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  1. As much as I would love to see a live action version of WOT the way they have treated Shannara terrifies me. This show is not representative of what those books are to me. They have twisted everything into some weird teen soap opera. My wife loves it but I am just more disgusted with each episode. I will finish out the season, my wife will want to watch anyway, but I think if it continues I will find something better to do with my time. If they, whoever eventually gets to do WOT, make it into this crap I think heads will roll.
  2. Haven't finished watching the first episode yet but I have mixed feelings about this one. Definitely get an MTV vibe with the "everyone is hot" casting and relationship crap. The world is too post apocalyptic but I can live with that. The books mention some ruins here or there but they seem to be everywhere in the show along with random pieces of leftover scrap like an iron bath tub or a rusted jeep. The special effects are ok, so far. Will have to see if they can maintain that. The storyline changes I understand but don't like. They do need to make it for TV and so changes are necessary I guess. Will finish watching today.
  3. Just saw it was cancelled. One and done. Bummer. I liked it. From what I gather the cost of shooting on location in Wales vs. the low viewership was the reason.
  4. Good finale. Hoping it's not a series finale, though they closed up most of the main storylines well enough.
  5. Just finished Xenocide by Arthur C Clark. Recently watched the film Maze Runner and decided to give the book a try. So far it's ok. Actually like the changes made for the movie so far. I may not have had I read the book first. Will probably continue with The Scorch Trials afterward mostly because I would like to read it before seeing the film.
  6. I am liking it. Good story. Some really interesting story lines. And an Ed Sheeran sighting? Is he looking to move from music to acting now? Two episodes now.
  7. Just finished a book by a relatively new author, JD Spero ( a neighbor of mine), called Forte. About a teenage girl who moves to a small upstate town from New York city to better focus on her piano playing only to tryout and make the volleyball team. She discovers there is something a bit sinister (or wonderful) about a blue liquid the players drink before practice and games and also that she seems to have lost her ability to play piano at the same time. There is a bit of magic and prophecy and mystery all wrapped into the story. It was a quick read and a welcome break from some heavier reading (for school) I have been into lately. Also finished Possession: Teaching Your Team to Keep the Darn Ball, by Dan Blank. It's a soccer coaches guide to training teams in a possession style of play. Currently reading Shutout Pizza, also by Dan Blank and Speaker of the Dead by Orson Scott Card.
  8. Just finished Wizard Under Fire by Jim Butcher. Will need to pick up the rest of the series soon. Moving on to some of the stuff that's been piling up in the meantime while I've been in school. I have some Terry Brooks in the form of The Dark Legacy of Shannara waiting, as well as the Shadowmarch series by Tad Williams and Speaker of the Dead by Orson Scott Card. Or I can round out the Malazan story by reading Knight of Knives, Return of the Crimson Guard, and Stoneweilder by Ian C Esselmont. There are a few other choices but I think this is where my next read comes from.
  9. So let's see, I recently finished Enders Game, Steelheart, Alloy of Law, and I am currently reading Jim Butcher's Wizard At Large. Been reading text books for the most part lately due to returning to school. Wish I could find more time to read for pleasure but there is only another month of classes so I guess I'll have to wait until then.
  10. Finished Wizard By Trade by Jim Butcher and read Four by Veronica Roth. Started Wizard at Large but didn't get far before starting Enders Game after watching the film. Should finish that one up quickly and then back to Butcher. Have so much to read right now. 3 more books by Card, another one by Butcher, Alloy of Law and Steelheart by Sanderson, and The World of Ice and Fire (The untold Stories of Westeros and The Game of Thrones) by Elio M. Garcia and Linda Antonsson. Also received The Lands of Ice and Fire which I need to take a deeper look at at some point. Very cool companion piece with maps of the known world in the GOT books.
  11. Nooo...not Divergent... My wife asked me to read it. It was alright. And it was quick so didn't waste too much time on it. It was alright though. I suppose if I was a teenage girl it would be fantastic. Or a thirty something wife and mother of two, apparently, as my wife loved it. She roped me into reading Twilight when that was a thing too.(shiver). The things we do for the ones we love...
  12. Finished Insurgent and Allegiant by Veronica Roth and Wizard for Hire by Jim Butcher. Started Wizard by Trade. The Divergent stuff was ok but not great. I like the Butcher stuff. Kind of wish we got more of Dresden's backstory. The little bits spread throughout the books are a little annoying but the story is pretty good.
  13. I noticed at the end of the second episode when he is talking to the "scamps" mother on the phone in his trailer it looked like there were empty sardine cans on the counter. Thought it was funny. And a cool detail.
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