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Aes Sedai & Der'Manshima Appreciation Week: Tribute Thread


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We have some amazing members in WT & Warder. This thread is to let the Aes Sedai and Der'Manshima know how wonderful they are!!!
Below is a list of all of the senior members! (If I missed anyone, please let me know!)
ELGEE, the Amyrlin

RAENA, the Keeper of Chronicles and Brown Aes Sedai
BLANK, Mistress of Novices, Brown Aes Sedai, and Brown Liason
AIEL HEART, Mistress at Arms 
DARUYA, First Selector of Blue Ajah

KEYHOLDER21, Sitter of the Blue Ajah

LEALA GYMORRAINE, Sitter of the Blue Ajah 

CYAN, Blue Aes Sedai


ITHILLIAN, Blue Aes Sedai

RED2111, Blue Aes Sedai

WAYWARD_FOOL, Blue Aes Sedai

BASEL GILL, First Chair of Brown Ajah

SENEXX, Sitter of the Brown Ajah

WHEELOFTIME13 , Sitter of the Brown Aes Sedai and Liason

JEANNAISAIS, Brown Aes Sedai

U4EA, Brown Aes Sedai

CHRISTINE, Head Chef of Gray Ajah
MIRSHANN UURANOR, Sitter of the Gray Ajah
CHRISTINE, Sitter of Gray Ajah
CAIROS, Head Chef of the Gray Ajah
CALYPSA, Gray Aes Sedai

CHARIS SEDAI, Captain-General of Green Ajah
BRANDIE, Sitter for the Green Ajah
BRIDMORGAN, Sitter for the Green Ajah
RASHETA ARDASHIR, Liason and Green Aes Sedai

KATHLEEN, Green Aes Sedai

LESSA NIKIA, Green Aes Sedai


MISHERU SEDAI, Green Aes Sedai
NICANA, Green Aes Sedai

POETSTORN, Green Aes Sedai


RYRIN, Green Aes Sedai


MYSTICA, Red Ajah Highest

TORRIE, First Sitter of Red Ajah (Currently on LOA)

MOON SEDAI, Sitter of the Red Ajah
PANCHI, Sitter of the Red Ajah

TAYMIST, Red Aes Sedai

TYNAAL COSEN, Red Aes Sedai 


ZANIA , Red Aes Sedai

CHARIS AL'ASLAN, First Reasoner of White Ajah
RHEA, Sitter of the White Ajah
MASHIARA, Editor of the White Ajah

DWYNWEN, White Aes Sedai
GENTLED BEN, White Aes Sedai
KUKASO, White Aes Sedai

TIGARA, First Weaver of Yellow Ajah

LEELOU, Sitter for the Yellow Ajah
DAH'MIR, Yellow Aes Sedai
NYNNA AL'MEARA, Yellow Aes Sedai

NYNAEVE, Yellow Aes Sedai
SUNRISE LORD, Yellow Aes Sedai

WOLFBROTHERKRONOS,  Cuen’d'eren Der’Manshima and Liason
AREZ AL'LOKECuen’d'eren Der’Manshima
ETERNAL PHOENIX, Cuen'd'eren Der'Manshima


ISHMAEL FORSAKEN, Cuen’d'eren Der’Manshima
LOLGUY26, Cuen’d'eren Der’Manshima
MILLON, Cuen’d'eren Der’Manshima
LIITHA, Me'arearth Disc Lt
DAVRICK, Me’Arearth Der’Manshima
DORS OLIVAW, Me’Arearth Der’Manshima
LENLO, Me’Arearth Der’Manshima


TURIN TURAMBAR, Me’Arearth Der’Manshima
TYLERRVG, Me’Arearth Der’Manshima
VERBAL32, Me’Arearth Der’Manshima
COSMICPANDA, Ren'Shai Der'Manshima


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Ooooh me and Turin are missing. That must mean we are Aspies again :biggrin:


Time to go cause a rumpus!


