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  1. amegakure


    Anyone here from Ireland? Or been to Ireland?
  2. Hi Zander! 😂 I guess I do know what I'm talking about. Great stats though! #chiefskingdomLIV #20-10
  3. lmao you act like its so simple like every one hasn't tried that. At the end of the game mahomes is gonna put 30 points on you either passing or running on you when you try man coverage, and theres nothing your D can do about it regardless whether theyre actually #1 or not. Jimmy just isn't on the same level and thats gonna make you one dimesional. See you in miami 🙂
  4. LMAO! Ask Derrick Henry how that worked out 🙂 See you in miami Baby! MAHOMES the new GOAT
  5. The Patriots lost ? hahahahaha. 2020 is already off to a great start. Now we just gotta shut down the texans.
  6. I finished the main series a couple years back! They are indeed mighty dense! Thats why i love it though. Just read FOD and FOL. Gearing up to start on the other prequels and side books as well. Stick with it in the last few books, story starts jumping around quite a bit and it can feel like you just started a new series set in the same universe. Might even suggest looking up eriksons reading order as it might help the story make more sense. wish i had known before id started ? Going to have to do multiple rereads of this series just from the sheer information overload it takes to get up to speed.
  7. Hey who has read these books and any of the prequels/sequel's!
  8. Anyone got Fortnite on Xbox here. Would love to get a squad going!
  9. I've watched the whole season. Didn't play the games or even know it had a book. I really enjoyed the main actor and the fight scenes. I admit to being disappointed that the monsters look like they came from syfy. That seems more of a budgeting issue or not being prepared for what it takes to make them more realistic. The actor is great as the character and I don't mind the yennefer chick too. Try to just enjoy the main story they're building and don't focus to much on the monster mash and you might like it more ?
  10. lol lets see how he does in the playoffs ?
  11. Wohooooo! The patriots fall and we get the #2 seed. LETS GO!
  12. idk from what i saw there where some players right there who could have gotten a tackle. Its done and gone now and its just a fact that every team has had help from the officials winning games, especially the pats, so sometimes it goes the other way. We'll probably end up seeing them again soon and they can have their chance at redemption.
  13. Highly unlikely but how funny would it be to see them lose to the bengals after getting caught cheating again ?
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