and is finally making his awesome presence known.
  9. the more i think on that 3rd episode, the more it eeks into my top 10 fav X-files episodes. it was full of feels and nostalgia for everything i loved about the show and David and Gillians chemistry on screen was just like the show never stopped my top 5 list Arcadia Syzygy Triangle The Unnatural X-Cops
  10. i LOVED the 3rd episode. best line ever "The Internet's bad for you, Mulder." i really hope they get re-signed for another mini season
  11. does the site you're on have any rules regarding character creation and copy right issues / plagiarism. if you do feel uncomfy about it, i would suggest to contact a mod over it on the site rather than confronting him directly and express your concern.
  12. it picks up many years after season 9, and seems a handful of years after the 2nd movie. the only thing you really need to know from season 8 & 9 is that Mulder no longer worked for the X-files and he and Scully went into hiding and had a baby at the end of season 9 Chris and the two main actors didn't so much step back as David and Chris had a falling out and Chris was trying to push David out of the show. Gillian still had a fair presence until the end though and fan out cry pulled nixed Dogget and pulled back in Mulder. the 2nd movie was a failure mostly because the thing that most fans wanted (a focus on MSR) was entirely ignored. if it had been done within the first 3 season, of even prior to the first movie where the MSR was heightened; the movie would have been fine. but the movie ignored the romance and the baby entirely, which made all of us go "wtf man"
  13. not gonna lie, totally teared up at the "day dreaming" scenes with william in them between Mulder and Scully the feels man ... the FEELS!!!! i can't believe CS*sob*M is still alive o.0 @ SD. actually, i think even most who watch the network consider the arc they're going on to be too extreme and tin foiled. it is interesting though to see the jump from "Aliens" to "New World Order" scenario. the New World Order conspiracy has always been in the XFiles, hinted at though ... but its interesting to see them go #FullDarthe with it. using alien DNA to force a genetic evolution in humans is .... interesting. i hope that they find William, i hope he finally finds Samantha (though i thought he had) and i keep yelling for them to get back together!!!! its funny how quickly i reverted right back to MSR shipping in my mind and wanting to see them kiss. GAH i love GA and DD together on screen and all the "duck and cover" tin foil that Mulder is doing .... where the frack are the lone gunmen!!!!!! i NEED my fill of the goofy geek squad trio i'm actually in the middle of a binge re-watch of the XFiles. i'm in the prime seasons too (Season 4) i never thought i would see a new season of X-files on TV. i hope the show gets re-signed for another season or two on fox mini season to fill the time slot between seasons of Gotham would be perfect
  14. i flipping LOVE this continuation. mucho better than the "shall not be talked about" 2nd film anyone else watching??
  15. ^ what Taltos said. but keep in mind with regards to the Wheel of Time specifically. RJ was very much opposed and disliked anyone doing fan fiction for this series.
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