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  1. Wait, you have the qualifications to hire a bartender?
  2. The Wise Ones nodded and Mordre could almost hear their minds working. She was too exhausted to run to the grain storage without some rest, though. She'd be the last person to say so in front of this little gathering, though. She crossed her arms to give them something to do and contented herself with listening to the exchange she knew was coming. "Our work here must be kept secret as much as possible to keep from altering their plans, then. It's easier to catch a fiend if you know where they're going, next. You two make your way over there and see if you find any evidence of tampering," Shri turned to Mordre, pinning her with a look. "Do not use your gift unless it is absolutely necessary. Exhaustion leads to burn out and that's a terrible way to die." With a final nod, the Wise Ones bustled off, leaving Mordre with Madoc again. Mordre watched them go, not even having enough time to acknowledge the instructions from the older woman. She looked up at Madoc and sighed. "Ready?"
  3. Edana grinned. "How did you know it was them?" she asked, not bothering to hide her mirth at his expense.
  4. Mordre accepted the water without comment, pointedly ignoring the looks from the other Wise Ones. When they were finished with the last well, she was ready to collapse and sleep for a month. Shri seemed to have other plans, though, and began asking them about other things they'd found. Mordre took a deep breath and explained the map they'd found and the evidence of some kind of plan they'd found before moving on to the wall. "We believe they're working towards the center of the Sept. There are people missing that seemed to have been targets. Then we found the wells..."
  5. Edana smirked at the image, trying to imagine Loraine doing something so silly. "You sent them to the Mistress of Novices?" she asked. "You couldn't have been a fully trained guard by then, unless I need to practice with my numbers more."
  6. Mordre was slumping by the time the others arrived. Sweat had soaked her hair and she'd had to resort to moving her hands along with her weaves to form them properly. She'd finished the first well and moved on to the second, but her weaves were fizzling. Shri's hand on her shoulder broke her concentration and she gasped, the weave dissolving as she turned to defend herself. She relaxed only barely seeing who it was. "Good, Madoc got the bucket to you," she breathed. "I've cleaned the first well, but I'd appreciate someone with more experience going over it to make sure I didn't miss anything. Do you know what it is?" Shri explained while the other Wise One moved to the first well and started weaving. Mordre's eyes widened and she shook her head. "I was sure it was just something natural from the walls of the well..." She closed her eyes, shaking her head. She twisted the weave she'd been using together. "This is the weave I was using, is there a better one?" she asked, curling her legs under her as Shri examined her work. With a few tweaks to make it more efficient and an approving nod, they both turned to a well and continued the work she'd been doing to clean the water.
  7. Edana laughed and arched her eyebrow. "You know you have to explain most of that, right?" she smirked. It was hard to imagine the tiny Cairhienin woman getting the better of him. "Start with the ants?"
  8. Edana laughed, trying to imagine Loraine the way he described her. "How long did it take before you got past that impression?" she asked, ignoring that he was right about her hatred of the wall she spent most of her time guarding. She much preferred to be DOING something, but it wasn't in her job description. "I'm having trouble imagining a world where you two weren't together."
  9. Mordre narrowed her eyes at him, then sat up and looked at the bucket. The water was gone, leaving a film of something white along the sides of the bucket. She leaned closer, taking the bucket in her hands. "How do I...?" she murmured, trying to think of how to identify the substance. Water would only make it wet again. Air would pick it up. Fire might burn it. Earth would bury it. Spirit would... She tilted her head, weaving together a thin collection made of mostly Spirit with a few threads of Air so it would permeate the substance. She cautiously pushed the weave into the powdery residue and gasped as she felt the substance. Still not knowing exactly what it was, she pushed herself to her feet and ran back to the first bucket, pushing the same weave into the water and filtering the substance from it. She lifted it clear of the water and dumped it into the bucket still in her hands. Sweat beaded her forehead again and she leaned over the first well. She took a deep breath, then added strands to make the weave thicker before letting it fall into water still in the well. This took considerably more effort, and she had to lift the residue out more often. After a little while, she handed the bucket in her hands to Madoc. "Take this to the Wise Ones and see if they can identify it. I will stay and continue cleaning it out of the water." ~Mordre
  10. Sweat beaded her brow and she lost track of time. She vaguely noted that Madoc had returned, but paid him to mind other than that as she tried to find whatever was in the water that was different than the water itself. She tried weaves of Air, Water, and Spirit in different forms and had no luck with any of them. In irritation, she lashed out at the water with a weave of Fire and boiled it out of the bucket before falling back on the dirt in frustration. "I can't isolate it," she muttered, closing her eyes against the sun and the man waiting for her to have some magical answer to everything. "I know it's there, but I can't separate it from the water." ~Mordre
  11. Edana shook her head at the suggestion of an Aes Sedai. He knew how she felt about that idea. "Practicing with a sword is much safer," she quipped, turning her glass in circles on the table without picking it up. "Maybe she's crackers, but maybe she has a point. Some things you work towards and some things can't be forced or practiced. Would you have pursued Loraine if she turned away from you? You don't strike me as the sort, Kynwric. When things are right, they work, and when they're not, they won't. That's not to say that relationships aren't work, because they are, but there has to be something worth saving before you start fighting for it. Can you imagine being bonded to a woman who used you like a tool? Treated you like furniture? Some of the warders in that Tower have exactly that! They're miserable and can't even hide THAT from their Aes Sedai." She sighed and finally took a drink from the glass, but didn't lower it to the table again. "I can't be trapped that way, I'll never survive it." She held up a hand at the look on his face and sighed. "Yeah, I know. Getting to know her before you agree to it will go a long way in keeping that from happening and bonding someone who doesn't treat you that way is an option..." she rolled her hand as if to say, yada, yada, yada, then sighed. "It's not for me," she said flatly. "I'm a Guard. Have always been a guard, will always be a guard. I don't mind the wall, I don't mind protecting people I don't know, and I don't even mind being hauled across the countryside helping someone find or fight something they think is a good enough reason to die. But I do it because I choose to. Not because someone forced me to." ~Edana
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