Also Dar is lovely and kind and so welcoming and friendly. Boopsy never fails to raise a smile and has just an amazing artistic talent. Cyan is always wonderful to see and is helpful and involved and insightful and has a great sense of humour. And Red ... How can I not truly appreciate such a fun and loveable person. Can't wait to see the Wedding!!


And all the other full members all do brilliant stuff too. This place is always so busy and active.


Now - to the Dorms!



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Every Aes Sedai and Der'Manshima contributes to making Tower more...more...at a loss of words to describe you each makes Tower better.


Elgee- you do a wonderful job of running the Tower. Who else can manage such a varied bunch?


Myst- well keeping Reds in line and making sure no one paints Ajah pink is a laudable.


Moon- you have done really great job as Sitter.


Mashi- getting Daes Daemar up with the interesting covers is an effort that should not go unappreciated.


Fnorrl- keeping Warders in line is not an easy thing I guess and more rise through ranks(the rest may not leave with their heads intact could be another thing :laugh: )


heart- it takes courage to work under someone who is called Snarly (and his office keys and seals :wink: )

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Elgee, we go way back, and I love you dearly!   You are my kitten and my friend!  You are also a wonderful Amyrlin!


Raena, I just remembered after checking the archives that we were aspies together!  You were a great Brown Ajah Head and I know you are working hard at keeping Elgee in line helping Elgee run the Tower!


Fnorrll, I can't imagine this place without you!  You are a vital cog in the workings of the Tower.


Heart, thank you for making Fnorrll look good . . .LOL! Seriously, though, you are doing an absolutely stellar job.


Blank, you are new to the position of MoN but I know you'll do great!  You've jumped in with both feet and hit the ground running.


Keyholder, I miss you!  I hope your little Warder-to-be lets you come spend more time with us soon. 


Leala, I know RL has you very busy right now but I miss you, too!  With both my Sitters gone, I'm going batty!


Cyan.  Our wonderful Sapphire.  I know you've been pretty busy, too, but I hope to see more of you this summer!  This place isn't the same without you popping up everywhere!


Ithi, Maker of Awesome Siggies and Maestro of Games, how we lucked out the day you joined us!  You are an invaluable member of the Blue Ajah.


Red, you are the Blue Ajah's own Death Eater and our most creative speller!  :biggrin: We've been missing you lately but we'll hopefully see you soon.  We need to try to make you turn back to the Light and realize how evil Voldy truly is!


Wayward_Fool . . . Boopsy.  There aren't enough words to describe how important you are to our Ajah!  You always make me laugh (even though I might also be rolling my eyes at the time! LOL!).  Here, have a frog leg!  *hands Boopsy a plate of frog legs*



And now I'm going to hit and miss some . . .



To Basel, the Brown Ajah Head (with a Blue stripe), you are doing a fantastic job!



U4ea . . . Lor . . . my MoN when I was an ickle aspie.  You kept me in line (most of the time, I think) and I'm glad you've popped back into the Tower and dropped in to see me and bring me gifts!




Chrissy, my Chrissy . . . I miss you.  :sad:  I miss you bunches.  Please come back soon . . .


Mirsh, you always make me smile and you've become an important fixture in my life.  I do hope we get to meet in person some day!  We do have a lot in common and it would be totally awesome to be able to meet! 


Charis, you've got your Greens bustling and hustling!  Good job!


Arya Ellesmera, the one DMer I've met in person . . . I'm really glad we had that opportunity!  I'm still your favorite, right?  :biggrin:


Myst, where would I be without you?  I was reminiscing yesterday, looking back at those discussions we ran way back when.  We sure had fun together!  We still do, although RL seems to have us so busy we can't do so as much as we used to.


Torrie, my Torrie!  I don't see you nearly enough!


Moon, I've really enjoyed getting to know you better lately!


Charis al'Aslan, I really miss you in the Blue Ajah but you are doing an absolutely fantastic job with the White Ajah! 


Mashi, I'm jealous of Charis for having you!  You do so much for the Whites and for the Tower.  I threatened to steal you a time or two but Charis threatened me with figs and mice and cooking oil . . . :ohmy:


 Tigara, you are doing a great job with the Lellows!


