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  1. *gasps at the splash and stands slowly, arching her eyebrow* *twists a weave together, removing all of the water from the tub and her clothing and dumps it on Kynwric* Careful, Warder-mine, I know where the ant hills are around here, too...
  2. Lor would definitely be up for it and would have no problem being one of the lines of defense keeping the folks with the bowl safe!
  3. lol, maybe? I like Ed happy, though. Angry all the time Ed... *shudders*
  4. Which do not lend themselves to "nice," I should point out. *grins* Is it hilarious that I force you out of your comfort zone when it comes to teaching? Go ahead and try that crap on me. I dare you!
  5. If you were raised to the Green, then your WS is fine. It used to be a requirement, so I'm going to blanket smile and assume it still is and go with it! ;)
  6. *kicks his left shin and smiles sweetly* Ed would hate every minute of being bonded and would make everyone miserable because of it. Can you imagine her taking orders from someone all the time or being at someone else's beck and call? HA!
  7. *laughs* no new boards. Mine have all been subverted. I'm just going to harass the heck out of people until they give in, just like I always do. ;) There are whole generations of DMers who don't know me enough to be afraid. What's up with that?
  8. *eyes Kynwric* I'm debating how much I trust you to teach people things. I mean, you CAN be nice, but...
  9. Neither of you wack jobs hugged me at the party ( though I got a Verby hug before that). So, you have to be extra nice, now!
  10. I was watching and told her how you hide your login with _s. Hahaha
  11. Well, November/December will be for you. I hit 14 in January, so... *shrugs*
  12. *tosses a bath bomb in for fun*
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