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Guess the BTer- Sign ups!


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1. This is simple game. Before the starting of game, I will give all of you a questionaire. You fill that and submit to me. Then I will post all questionaires one by one and you have to guess who that person it.


2. All guesses to be submitted via questionaire PM.


3. Each correct guess gets 10 points. Each semi-correct guess(like this person is a Shadowie) gets 5 points.


4. To help there are extra some options

a. Double guessing

b. Getting that person to answer certain question of your choice via mod

c. Getting another random fact

d. Seeing what someone else answered

e. Copying what someone else answered(correct or incorrect)


5. No points for answering your own correctly.


6. It will be played on main boards and no personal questions to be asked as under 4b


Who wants to play?



1. Ithi

2. Maddy

3. cindy

4. Pralaya

5. Via

6. Time

7. Berf

8. Csarmi

9. Nikon

10. Turin

11. Chuckles

12. Razen

13. Basel

14. Tina

15. TMD

16. Hisoka

17. Mawth

18. RTE

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Well ... they could just be Game Points - to determine who wins the Game.


And then the Winner and two runners up would get BT points?


1st Place - 25

2nd Place - 20

3rd Place - 15

Taking Part - 10


Drop outs ... possibly 5 points if they make a bit of an effort lol

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