Nyanna, the Screaming Aes Sedai, I can't imagine this place without you.  The Yellows are so very lucky to have you!


Nynaeve, what can I say?  You keep me on my toes!  Oh, wait . . . stalkers are just supposed to stalk silently, aren't they?  Okay . . . *stalks Nyn*


Just one more then I'm going to stop for now . . .


Verbal, you are and will ever be our mascot!  We miss our Ewok when he's not hanging out with us . . . I'm so glad Lor's visit prompted you to come back and visit us in the Blue Ajah!

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Maaaaa!!! Elgee, you are awesome. Nough said.


Fin and Heart, you have transformed the Warders. Thanks for your tireless effort and patience. This event is a great reminder that this is VOLUNTEER time. You bust ass *excuse me* for little to no reward except to see this place function and not always is it fun. That goes for all the Ajah heads, Disc. heads, Blank and Ma. Cannot say thank you enough.


Leelou, you are absolutely amazing. Not here much anymore, but without you as a friend I would have crashed and burned. Hard. thanks for always listening to me whine, trusting me, for your frankness and compassion.


Kathleen Sedai, your support and humor and advice and, like L, your willingness to listen to me whine some more has been invaluable. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to call you friend.


Also my in absentia bondeds. Marta, Amadine, Karas, all have been such an instrumental part in me learning just who i am. Supporting me and, jeeze i whine a lot, listening to me pop off about one thing or another.


The closeness, the support, the friends, the laughter here is priceless. I am so fortunate for everything they have done and blessed for having them in my life.

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  • Community Administrator

Rhea, who just recently took over the Sitter position, but has already done so much to keep the Ajah going!  You are fantastic, Rhea!  You're hard work is not overlooked.  We really appreciated you!

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Elgee, you are doing a great job of running the Tower and being the Amyrlin


Leala, thank you so much for being a wonderful mentor to me


Rashi, I miss you and hope to see more of you at DM this summer


Heart, thank you for being a great friend in my life at the Tower


Tynaal, you did a really good job as the MoN and welcoming me to DM

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But ... The Dorms are fun!


Thank you :biggrin:

*sneaks into Damo since no one will notice. Trips over a left over hatstand*


So many great people in this here Tower.


The wickedly clever Ithi :wub: that keeps coming up with new and amazingly fun games and keeps me on my toes.


Dar, keeps the crazy blues in line ( well sort of)


Snarly and sparkly making the warders more active


Rhea Doing some great things with the Whites.


Grampa Mills with his cheerful ways for everyone.


Liitha who has the Me'A so welcoming of new members.


All the others that would take too much time to mention... Great to be able to hang around with you and to those that are not here as much (which includes me I guess) I hope you can find the time to rejoin the fun.

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I'm going to talk about not only what these people do for the Tower, but ways I'm personally thankful for them

First for some of the people I’ve looked up to and others I’ve grown close to:

RED2111, Blue Aes Sedai
I wanted to let you know that you are fun and cool and I wish I had more time to spend with you! Sorry I went and switched and thus wasn’t your mentee anymore, but it was fun while it lasted! (For a month XD ).

CHRISTINE, Head Chef of Gray Ajah
Chrissy, you have given so much to this site over the years, and you do so much of it without being recognized. You were very much a momma figure to me when I first got here, but you’ve become a dear friend. I know I don’t have much time to talk these days, but know I think of you often and hope everything is going well for you. Thank you so much for everything. Love you!!!

TYNAAL COSEN, Red Aes Sedai 
Thank you for taking care of the Aspies for so long. I would not have been able to do nearly as much without all of the work you put in before and for the guidance you gave me when I was first starting out. I hope real life holds much happiness for you.

