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9 minutes ago, WhiteVeils said:

Also, she's a yellow, a healer. I don't think we should expect every Aes Sedai to be able to fully battle her way out of an armed encampment.  She might not be very good at the kinds of weaves she could use to get away.

She is Aes Sedai.  White Cloaks surely know what the different ajahs excel at, but there is no way they can know what weaves an individual Aes Sedai knows.  They would need to proceed as if she was a battle-hardened Green - just to be safe.  Going against Aes Sedai is not to be taken lightly.

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2 hours ago, king of nowhere said:

one question nobody raised: there is a scene of an aes sedai being burned at the stake. she's alive and conscious. why can't she channel her way out?

does it mean the whitecloaks already know about forkroot?


Hmmm.... was about to say that it could just be someone accused of being a darkfriend, but he has those rings..... 


Far Madding isn't on the map on Amazon Prime so guess it isn't there. Stedding makes the most sense so far. 

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  • Community Administrator

All one has to do, is sneak up on an Aes Sedai, and knock 'er unconscious.
After that, it's just a matter of getting them to the "stake" before they wake up....

The reality of hitting someone hard enough that they lose consciousness, is it can take hours before they wake... and the state of being concussed, might be more than enough to make it impossible for a channeler to grab the source, let alone channel.

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2 hours ago, Agitel said:


Could be. We see in EotW that there are abandoned stedding within the borders of Andor, too. Perhaps this is the same one Perrin and Egwene stumble into.


That is my assumption as well.  Valda knows the location of this Stedding and camps out around that area to ambush Aes Sedai.  All it takes is a Sling to knock a lone Aes Sedai out and then they can drag her to the Stedding.  Presumably the same area they run into Perrin and Egwene.

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6 minutes ago, Agitel said:

We'll see what happens with saidin and saidar when the show releases, but I agree with what someone wrote earlier: that the division is most probably still in the show lore but they're not going to get complex in the trailer.


I mean SOMEONE is going to ask why only men go nuts.




"Why do only men go insane?"

"I unno...just unlucky I guess"


There is no way that's how its gonna fly ?

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In the book, after the prologue, no one uses the term “saidin” or “saidar” until Moraine is specifically explaining to Egwene how the two differ as part of Egwene’s first training session. There’s hardly any use of the terms otherwise until the group reaches the Eye. They’re just not terms that non-channellers would use or think about very much. 

So it would be entirely consistent with the books not to make too much of a big deal of the split early on. If anything, I suspect the show will go the other way and explain the split more clearly almost straightaway, because of the Logain plot. 

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26 minutes ago, TheMountain said:

That's correct, but misses the point a bit. The concern is not that it will be introduced later, the concern is that it will not be introduced at all, that the gendered split will be removed entirely.

It's kinda hard to imagine how One Power would make men mad but women stayed unaffected if there's no split

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28 minutes ago, TheMountain said:


That's correct, but misses the point a bit. The concern is not that it will be introduced later, the concern is that it will not be introduced at all, that the gendered split will be removed entirely.


There is no evidence for this outcome. None. Zero. What evidence exists is entirely to the contrary (if men still exclusively go mad when channeling, coming up with an alternative explanation for why and how that is would be tremendously difficult with no practical gain - we would still end up with a gendered split for all intents and purposes). 

Why are you obsessed with doom-fantasising about it?


For all we know, in Rafe’s version saidin is made of cheese, but we don’t spend all our time worrying over the fact that he hasn’t specifically ruled that out. 

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1 hour ago, Tim said:


For all we know, in Rafe’s version saidin is made of cheese, but we don’t spend all our time worrying over the fact that he hasn’t specifically ruled that out. 

hey, there is absolutely zero evidence to the contrary! you may have uncovered something!

woe on us, that we'll get a crappy adaptation with saidin made of cheese!

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7 hours ago, DaddyFinn said:

I thought it was each first episode of the season. What's the timestamp?


