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@Borderlander Slow the video to .25 and watch the fireball channeling. Its actually pretty class.


The wisps of the power then ignite into flames not unlike gas being lit and then you can see them release from the power and scream off while she is still holding the white channeling “mist” effect. 

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So in the 360


Youll get Moiriane, Trollocs, The Ways. Interplay between Saidin and Saidar (right at the beginning the powers make the ancient symbol "behind" you.- which is also on the floor), several bits of Old Tongue. Its actually just as neat to watch after you watch the trailer itself. Theres so much nuance. 


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45 minutes ago, Katherine said:




Gotta Agree. I think it will end up being Aes Sedai word play. 


I have been a negative nancy about this, but the trailer makes me feel better about it. 






She's speaking to them in a group. She's not going to tip her hand. Its not gonna be "Oh and Of you five...it can only be one of the three of you"


She doesn't even reference the Dragon in the statement.


So its wordplay, a super generalization.

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I liked the trailer for the most part. The CGI is a bit iffy in some parts, but the production value is clearly high overall. The landscapes and sets look really good.


Not a fan of the Whitecloak dresses. I also found their expressions kind of stereotype comical villain.


It also does a much better job than the teaser of explaining the story, though I'd say that it still misses the mark by a lot by not really digging into male channelers going mad, the breaking of the world, the Dragon, etc. It still comes across as rather generic:

"A Witch from The Tar Valon School of Witchcraft and Definitely Not Wizardry searches for the chosen one who will stand against the Dark Lord. Also, Moraine is a Gryffindor by the way, except she wears blue."


I see them dancing a lot around and sidestepping the male/female gender dynamics though. Not just the "one of the five of you" comment, but the One Power being split into two halves. None of the material directly from Amazon mentions Saidar and Saidin, and Rafe in his trailer breakdown video only referred to it as the One Power, even when talking about the taint with male channelers. I'm starting to wonder if they sidestepped the somewhat thorny gender binary issue by removing Saidar and Saidin completely.


There's a lot to like in the trailer for sure, but I'm definitely not feeling the warm and fuzzies or boarding the hype train like everyone else here lol.

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This looks great. I want to watch it a few more times to absorb the details, but...


It's even clearer than before that this whole "1 of you..." business is just a time-saving device to explain why all of the EF5 leave together (also I am increasingly convinced that it's partly done by Moiraine to manipulate Rand). 


I do wish that those who are getting all Cassandra about this question would calm down and stop jumping to the most implausible of conclusions. Previously the fact that Moiraine was singling out Egwene and not Nynaeve was held out as a point against the writers i.e. "why single out Egwene in that case? This change serves no purpose other than a political agenda." Now including Nynaeve means "woke wins" (and not the far more plausible explanation above)?


The fact that anyone would watch that trailer and (a) draw that conclusion and (b) make that the primary issue they care about just suggests that the people who are a bit too concerned about wokeness are not the showrunners. Perhaps try a dose of sheepstongue root.

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