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  1. Excellent idea! Or have him there and have him die much earlier to @up the stakes” of major character deaths. In that case probably make him more likeable?
  2. I’m actually pretty excited to see this awesome story through some different eyes and perspectives. (I already have the awesome story in the books, so a fresh telling/perspective is just MORE). One person in particular I think may be a substantial improvement (for me) could be Egwene. Something about how she was written grated a little on me (as a teenage boy reader). It looks like she will be a very compelling character to me this time around. Perrin also started as a favorite, but fell down the list of chapters I was excited for, hopefully that story can be improved. (I’m also nervous about a scarring fridging in the first episode-but I guess we’ll soon see how it comes off). I love Elder Haman’s sentiment that this could be a LOT of people’s story (as opposed to just Rands). It just reinforces that there are some EXCELLENT characters with some fascinating arcs. This could be a very rich series in terms of character development and interaction and world building. It will be fun to see it all play out with old and new fans reactions.
  3. And if he’s been dead a while there could be varying levels of decay.
  4. There have been some leaked set photos from like a year ago with white cloaks in funny looking armor.
  5. Yes! On Justified and on The Americans!
  6. It’s a valid question as to which rating will bring the most fans. I read that in all the other countries it is listed as 16+, which is definitely more than TV14. So I think the jury is still out on what the final rating will be.
  7. I agree that the trailer is very well done. I hope the world feels real and lived in, but no real reason to think otherwise from the trailer. I did nitpick the colors, but it might be great and a welcome change, who knows? We’ll need to see more to get the full feel. In the end it’s just opinion and taste. I’m very excited.
  8. It seems unlikely that they plan to start there based on what we (think we) know so far. I guess start setting your expectations now.
  9. If you look more closely at the white tower in relation to the outer wall and other buildings and trees, the structure is massive. Quite wide though. Not tall and skinny. But still like 20 or more stories high. I was having a hard time putting my finger on what gave me a little pause about the trailer (which overall I liked) and I think you described it well: a little too clean and YA. Not gritty or real feeling. Maybe the bright colors contributed. Maybe the whole show will have a grittier/realer feel, but I agree GOT did that well, and I am a little nervous for that aspect here.
  10. I LOVE the last kingdom! I agree on the importance of character focus! Fingers crossed!
  11. I agree the ways will be a major challenge. Everyone sees it differently in their heads. I hope they pull it off. I think it’s a major challenge to fantasy in general. (There is so much in terms of fantasy elements that are described and imagined by all the individual readers.) LOTR and GOT are both very successful examples, but both had a main focus on things other than magic. WOT will probably have more focus on magic and I hope it comes off well. I agree with what others have said: it seems super important for the world to feel real, the characters to feel real, and be interesting and compelling.
  12. I’m not wowed. I am relieved. It looks fine. I don’t see anything too cringe-worthy and context and tone etc will have a big impact on how it feels.
  13. I agree with many of the balefire comments above. I also want the name of the world or land or area to NOT be referred to as Randland. It needs a cool, or normal, not spoilery name.
  14. I’d say many of your concerns may be allayed when you finally get to watch it. (I hope they are). I agree with your assessment of good/acceptable LOTR changes. Your example of forsaken cutting I think is just total conjecture, there has been nothing confirming this. Wait and see. I don’t think Amazon should care too much about calming concerns that either will or won’t be resolved when the thing comes out. Don’t waste too much effort on that, just get the finished product right and people will be won over - even if it is causing a lot of worry and hand wringing in the meantime. But let’s get a release date already! Finally I’ll say that Brandon Sandersons approval is a very good sign, but not the end all, be all (that will be the final product). Still, a very encouraging thing overall I think.
  15. It seems a lot of a shows success can come down to some luck. (Timing and what the public is hungry for at the time.) I think the things that can be done other than luck ARE being done to give it a good chance of success: -using a real fan with good experience as the show runner. -using Brandon Sanderson as a consultant -employing a book series super fan Sarah N. as a consultant -going all out with sets and props and costuming -having the whole of the source material to adapt and foreshadow and streamline, rather than being left to invent their own a la Game of Thrones. -having a very generous budget -having high quality actors -being not TOO late to the genre (I would feel more nervous about a new superhero property (like Jupiter’s Legacy), it seems there may be some superhero fatigue -going big out of the gate. I feel that going low budget could have hamstrung this property before it got going, but with the big effort and big budget are certain expectations. Although none of the above guarantee success obviously, they are all giving it a good chance to succeed (or as good a chance as it can have). My questions are: how real and organic will it feel? How well will they get the character arcs and nuances and motivations? I hope it is all about the characters and I think it will be. Will the things beyond their control line up? (Pandemic, other releases, etc). such a huge undertaking has a lot of places to go wrong, and a lot has to come together for a mega hit. But so far it certainly looks like it has a reasonable chance!
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