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  1. agreed ^ honestly feel like a lot of GOT was just that way because that is what HBO does. If GOT had been on amazon it probably would have been less in your face T&A and more tasteful.
  2. When i think about it, its pretty simple. Lets be real. There's not a lot of teenagers who haven't seen GOT. If you have kids and your dont want your kids to see it and can actually enforce it great, have them wait until they are 18. Same thing can apply to this show. Have them read the books. If the show is too mature then dont have younger views watch until they are older, the reality is that they can watch anytime they want and more than likely have access to other content as well. cough cough. Personally i like an adult feel to tv shows. Im an adult and think it makes things more real. I dont appreciate gratuitousness to be clear but i shouldn't be penalized so a 12 year old can watch tv. Go play outside. When i was speaking of battles i was kind of picturing the battle of dumas wells (probably butchered that) and how grizzly that will be. Its people killing people and then being blendered at the end. Its not just going to be these epic battles with a binary good vs evil agenda with fast paced cameras zipping around so you never really focus on people. Id imagine it will be pretty violent. Im more interested to know how they will portray rands conversations with lews therin. Honestly theres alot of dialogue in peoples heads that will be missed out on 😞
  3. why are they "crazy" sex scenes? Its just sex and it did happen in the books and itll be shown in the show in some format. Simply because Jordan didn't try his hand at erotica doesn't mean that there wasn't plenty of it or that it wasn't important. As for the other comment, i for one do want a bloody and explicit version. This book is not wholesome pg 13 story, there are hangings, slavery, mind control, beheading, countless murders, sexual degradation and humiliation along with plenty of battles. Just because it might come off across as okay to let kids read this, a visual representation is most definitely for adults. IMHO
  4. where did you find this info? twitter? or is there a site with updates?
  5. why is polygamy such a big deal for the show to pull off? Polygamy/open relationships are starting to become quite popular, why do we need to cut this just to appease a few people who take things a little to seriously?
  6. I've seen that Rafe intends on depicting the show for a wide range of ages. I'm interested to know what other people think. Ive seen pros and cons for both.
  7. damn.. gg mafia. TG you did a good job lurking i cant get a vibe if you're not there. lol
  8. your right seeings how all you are doing is defending yourself against points made in your direction. I asked you to point out 5 things about TG besides lurking that where scummy and solid reasons to blindly trust someone on Mylo and you seem to have skipped that part.. But hey you dont need my vote and it shouldnt be to hard to convince RTE. ##vote Lenlo
  9. I dont particularly want to hang the odds on a gambling man. And really whats with your attitude man. If you dont like people accusing you of stuff maybe instead of cracking jokes 3 of 5 days you should have done serious scum hunting. And You also thought RTE was Scum. Look how that worked out Ill vote tg right now if you can tell me top 5 things he's done that deserve a lynch besides lurking. Cause when RTE was still a scum suspect i believed pray's claim. Which lead to TG being the only plausible one but now that i've look at pray's reads which you didnt comment on once. He seems more towny especially with Prays blatant misrep. Also their was any thing subtle about it ive been thinking it for some time. How convenient that she only has a 1x and that you question then immediately use it to self clear. Then both simultaneously go after a TG lynch while FOSing me. The only thing that makes me question it is why RTE also has TG a suspect but his word isn't particularly convince either
  10. So because we have one less person than you thought your no longer worried about a speed lynch. What? You want to hand over a hammer to A) a survivor who doesnt care or B) a "claimed cop" whose also be spewing me as scum since what did she say Day 2 but would rather lynch TG who is sorta absent? TG also hasnt even checked in and your ready to hand over the hammer. You say you not positive that im scum but if we lynch TG and he isnt scum. It's game. And you and pray who have been gunning for him win. If he is scum you take pray's side and lynch me cause you believe her over me or vice versa.
  11. ha well i dont and you were abit to easy to convince on that lynch.
  12. And since we already know what RTE would gain from it. That leaves what Pray would gain from it.
  13. lolz it is not. you state that you are afraid of a speed lynch. who do you think would hammer TG. RTE or Pray.
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