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  1. Elder_Haman, that was very well-thought out and interesting to read. Previously, I had been predicting episode 1 to start with some kind of epic showdown between a bunch of Aes Sedai and Logain, kind of like LOTR beginning with that huge battle against Sauron. {I thought it would work well if, after a 5-10 minute mind-blowing, *expensive* sequence where Logain is showing off how devastating and terrifying channeling can be, calling down lightning and blasting away armies of soldiers, the Aes Sedai finally capture and gentle him with a ring of sisters, and when he finally goes limp,
  2. "Do not underestimate the women in this tower." That line (specifically, *in this tower*) does not make sense unless Moiraine is currently at the tower, near the tower, or referring to a group of Aes Sedai analogously both as an embodiment of the tower and as members of/in 'said tower. But I can't remember when Moiraine is at the tower in EoTW...? Secondly, she would need to be speaking to somebody who was (or is about to) underestimate said women... So I doubt she is talking to a trolloc. And it sounds a bit too intense to be directed at any of the kids from Emond's Field
  3. I agree with Thrasy on the idea that having Sanderson and Harriet 'involved' really doesn't add up to a hill o' beans (my words, not his.) Sanderson read 6 scripts 6 months ago; maybe he gave some feedback; maybe the writers took it to heart, maybe they didn't. Big whoop. I really don't think his input can possibly be significant, compared to the thousands of man-hours adding up from every other writer, actor, director, designer, producer, and, at the top of the pyramid, Rafe himself, stitching it all together. Even if Sanderson wanted to, was invited to, or had the time to assert more influen
  4. On a related note, I was thinking about the dagger last night while my wife was talking about something, and I wondered if maybe they put the ruby above the handle-grip so that Mat can hold the dagger normally and gaze into the ruby as he slowly loses his mind. That might make for good visual storytelling. Yes, I realize he could just hold the dagger upside-down, but then you wouldn't see the blade as well. Just a thought. I do think Rafe needs to be very, very careful with these 'little changes,' because making changes from the canon is like telling a little white lie. And we all
  5. That is a low blow, shame on you. Thrasymachus has consistently defended the casting on these forums, going back months. You're basically trying to call somebody a racist because you don't like their opinion on an unrelated topic. Get your facts straight before you throw stones.
  6. Sounds to me like the 'let's make a deal' audio is pulled from another scene. He might say it while acquiring the dagger, or speaking to Mordeth, but for this teaser, I think they spliced it in just to have a cool sount bite. It's such an iconic-sounding line, they're not likely to have it cut over a shot where you can't even see Mat's face. And if that's the case, we have no idea why he says it or to whom. He might be talking to himself, or it might not even be from Shadar Logoth. Conclusion: too soon to say.
  7. Since Rafe won't return my phone calls, I did a little 'research.' The relevant facts: 20 November 2010: HBO releases a new production photo highlighting props on the show, depicting a dagger and a book.[245] 23 November 2010: HBO releases a new behind-the-scenes video highlighting the use of weapons and swords in the series.[246] (this is from https://gameofthrones.fandom.com/wiki/Production_timeline ) There are lots more entries on the site, concerning trailers and casting announcements... I just included those two because they are similar
  8. Agree, and I hope we all do our part to talk up the show to friends ahead of time!
  9. Very interesting, and I will pore over the concept art for the next few days... but my first thoughts are more along the lines of, What is this? Like, literally, what is this little, dinky video? I like it, sure, but why did they make it? Who is it for? 🤨 It was not for Wotwednesday, obviously—which I assume Amazon regards as a cute pet project, but clearly not something they pour unlimited time and resources into. Elder_Haman is probably right that it is a promotional snippet for something... but for what? A panel or convention? I didn't think those existed anymore, po
  10. New idea: Moiraine's pendant! "A small blue gem on a gold chain." (EoTW, chp. 12) Revealed at the end of the chapter to be an angreal. Like Rand's sword and Thom's guitar, this would be a well-known, fairly iconic item from a major character. Seemingly small at first and insignificant until it begins to glow... The first time Egwene channels, in Across the Taren, Moiraine guides her to focus on the little gem until it flashes a brief light, "no brighter than a firefly." This could be a really cool way for the show to give us, like Egwene, our first glimpse at channeli
  11. Not so much a prediction, just a thought: The reveal of Rand's sword 6 weeks was a strong opening play. An anchor, in a way. As it to say, Hey, fans, look at this. It's a sword. Isn't it awesome? You love it, and we know you love it! See how well we did it? See all the care and attention to detail. Have no fear. Which cleverly leads into Thom's guitar 3 weeks ago, and you can almost imagine them saying, Hey, fans, remember the sword? Wasn't it awesome? Now, check out this guitar... No, not a harp, a guitar. We know, we know—you were expecting a harp... but remember the
  12. WOT is my favorite book series ever; I have read it through (only) twice, and I think I have a pretty good head for remembering details and important plotlines in most of the books I read, but to be honest, I can't even remember what ultimately led Moiraine to the Two Rivers... in my hazy memory, she has been a sort of lone ranger out following foggy clues from one backwater town to the next, searching for the DR, based on some kind of foretelling from A New Spring. I am not asking anyone to explain it to me further; I only mention all that to make a point that I think a lot of book-fans are i
  13. I think this is exactly the sort of made-for-tv plot-finagling we can expect to see, and whether your specific suggestion proves right or not, there will definitely be a number of additions/adaptations in a similar vein... I could see how the writer's room might talk themselves into needing to flesh Perrin's story out. If they drop Elyas from season 1 (or altogether, as some have suggested) what does Perrin have left? His eyes turn yellow, and he kills a Whitecloak. Am I forgetting anything? The arcs for Rand and Mat have much more meat on the bone; giving Perrin an Aes Sedai rela
  14. Oh, yikes—I had not even considered that they might take *that* page out of the GOT playbook... if they sex up the show, add modern swearing, AND kill off main characters for shock value, I will probably begin my own Padan Fain-style downward spiral into madness. That said... I can see how they might talk themselves into offing Tam. And he may well be the most likely of the big stars to go... Tam's heroic death on Winternight could be used as a major catalyst for Rand to flee Emond's field. Kind of makes sense, in a way... otherwise, do we assume Michael McElhatton only shows up in
  15. I read the books for the first time when I was 16, although only 8 or 9 of them were out by then. Read each new one as it came out, then reread the whole series right before A Memory of Light. So, my favorite characters are heavily weighted by nostalgia, and then that nostalgia is retrospectively balanced by being 20 years older and all the changes in perspective that brings. 10. Birgitte Silverbow - I thought her adoration of ugly men was just incredibly bizarre as a young guy, but as I grew older, I came to read her with such a sly smile on my face, she has to be in my top ten. L
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