It starts around the 12:00 mark. He doesn't come right out and say there is a prologue to each episode but he says the Aiel is one and then mentions how some of them are flashbacks, other areas at present time and flash forwards which seems to imply each episode has one which would be great.

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Guest Wolfbrother31

Visually & character wise they are getting almost everything right. 

I'm sooo freaking excited!!! 


Here's what we can tell for sure [and just think about how sweet this is considering we had almost nothing 3 months ago]: 


1) We're going to see the Farm scene from EotW - Tam holding off a freaking hideous Trolloc! And Winternight will have blood & fire.


2) We're going to see Blood Snow - an Aiel kicking ass! My oh my.


3) We're going to see Tarwin's Gap/Fal Dara. Did y'all see Algamar's top knot?! 


4) We're going to see a Nynaeve braid tug (and flip)! 


5) We're going to see Logain more ... Whitecloaks a bit more legit as dangerous to Aes Sedai ... and Warder's kicking ass. 


The hype train has left the station, I'm on it & I've I killed the conductor. This baby is going to pick up steam & probably go off the rails by Nov 19! 

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Well, it's been a VERY long time since I last logged in here (2012, in fact).  My goodness, time flies.  I'm quite pleased with myself that, tho' cruel eld doth palsy my limbs and lay like hoarfrost 'pon my brow, I could still remember the password.  And the email address I used to register.  Go me.


Watched the trailers (all of them!) last night, and I'm stoked for this.  I know it's not going to be an exact rendition of the books, but if the series is true to the trailers then they have got the look and feel of Randland down to a treat, and from what I have read of rumours and spoilers, most of the changes are done thoughtfully and will not set up trouble going forward.  The casting seems pretty much perfect as well.  Can't wait to start watching, and I have warned my friends that I will be geeking out about this at every opportunity.

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Interesting to see some of the negativity.


From what I have seen the TV show will adhere to the books at about the same level that GoT did.  The last trailer really shows how close they will be.


The changes I see:


Logain -showing and not telling on Logain is absolutely the right choice, not only because he becomes very important but it sill also show why Dragons (false or true) are to be feared


Mystery of how the DR is: People are losing their minds over this one. It makes sense to me and really does not change anything. Rand will still be DR, and there will still be Saidar and Saidin. It will make for better TV though


Moiraine being more upfront. -Makes sense. Also gives some punch to leaving as in the books everyone just sort of agrees to let them go just because she is AS


Consolidation of cities -yeah we lose some scope, Caemlyn and Elayne (and one of my favorite book scenes) is pushed to 2nd season. Not super happy about this but let's see how they introduce here. 


Seeing Tar Valon in Season 1 -makes sense it will streamline the story and definitely a big hook for views


Thom -Guitar, make sense. Not being in EF, not so awesome but I have my own theory on it and it may work better.


Whitecloaks actually hunting AS. BIG change, possibly the one BS does not like. I sort of love it because it makes the WC formidable and scary. In the books they just come across as a cult without much threat.


Enhancing Egwene's role. She is in some ways the second most important character in the books. I think it is a good move.


I think people NOT watching it because of these levels of changes are just cheating themselves. 


The danger becomes that each change slightly alters the arc and if not careful you wind up with the later seasons of the show where the book path no longer made any sense.


Like many here I am in double digits in reading the books, but I welcome the changes because of two things. First, I get to experience something NEW in WoT. I thought that would never happen, and second it is cannon that the WoT story has played out thousands of times, and we get to see another turning. Personally I find that extremely cool.





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I didn't want to start a new topic for this, but how many episodes is Season One? I know 8 were approved. Then COVID happened and I heard we're only going to get 6 for Season One and the other two are being bumped to Season Two. But I looked for confirmation and I see some recent sources saying 8 and others saying 6. Anyone know for certain?


I guess I could search a little harder...


Edit: According to the WOT wiki, episode seven will be out on 12/17 and episode eight on 12/24, so there it is.

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