MOON SEDAI, Sitter of the Red Ajah
Here is someone else who does a lot of work across DM. I remember you checking in on how the Aspies were doing even after you were Raised and your term was ended, I know you do a whole lot in other Social Groups, and you seem to really put yourself into everything you do. Thank you.
RHEA, Sitter of the White Ajah 
You were such a support to me when I was going through some tough times the fall after I joined, and we had a lot of laughs in each of the places we both hung out, and you still check in on me every now and then. Thank you for being like a big sister to me in so many ways!!!
Oh, what an interesting road we’ve walked... I know I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because it’s been about a year since I was Promoted to Der and given this position, and babbling about it quite a bit, but allow me to be sentimental for one more post.
Thank you for all of the years that you’ve served the White Tower. Thank you for keeping the Warders alive almost singlehandedly for so long. Thank you for taking me in when I decided I wanted to be a Warder instead of a Novice. Thank you putting up with me for so long when I was an erratic little oddball (as if I’m not still...). Thank you for looking past that to see... Whatever it is you saw in me. Thank you for having so much faith in my abilities, and for standing behind me when I was wading through turmoil. It really has all meant a lot. Thank you.

ISHMAEL FORSAKEN, Cuen’d'eren Der’Manshima
You are a very interesting individual. You’re grumpy and one of the creators of Drunk MafiaTM, yet you quit mafia because there was TOO MUCH wine in front of you (we’ll ignore the different types of “wine” at work here), you have a different point of view when it comes to M*A*S*H characters, and a lot of our interactions have obviously been some random shenanigans. Yet, through all of that, I have been able to sense this depth in you and you somehow became one of “my boys.”
You do the Cuen proud Ishy. Keep fighting with your heart

MILLON, Cuen’d'eren Der’Manshima
YOU... Where do I begin? I’ve talked about the beginning before, about thinking your avi was cool and thinking you were a nut and the pushups and fairy wings and all of that stuff. After that, however, somehow in all of the craziness of life, muffins, and other chaos, even before we had a Aes Sedai in common, we started looking out for each other. You’ve sat through some very long rants of mine, and have offered me a different perspective on many situations. You’ve been a great help to me and I hope I’ve been able to offer some sort of help in return. Thanks for everything ya old Grump :P
LIITHA, Me'arearth Disc Lt
My lovely mentor, thank you for being there back when I was a new female in the Guild, for all of the encouragement, and for all that you have contributed to DM as a whole in your time here. I hope your future holds great happiness :)
TURIN TURAMBAR, Me’Arearth Der’Manshima
I just wanted to take a moment to say that you were another person who, in a somewhat indirect way, helped me through a difficult period of my life a few months after I joined DM. Thank you for the happy memories.
You, my good sir, are awesome. I love the dedication you have to all of the aspects of your life, and you are always open and friendly, and very fun to talk to! I hate that real life is keeping you so busy, and I hope that you are able to relax a bit and chill in the Guild more soon! Tell the girls that their eccentric Aunt Heart says hi :P

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Next, there are three very important Yellows in my life:
LEELOU, Sitter for the Yellow Ajah
*Squish* I don’t know how I would have made it through the past two years without you. There were so many times when I was feeling uncertain or upset that you were there for me, an you’ve been able to make me laugh in so many instances as well. I’ve grown a lot through knowing you, and having your thoughts on various things floating around in my mind. We might not keep each other up until 2 am nearly every night anymore, but that might be for the best ;) Thank you so much for simply being you. Lava!!!!! (It’s dripping from the ceiling!!!!! o.O )
NYNNA AL'MEARA, Yellow Aes Sedai
I am seriously going to kidnap you for an extended period of time someday. Even if we don’t do that random horse ride across the States, we’re going to have an adventure together! 
You and I are proof that distance and timezones simply don’t matter. There was a time when we were both awake for only about... 3 hours? and we still managed to become the closest friends. Silly or serious, you’re there with me. I know life has become very hectic for both of us, and isn’t likely to get any better, but the best thing about friendships like ours is that time doesn’t matter either. Whenever we can talk, we pick up right where we left off!  I love you sis :) 
SUNRISE LORD, Yellow Aes Sedai
You are my sunshine, my souvra sunshine, you make me happeeee when skys are graaay... *Stops at the sound of everyone else gagging* >.>
Let me guess, you’re dying from laughter. You really need to stop doing that. It’s not my fault because I’m an angel ;)
You are one of the strongest people I know. All you’ve been through, and you still sweetest, loyal and caring. You have come up with some insane ideas with me, have been there when I wasn’t feeling very strong, and have talked to me until I fell asleep. Thank you for blessing my life with yours. Love ya!

