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  1. You said that you're with the caterpillar and both of you are covered in ashes from various sites and equipment... * Interesting to note that everyone seems to have a water tight alibi. I reiterate my earlier statement of this henious crime being perpetrated by a cohorts of disgruntled characters bent on evening up the score for Alice's many innocent affences.
  2. The knave was rather distracted by the tarts displayed so temptingly outside the window. Why is he stuck inside attending this farcical trial when outside the sun is shining the birds are singing, the tarts proving nigh impossible to resist... So have we establish the cause of our dear Alice's unfortunate death? Was it a hit on the head by a blunt instrument? It seems to me that there is a conspiracy here to get rid of the poor confused thing. Lots of people seem to have it in for the poor girl. After all she is an outsider here with a tendency to offend without meaning to, I might add. You know Bill the Lizard that she has a propensity for changing her size when it suits and she hurts you with that careless swipe of her mighty paw when undergoing rapid transformation size wise. Your hammer makes a very good weapon. So too repeat everyone's question where exactly where you?
  3. Sorry mate am rather distracted will get back to you.
  4. I like River. Especially that smile of hers when she said spoiler sweetie.
  5. suchmadness

    A fever

    I'm in the grip of a fever. Doing everything distractedly. I must get this down I must capture these images, concepts, before another comes and takes me. It's a form of madness and my mind wont let me rest. I have worn out pencils, have lost my sharpener and I feel lost. It started innocently enough. Oh just doing some perspective study of this woodshed...the next thing I know it all comes pouring out, the floodgates has broken and I found myself obsessed with capturing everything I see on a piece of paper. Feverishly bending over the pages like a gollum with his preciousss. Resentful of anything intruding. It's like I don't belong to myself anymore. Reality wearing thin... Ideas pours out and can't be captured in words but only in images through any mediums that those ideas deem suitable. I feel as though I'm a concept of creativity. I have given so many of this creative outpourings away as it comes so easily, as though I'm not involved at all in the whole process... Arghh..must sharpen the pencils with knives I think. Tomorrow will replenish all my missing art tools. Fingers trembling and twitching.
  6. I got oosqui I stole it from the Wise One's ceremony *nod* I think they were too drunk to notice.
  7. Isn't my turn afer Rhea? Or have I forfeited my turn? Anyway I roll a six so going from Rhuidean to Tar valon. Was it Thom in Tar Valon with an axe?
  8. Doesn't the ball fly through the air to slow for any of that to take affect? I know right??? Even the wiki answers is incredibly suggestive don't you think? I thought so. And I don't deserve the eye rolling that I get when I asked this kind of questions either. It keeps me amused at least. Eye rolling was not my reaction. Erm just wondering whether I care what your reaction is hello internet stranger. Thanks for answering me at least.
  9. I thought so. And I don't deserve the eye rolling that I get when I asked this kind of questions either. It keeps me amused at least.
  10. In a way not wearing the official school uniform becomes a uniform in itself as the clothes people tend to wear signal what group they belong to. For example the surfer boys would wear a lot of Billabongs and the sporty girls would wear sweats and so on. Beside our uniform was really ugly and the bogan girls would roll the skirt up really high so you could practically see their lunch when they bend down and the rather thick rolls of the skirt on their stomach. Not a good look and that was one of the point that won the teachers over.
  11. Well when I was in High School we held a protest about the wearing of uniforms. We find the rules to be arbitrary and quite suppressive as it totally depends on the school to enforce this rules. It is not the law. The outcome was we won and the wearing of uniforms became a choice rather than the rule. It means that school wear became a mean of self expression and some people like to express themselves as vampire and come to school in the full regalia. So really it had its drawback mainly finding what to wear in the mornings. Luckily at that time I was living with four other girls so we tend to swap clothes and that kept it fresh and invidualistic enough to satisfy the sneering artistic ones. From there we learn to make clothes and sourced the markets for the most original costumes we could find. Every thing became a costume after awhile. I tend to wear block colours then like wanting to be pure one week and just wear pristine white clothes. One of my 'sister' had a thing about wacky head gear and wore a bike shorts with feathers stuck to it at one stage. She denies ever having done this when I reminded her.
  12. As you can tell it's election time in Australia. Two weeks till voting time. Joy.
  13. Bloody Tony Abbot by the look of things. I'm depressed just thinking about it. It's Kevin Rudd at the moment. Politics is a bit of a farce at the moment. It's all lowbrow politicking and not enough concrete policy for the future.
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