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  1. Xena was also before so called "prestige TV" took off. We're definitely going to see higher production values. Both because of tech improvements but also changes in even how television is understood as an entertainment media. So there's been all this talk about it looking like YA TV, and I don't know if this was "YA", but I finally got a show comparison in mind for what I don't want it to look like but what I feel some people have been feeling: Once Upon A Time. Not prestige television either, but not the fantasy quality I want. OUAT was pretty successful, but not the aesthetic or idea I want for WOT. I feel like The Witcher crossed back and forth between GOT and OUAT in its look. The interior of Cintra's palace, for example. I still enjoyed The Witcher, but it was kind of B quality TV. (Here's hoping we see some improvements next season.)
  2. I'm someone who has been positive about the show, but I do understand what they mean by it. It's an aesthethic, but hard for me to put into words even. I'm remaining optimistic, though, and getting more excited as the date draws closer.
  3. Keep in mind it's all out of context from any prior plot set up or mood set up from the rest of the episode leading up to it. I'm staying positive until at least I see some episodes. This post gives an excellent explanation about why we're not seeing a direct page to screen translation. It may help ease your concerns:
  4. To be fair about Elijah Wood and Frodo being 50... Frodo received the ring at 33, which is the age of majority for Hobbits, and with the ring slowing his aging he still looked like 33 at 50. 50 for Hobbits was also more like 30s for humans. And in the movie Frodo was actually still 33 when the adventure begins. *pushes up glasses*
  5. We don't see Mat ever act the same way, and we see Mat internally think that when a woman tells him she's not interested he respects it. He thinks that in contrast to how Tylin doesn't take into account his wishes.
  6. Not sure I follow this comment. GRRM was writing ASOIAF since the mid-90s and wasn't writing the books for television. The last book to come out was in 2011, the same year as the first season of GOT. He hasn't released another book in the series since.
  7. Honestly I think TPM was the best of the prequels. Liam Neeson really carries it. Anakin is a fairly small role and Jar Jar is "jarring" but not as obnoxious as I thought he was. The next two movies are much worse, even RotS. I don't know who to blame (actor, script, direction), but Hayden Christiansen's Anakin is just not likable or endearing (even a tragic hero or anti-hero should feel likable), and the romance with Portman isn't just unbelievable, it's "disbelievable." Also, I think the prequels are a good idea with bad execution, while the sequels are terrible underneath with sparkly coats of paint. (Sequels have some good beats, but overall just not a solid foundation to build with).
  8. The books rely heavily on exposition and internal monologues. They are also longer than any studio would want to risk adapting as-is. Unless you want a neutral narrator and voiced internal monologues, and no show at all, we're going to see the types of adaptations suggested in this thread, even if it's not Marin.
  9. Yeah, but we only see it in the books from a great distance. They could show more in the show, but the main cast is not personally involved. Whoops, I forgot Falme. That's bigger. Still, they could focus on Rand and the girls escaping and close up shots rather than have lots of battle stuff. They could probably get away with that for the Stone, too, given its close quarters. What I had in mind as a big battle that's on a large scale would be the siege of Cairhien. They could expand on things for the show, of course. But Cairhien is the first really detailed, huge battle that comes to my mind. Am I missing something else?
  10. At least most of WoT's big battles are in later books (that we see up close), meaning the show has time to establish itself and the studio may by then be willing to invest more into making battles look properly big.
  11. I get the cheesy comments, but I'd like to see it all in the context of the larger episode.
  12. I don't mean a military commander or anything. Just a persistent face to follow, maybe a more brutish/intelligent trolloc. Kind of like how in Fellowship of the Ring they gave some focus to one uruk'hai.
  13. Is that Narg getting a poster spot? On the right of the Myrdraal. I was kind of kidding, but now I'm wondering if we will see a Trolloc "leader"/persistent antagonist, kind of like what we saw for some Orcs in LotR.
  14. That bugged my, too. But it's probably easier to darken eyebrows (even temporarily) than to bleach them. Or maybe the actress was okay with it. Emilia Clarke wore a wig, she didn't dye her actual hair.
  15. I hated the end result of GoT, but they're working from good, complete material and it's not D&D, and I blame D&D and not HBO for what happened.
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