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And finally, some who I’m not ready to admit are grown up.  
First off: 
BLANK, Mistress of Novices, Brown Aes Sedai, and Brown Liason
I know that you are going to rock this. You were amazing as a Guidance Officer, kept your head during some turmoil, and have the energy and enthusiasm to be great. I’m really excited to work alongside you!
CYAN, Blue Aes Sedai
You, missy, have been such a blessing to my life. Every time I talk to you, you make me smile, be it on Skype DM or however else. Every time you talk to anyone, even if you’re not in the greatest mood, you manage to add a little bit of light to their day. You are very fun and light hearted, and I look forward to getting to know you more as you live in the loft as a turtle. 
WHEELOFTIME13 , Sitter of the Brown Aes Sedai and Liason
There’s a gentle light you radiate everywhere you go. In everything you do, you are truly dedicated and hardworking. You support people and are able to lead them in fun new ways. I have enjoyed watching you grow in confidence and as a woman as you’ve spent time on DM, and I hope to see you open up and grow more in the future. Thus far, I’m very proud. 
WOLFBROTHERKRONOS,  Cuen’d'eren Der’Manshima and Liason
A lot of this I said when I spoke at your Promotion not long ago but I feel the need to say it again. You threw yourself into this community. You’d not been around long when you started building relationships off DM, trying to make us more but internet acquaintances, but rather friends. You always check in on someone if you think it seems like something’s wrong, or just to chat. You have a very random fun side, but you are also very caring and very much think with your heart. Even if you’re having a bad day, you are able to think of others, and I’ve seen you overcome great obstacles with sheer will already. I know people weren’t quite sure about where you’d end up for a while, but to me you very much show what it means to be Cuen. 
LOLGUY26, Cuen’d'eren Der’Manshima
You’re an odd little duck. But that is why you’re also one of my boys. You’re not afraid to be a little different to make another smile, and have this exuberance that explodes everywhere you bounce. Thank you for the eye rolling and giggling you often cause. It is much needed in this world. 
DORS OLIVAW, Me’Arearth Der’Manshima
My very first WT Mentee, all grown up! *Sniffle* I was so happy when you joined, and it has been wonderful being able to get to know you better as you’ve hung around the community. While you may not be as spammy as some of us, you have definately been active, and have contributed a great deal to every group you are a part of. I feel honored to have been your mentor and I know that you will do great things in your future here on DM and in real life. Through all of it, I shall remain your friend. 
LENLO, Me’Arearth Der’Manshima
How dare you lose my vacuum cleaner!!!! I don’t care of you have physics homework, this place needs to be cleaned!!!!
Yeah I really don’t know how you put up with me sometimes. I go from ordering you around to outright weirdness in an instant!!! I suppose it’s amusing to you or something though.

You I want to thank for all of the help you have given me in the last few months especially, and for indulging me in my late night “deep” talks even when I doze off and have dreams about walking with baby deer. It’s been fun having you as an online roommate 
DAVRICK, Me’Arearth Der’Manshima
It’s good to know that there are some people I can depend on to take care of things when I can’t, and who will always be there to chat or post something, or lead an event or... Anything. In the time that you have been here, not only have you dived in with an intensity that sent you flying through the ranks, but you have been able to build relationships offline, and have worked to maintain them and be there for people in all sorts of weirdness, from late night dragon hunting to early morning mopes. Thanks for always being there for us. 
TYLERRVG, Me’Arearth Der’Manshima
I’m trying to figure out which is the most interesting: you, our history, or the fact that I’ve grown rather fond of you. You are a very interesting individual, bent on showing the world a different kind of person. As a result of this, you’ve been in my office a couple of times. But through that, not only have you made me chuckle on a regular basis, but you have also made me a better staff member. Also through that, you have contributed a lot, and have become a valued member of this community. It’s good to have you around Tyler.
Ok I'm done :P

