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  1. Getting a lot all of a sudden. Definitely ramping up my anticipation.
  2. Had some minor concerns over the look of the various elements of the one power and the monochrome look in the teaser. Seems to be some threads in the lower right of this poster all of different colors. Subtle but there is color there. Hopefully that is going to carry over to the show.
  3. Stick with it! The characters are certainly flawed and all have imperfect information which exacerbates their poor decisions. Its how they overcome those decisions, the consequences, and the way they keep moving forward in the face of what most believe may very well be the end of everything that makes the story. There are lulls throughout but there are a lot of things that go on in all the books that lead to decisions and events towards the end. Worth it to read it all.
  4. I agree with a lot of those. Thom, and Min, are a yes. Whitecloaks too. And tinkers! A snippet of the Ways would be great. Some bigger linear context maybe, the breaking and the events of the prologue. Maybe a hint of what the world was before, and how we got here.
  5. Another trailer will be on its way eventually. Rafe has said it will be longer. What was missing from the first trailer that you would want to get a glimpse of before the first episodes are released?
  6. Ok. I guess I don't feel bad at all about screwing it up myself then. Not that I do anyway. I agree, is funny.
  7. This is interesting. The forst time I read The Eye of The World I read the entire thing before realizing there was a glossary. Considering my penchant for reading fantasy I should have looked for one but I got caught up in the story and just winged it. I admit that names gave me pause and I murdered some of them but others pronounciations have stayed with me for the last almost 20 years. Aiel has always been "aye-eel" to me and Suin has always been "Swan" and Seanchan has always been "Shawn-chan". Aes Sedai I am pretty sure I destroyed to start with. I just kinda buzzed past it after awhile. Eventually the actual pronunciations became more natural. But I always find one in every reread that I struggle with and correct through the use of the glossary. Honestly, I don't think it matters how you pronounce it in your head. As long as you know what it is that you are reading represents you are good to go. Now in conversation...I have had conversations with people who have read the series and it was like we were speaking two different languages. I also noticed that my kindle mispronounces some things as well. I was fiddling wih the audio options where the kindle reads the book to you and noticed the use of "ale" for Aiel and there was a few others as well. I am curious, do the audiobook voice actors pronounce things correctly as in the glossary? I've never listened to one but my sister has and I notice she pronounces some things differently.
  8. It's important to remember that the book (the Big White Book) is written from the perspective of Randland historians alive at the time that events in books 1-7 are occurring. Up until the actual appearance of the Forsaken and the conflicts between them and the other channelers there was nonthing on which to to gauge their abilities other than historical reference and near mythic tales. Present day Randlanders have become weaker in the power over the years and have lost most of the knowledge of it's use as well making them pretty inexperienced in comparison. This all adds tho the wonder and awe of what the Foresaken are capable of, because it just hadn't been possible in thousands of years. So the Foresaken seem to be over powered but in reality they just have more experience gained in a time when many of the things they are capable of were common knowledge. Yes they are all strong in the power, even in their own time. As the story unfolds more and more characters show up with potential close to that of their age of legends couterparts but that level of strength was virtually unknown before so the writings in the book reflect that common belief. I imagine that the forthcoming WoT Encyclopedia will correct this misconception as there will be plenty of first hand experience and eyewitness tales of happenings in the later parts of the story.
  9. Good Luck! This is what I did as well. A complete re-read followed by moving directly into AMoL. That book sat on my shelf for several months before I even cracked the binding. That was HARD.
  10. What else do you call them? Entertainment media stores? It's a place that sells music in various forms. I didn't want to use it's corporate name as I hate the fact that I can't go to an independent music store anymore as none exist near me and I am bitter.
  11. I was in a record store the other day with my 3 year old and she sees a poster of Beiber and says "Daddy? Who's that girl?" Priceless.
  12. Too bad that was the only roleplaying book published for WoT. This book has the rules and an initial campaign but thats it. This might of had something to do with Red Eagle. Not sure.
  13. This. This story set the hook I swallowed during the EotW prologue. Fantastic.
  14. Still with us Coz? How is the read going?
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