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  1. It seems a lot of a shows success can come down to some luck. (Timing and what the public is hungry for at the time.) I think the things that can be done other than luck ARE being done to give it a good chance of success: -using a real fan with good experience as the show runner. -using Brandon Sanderson as a consultant -employing a book series super fan Sarah N. as a consultant -going all out with sets and props and costuming -having the whole of the source material to adapt and foreshadow and streamline, rather than being left to invent their own a la Game of Thrones.
  2. Good question. I bet the shrink them somewhat, and use camera tricks so humans can wear costumes.
  3. Let’s not forget that Harriet McDougal and Superfan Sarah Nakamura are consulting on the show, as is Brandon Sanderson. Rafe seems to be a superfan as well. Will it please everyone? No. Are they trying to be true to the soul of the story? Yes. Am I thrilled with Rafes previous works? They don’t really fit the tone I’m hoping for from an epic, but they’ve been different genres so we’ll see. I see where you’re coming from, but I just do not care where the ruby is on the hilt. It does seem almost certain they change how Mat gets the dagger, so that will be interesting to see if that ch
  4. I like and agree with this post. It seems people are getting worked up about pretty small things (which is their right), but I’ll be happy if they get the characters right (or mostly right) and get the feel of the books right and just make the whole world seem very REAL.
  5. Yeah, that tweet seemed to dump cold water on my wavering hopes. I am now thinking fall at earliest. I guess we all want them to take the time necessary for a really great product. All the waiting is tough.
  6. I’m seeing more and more guesses for fall release. I sure hope to be pleasantly surprised with a earlier release.
  7. It’s so interesting to me that were all wondering if it will be this spring or if it will be fall, or if it will be next year. And it really could be ANY of those options. They’re keeping their release plans tightly under wraps. I wonder the strategy of when to announce a release date and why to do it sooner or later.
  8. I bet it is part of a “behind the scenes” feature to accompany release or come along after the first season.
  9. I will say that in and of itself the content is very cool and encouraging. I agree with it feeling like the atmosphere and visual flavor is right. I just think I need to temper my expectations for a release date or full trailer. Also, VERY generous of Rafe and WOT on Amazon to release these snippets and keep us engaged/eager. I just am wanting an escalation and/or timetable.
  10. Cool for sure, but a little underwhelming. I guess I’m getting impatient for more info on release. I guess I’m a victim of my own excitement and hype.
  11. I love this post and TOTALLY agree with the premise.
  12. Good points by Thrasymachus. Set expectations. Easier said than done I know, but honestly had it come out years ago I bet it’d be closer to Legend of the Seeker than GOT, and I’d rather it be closer to GOT/LOTR with budgets, production values, etc.
  13. This is really hard for me to see... elder haman and thrasymachus, two of my favorite contributors on this forum getting annoyed with each other. I can see the points each are making. But tend to agree with elder on this one. I’m not saying it’s going to come that early, but #1 I hope it does, and #2 it is at least plausible. it may be that I just want to believe that it could be coming soon, and thrasymachus has some good points, but I do think we’ll know by Christmas (which isn’t far away). In truth I would guess it is probably not coming in spring, but I hope it is and elders poin
  14. I saw that. So something is not lining up. We apparently are not on hiatus until April. What is going on??
  15. I agree. Although it seems like there is a slight chance for a surprise good announcement, because why would they just say NOTHING about bad news...? It seems like they should a often the blow a little by letting us know what to expect...
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