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Rekinu Alasayaar-My dear warder you couldn't possibly know how much our friendship means to me. I know for awhile their we weren't talking as much as we used too. However, I have always considered you one of my best and closest friends. I love you very much dear one. May we always have a great time. <3 Always


Keyholder-Dear one I can't say too much other then your the best my rock in a hard place, the crazy to my insane, the joy to my sorrow...you get the idea. <3 Always dear one.

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Everyone is so amazing for donating their time, energy, and enthusiasm to DM :).  Many <3s my Warderlove and to Dar, my spectacular Ajah head!


Rasi - there are no words (although yours were lovely) <3 x infinity!

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I have a few things to say:


Brandie - I never would have thought when I joined this community I would have met my best friend. You reached out to me when I had very little hope left. You were always a shoulder for me to cry in and when I fought you always cheered me on. When I succeeded, you were always there to show me how strong I am. I know I thank you a lot, but it's truthfully because I can't thank you enough. It's because of you that I can look at myself and see someone who is a strong caring individual. I know you are busy a lot - being a mother does that - and I do miss you sometimes, but it's almost as if the bond really does work. I hear you in my head when I'm sad telling me things will be ok. You're an amazing woman, mother, and asset to the White Tower.


Aiel Heart - I've always admired you. Very seldomly have I found someone who is so dedicated to everything she does. At a time when I was questioning my faith, you were there to guide me. Like a good teacher, you never gave me the answer, but encouraged me to seek out the answers myself through prayer and scripture. Your dedication towards helping others is unparalleled and has inspired me to do the same. After my current fundraising attempt, I plan in looking for some other way to serve. Another thing that pops out to me about you is that you don't hide the truth. You can be brutally honest and that is a trait that I thing we are losing in this day and age.


Cyan - Cyan, you are so happy all the time. You never fail to bring a smile to my face. You know my pain and have always worked to change that. I have you to thank for preventing me from making a terrible mistake. It was because of you that night that I attempted to drink my pain away that I stopped. I don't know what stupid things I would have done if you had not done that.


Davrick - You sir, have a unique sense of humor. Like Cyan, you always make me smile. You a close friend and confidant and you always twap me when I start bashing myself. You don't always tell me that I'm a good person, but you force me to see it for myself.


Ok...now that I'm bawling my eyes out...love you guys so much.


*big hugs*

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ELGEE, the Amyrlin : You are an amazing and wonderful Momma and You have done a fantastic job running this place of crazies!


THE_FNORRLL_REBORN, Sword Captain - You are not my warder, but you did step in to help me once. You are a friend to me and a great warder for my friend.


 AIEL HEART, Mistress at Arms- How you have managed to rope the young warderlings into shape all this time I will never know.


BASEL GILL, First Chair of Brown Ajah.  - I am still very glad you became the Brown ajah head. You are a brilliant man and I'm glad to know you. 


LILYELIZABETH, Green Aes Sedai- You are cunning, devious, and wise. I really respect you. 


MIsheru and Nicana- Green Aes Sedai: I've enjoyed getting to know the two of you lately. 


MYSTICA, Red Ajah Highest - You are the best Highest we could hope for. 

PANCHI, Sitter of the Red Ajah- I just kinda noticed we share many social group sub factions together- Red, Dreamwalker, Black. . . and that is amazing. You are a great person, and fun to know!

ZANIA , Red Aes Sedai- 

Wild~Taltos- you are a survivor, and I appreciate that. 
*snugglebites for her red siblings*

LEELOU, Sitter for the Yellow Ajah- You're never here, but, I want to let you know how proud i am of you, my mintee. 

