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  1. I think the Aryth Ocean is just depicted as too wide on that map. Regarding the nature of time in The Wheel of Time, it seems linear and without beginning. However, the course of events/history in the WoT is cyclical.
  2. Hi, Chowie! This topic was last active in 2008. Then again, I don't think people here care too much about "necro bumping". My own thoughts on the why the saidar one melted is just a flaw in the making of the sa'angreal, or just otherwise the way it was constructed resulted in a failing. That and saidin and saidar being different.
  3. While there is no official religion in the Wheel of Time, the Children of the Light and the Aes Sedai provide rather different takes on what human relations to the One Power should be, and that his theological significance for people. There are people who sympathize with the Children more than Aes Sedai, even if most governments formally recognize the Aes Sedai as a near religious institution in authority. And if you think about it, both Children and Aes Sedai tend to be bullies in their own way, using their respective power (or threat of it) to get their way. The Children are tole
  4. Martin has always been protective of his characters. They are real to him, in a way. He has stated he doesn't want another author to pick it up if he passes. That may end up being the case, or he might just not want to be talking about such things just yet. Regarding whether or not he owes his fans anything, I can be on board with that. I think his comments there need to be taken in context the abuse he got from some fans while Feast and Dance were being written.
  5. I think we're trying too hard if we're trying to work in real-world cosmology and evolution into The Wheel of Time. Randland is set on Earth. But obviously it's a fictional, mythological alternative history in which we suspend our disbelief. Everything going on is the origin of Norse mythology with Tyr, Thor, Odin, etc.... And it's also at the same time Ragnarok. Plus other mythological/religious/legendary motifs are worked in.
  6. I disagree with this. I made a topic eleven (!!!) years ago looking at the geography, and honestly I think Randland-through-Shara maps up to Europe, North Africa, and most of Asia insanely well. I know much of Africa is "gone" but looking closely at maps of North Africa I feel like hints of the Shadow Coast and even Tremalking are present. I post additional pictures later in the topic, too.
  7. Perhaps it's not explicit and we've been told it's left to the reader's interpretation, but "I am not sure why you think..." is a bit of a strong criticism here.
  8. We do hear from the Creator once. He speaks to Rand at the end of The Eye of the World. The Dark One remains somewhat mysterious. We don't have a breakdown of who or what he is. But he seems very one-dimensional, and I don't mean that as a criticism of the books. He's influential, but he seems made up of the worst of all human traits, and this limits him as he's pretty much only these traits coalesced into some aware-of-itself force. He keeps running the same strategy over and over again. He doesn't think of anything else because he doesn't understand goodness. He seems ultimately
  9. That's sort of my take. He's so intimately familiar with the True Source now it's not even about weaving anymore. Edit: Someone mentioned T'A'R above, and perhaps Rand learned to make possibilities of alternate worlds (like through the Portal Stones) present in some way. *shrugs*
  10. Are they conceived before or after Rand's soul is in Moridin's body? The dark hair and dark eyes seems to suggest after, but it's been awhile since I've read the last three books.
  11. I'm not entirely opposed to these types of arguments. I know I've made them for other adaptations, while defending increased diversification in others. The nations in the books are all very carefully developed. I don't know if I'm older, have seen more adaptations come and go (compared to myself in the past), or for some reason am just more okay with these types of liberties being taken in the WoT, but honestly... It just doesn't bother me here.
  12. She probably would have asked more questions if not for Winternight, and the Shadow targeted all three. If the Shadow wanted them that's good enough for her.
  13. I expect A Place of Safety to be Shadar Logoth (an ironic title, but one the gang thought would be true since it sheltered them from trollocs) or have to do with evens soon after Shadar Logoth if the gang splits up. The Dragon Reborn will be Caemlyn and surrounding events. Episode 5 will be titled The Eye of the World and will be the climax of the first book. Episode 6 is the start of TGH.
  14. The only thing that very minorly gets me is Pike's height, but for a TV adaptation it's not a big deal for me. There are far more important concerns. I'll add that it's very difficult for a younger actor to bring the sort of gravitas that Moiraine's character needs.
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