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  1. agreed ^ honestly feel like a lot of GOT was just that way because that is what HBO does. If GOT had been on amazon it probably would have been less in your face T&A and more tasteful.
  2. When i think about it, its pretty simple. Lets be real. There's not a lot of teenagers who haven't seen GOT. If you have kids and your dont want your kids to see it and can actually enforce it great, have them wait until they are 18. Same thing can apply to this show. Have them read the books. If the show is too mature then dont have younger views watch until they are older, the reality is that they can watch anytime they want and more than likely have access to other content as well. cough cough. Personally i like an adult feel to tv shows. Im an adult and think it makes things more real. I dont appreciate gratuitousness to be clear but i shouldn't be penalized so a 12 year old can watch tv. Go play outside. When i was speaking of battles i was kind of picturing the battle of dumas wells (probably butchered that) and how grizzly that will be. Its people killing people and then being blendered at the end. Its not just going to be these epic battles with a binary good vs evil agenda with fast paced cameras zipping around so you never really focus on people. Id imagine it will be pretty violent. Im more interested to know how they will portray rands conversations with lews therin. Honestly theres alot of dialogue in peoples heads that will be missed out on ?
  3. why are they "crazy" sex scenes? Its just sex and it did happen in the books and itll be shown in the show in some format. Simply because Jordan didn't try his hand at erotica doesn't mean that there wasn't plenty of it or that it wasn't important. As for the other comment, i for one do want a bloody and explicit version. This book is not wholesome pg 13 story, there are hangings, slavery, mind control, beheading, countless murders, sexual degradation and humiliation along with plenty of battles. Just because it might come off across as okay to let kids read this, a visual representation is most definitely for adults. IMHO
  4. where did you find this info? twitter? or is there a site with updates?
  5. why is polygamy such a big deal for the show to pull off? Polygamy/open relationships are starting to become quite popular, why do we need to cut this just to appease a few people who take things a little to seriously?
  6. I've seen that Rafe intends on depicting the show for a wide range of ages. I'm interested to know what other people think. Ive seen pros and cons for both.
  7. haha dont worry!! the Wheel will still be there in a month. And the first three is a great idea.
  8. The series in my opinion is better than ASOIAF. Id rather watch game of thrones then read it. On the other hand when you read WOT it's almost as if you are in the series. Jordan skirts around adult content but doesn't ignore it. The characters, worlds, and cultures far out number the ones in game of thrones as well as the way they grow. rand for one changes into much more then a simple boy through it all, he changes alot. It's dramatic and thrilling and keeps your mind racing for more.There's violence everywhere you look if that's a factor.. i've read every book at least twice some as many as 5 times and it still takes me by surpise how much i love this series.. i still havent even finished book 4 of game of thrones.. frankly its just not one the same level as WOT. p.s. While Eye of the World is a good book.. you should certainly get book two as well. That's where the story really starts to pick up and makes you and addict :) hope this helps your decision!
  9. amegakure


    to everyone who suggested tower of god. bless your manwha reading hearts its now my second favorite manga/manwha behind one piece ;) read 186 chapters in 3 days!
  10. amegakure


    that really blows.. although justice to the books must be done.
  11. amegakure


    haha i could honestly see OP lasting more than a year. They have all the warlords and countless minor quests and the marines to deal with. Oda likes to take his time.. which is a blessing and a curse every wednesday.
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    Sorta a shinighami dropped his deathnote aka notebook a kid picked it up and it allowed him to kill people.. sorta got to his head and he thought he was a god.
  13. amegakure


    i like the anime for epic battles and the such but producers go like to go off and make stupid fillers so id rather just read the manga.. and just so you know every manga is done different and pokemon is probably a horrible representation of it. Although i heard the manga's for where quite bloody ;) And flem! i hate you ;) OP is probably better than naruto now. (i like manga's with out the constant power surgess and degration of character and dissolution of logic and charactar realities). and that was my all time fav. If you never gave it a chance past the first few arcs i urge you to try it. It gets better and less comical. Never heard of toriko and you bunch it with the shonen Comic's is that a pretty popular one?
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