NYNAEVE, Yellow Aes Sedai- Nyn, i've probably never told you this, but I think that you are funny, smart, have a great sense of humor, and are one of the people i think I've respected the longest on DM. 
WOLFBROTHERKRONOS,  Cuen’d'eren Der’Manshima and Liason- I really enjoy the talks we've had, Kronos.

ETERNAL PHOENIX, Cuen'd'eren Der'Manshima Firebirdy, I'm glad you're back. 


ISHMAEL FORSAKEN, Cuen’d'eren Der’Manshima-- You shameless flirt, I'm a married lady!


VERBAL, Me’Arearth Der’Manshima- you balance a lot on your plate, and I think that you must be a glutton. 


Thorkin- *snugglebites*

Every one of you- I wish I could visit you all. ANd spend time hanging out. 


 COSMICPANDA, Ren'Shai Der'Manshima-- Wait, you're a Der Manshima? When did that happen??? 

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Thank you to everyone who wrote kind words about me so far. I'll use this opportunity to get mildly sentimental for once.


ELGEE, the Amyrlin. My leader. Thank you for making me proud to be a member of the White Tower staff and your Sword Captain. I respect you and would follow you anywhere. You above all else make this group what it is through tireless dedication. Thanks for appointing me to various roles and always believing in me. And thanks for match-making me so well! Credit goes to you.



AIEL HEART, Mistress at Arms. You. What can I say? You know how I feel about what you do. I couldn't imagine doing this without you any more. Thank you.


To each of the Ajah heads- you are all very cool people. I genuinely like you all. And that's rare. Keep doing what you do. Else always appoints wisely.


KEYHOLDER21, Sitter of the Blue Ajah- thanks for agreeing to come across to the SG side :wink:

ITHILLIAN, Blue Aes Sedai- thanks for being my friend and for the good events you ran over here for us.

WAYWARD_FOOL, Blue Aes Sedai- Boopsy, you make me laugh. Thanks for being your irrepressible self.

U4EA, Brown Aes Sedai- Lor! What can I say to you, old friend? Thanks for still being here. It's nice to see a familiar face.


CHRISTINE, Head Chef of Gray Ajah- I've known you a while as well :wink: good job stepping up for the browns. Thanks for being such a good friend to Tyn and Elgee.


MIRSHANN UURANOR, Sitter of the Gray Ajah- you are amazing. With all due respect to Raena, I miss you as keeper and I miss you being around as much as you were in general. I think you're awesome :smile:



MYSTICA, Red Ajah Highest- another old friend! Thanks for always being there for the Reds and for being a good friend. And thanks for being so ready and willing to help out the Warders when we asked. We're waiting for you to come back when you feel up to it again! I always value your advice- even if it usually takes me a good 15 minutes to read it all :wink:


TORRIE, First Sitter of Red Ajah (Currently on LOA)- don't know you as well as I would like, but do like you well enough. You seemed very cool and its a shame you're away. We had a few good laughs at times as well.

MOON SEDAI, Sitter of the Red Ajah- you're a cool gal as well, Moon. We are indeed friends :smile: thanks for what you do in the reds too.

PANCHI, Sitter of the Red- we've spoken a few times and you always seem happy and smiley :smile: keep it up!

TYNAAL CONSEN, Red Aes Sedai- lost for words. We speak elsewhere but miss you here. My siggies say it all- you brighten my world and you save me from my own darkness. I've never met someone so positive minded. Love you.


MASHIARA, Editor of the White Ajah- thanks for your excellent Daes Daemar magazines! And for (so far! :tongue:) being a good and understanding front page admin.

DWYNWEN, White Aes Sedai- I know you've worked hard here for a long time as well, so thanks for that. You were also a good front page admin too and nice to work under.



NYANNA AL'MEARA, Yellow Aes Sedai- thanks for being you! Screaming and hilarious :smile:

NYNAEVE, Yellow Aes Sedai- oh sorry, I out your name here by accident :tongue:




As for my own horrible lot- to all my der'Manshima, thanks for stickin it out and making the grade and helping out with what you respectively have to achieve that promotion. To all who have served on my staff, past or present, thanks for all your work and help and willingness. Special mention goes to our admins, Verbal32 and Barmacral (not included above, I think?) for their hard work within the Guild in the past, their advice now, and their work as admins.


Ok, I'm done. I did quite a few there!



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^^ Big Soppy - but thank you. I still do gameses - just did a Davinci Code Adventure with Rhea and have got another one coming up for the Blues - you probably missed it cos it was hidden in TV right?




Anyways ... Thank you Fnorrll for you help and advice and support. It is always good to have a friend when things get tough. And also lots of congrats to you and AH for getting the Warders so busy and bustling. You are positively thriving now - which is wonderful.

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This is the second thread I've been called a "Senior" in. Do I get to start using "Senior Moments" as excuses for why I forget stuff, then??? hehehehe



To Fnorrll, the man with too many consonants and one of the few people on this list whose DM-age is older than mine! I <3 you, old man! *hugs*


To Wayward Fool, another man whose DM age is older than mine, it's always great to see your Boopsy posts all over the place! It's nice to know things don't change that shouldn't! :)


To Nynaeve, who is, I think, the only other person on that list, DM-older than I am, I am very grateful that you've been my friend since the minute I stepped into the Yellow boards as a Novice and said "hi!" :) I am really happy that I got to meet you, too, so many DragonCons ago! *hugs tight*



To my sisters, Daruya & Mystica, never forget that you're my sisters (just in case you think I'll let you!)! I will always pop in unexpected and drop bombs of stuff in your laps. Whether it's presents or just spam, doesn't really matter, right? 


To Elgee, who has done the Tower proud by being awesome, keep it up, woman! I may remember you as an aspie, but my first thought is always of you as an Amrylin. *hugs tight*


To Raena, who was actually excited when I sent her a PM to become a Brownie and to Basel who hasn't kicked me out because I'm a slacker, yet, thanks for being the fabulous people you are with great senses of humor, awesome taste in books, and a never-ending capacity to organize bookish folks into a conversation that could actually take place. LOL 



To all my RP-buddies, or at least the folks I see while I'm posting away down there... Thanks for keeping the RP side as active and crazy as the SG side! :) Spread the crazy around more! *smooches*


To those who took over the MoN duties after me... you're either demented or a glutton for punishment, but know that everyone who complains or argues, everyone who hounds your PM box, facebook page or e-mail, each time you would rather strangle someone than post a req for them has the potential to turn into one of the best friends you'll ever meet. And also remember that, sooner or later, they'll all get raised and won't be bugging you for ANYTHING anymore! Sometimes it doesn't hurt to push 'em along a little faster by suggesting req's for them, too. *coughs*


And to everyone else, thanks for not looking at me like I'm some clueless newbie when I pop back in and start attacking people all over the place. You'll find that, when you're as old as some of the "Seniors" are up there, sometimes you just need to go spam something to see if you can get away with it. PS- The answer is yes. HEHEHE

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I have met so many wonderful people on here!


Momma LG, when I found out I was going to be your mentee I was pretty scared *laughs* especially when I saw a PM in my inbox with the subject line "You Belong to Me!" But you turned out to be a wonderful mentor and you were the first person that I connected with on here and I feel really lucky to call you my friend. You do a wonderful job with keeping all of us in line and you always make yourself available. Thank you for everything.


Rashi, you've always been there for me and I am so happy to have you as my souvra and friend. You're such a beautiful person. I appreciate your dedication to our Ajah and your friendship.


Mish, it seems that we've done everything together on here :biggrin: You're such a cool person and we have so much in common. I am so glad that we met and I'm so happy to call you sister.


Kronie, you've come such a long way hon! I'm so proud of the progress you've made and so thankful to have you as my warder and my friend. You're an awesome person :wink: *smuggles*

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I would like to say thank you to my awesome mentor Leala - I am very proud to be your mentee, and am very pleased that I was assigned to you. You have always been helpful, friendly and encouraging - everything a new novice could want!

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