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  1. I like how you think! Wouldn’t that be great!?! I bet they tighten down on too much more excitement until release is sooner. Grr.
  2. I like your 3 different possibilities and think the first two both seem very plausible to me. The third can go along with the first two to some degree. Very well thought out. I can't wait to see this series! There is always this relationship with outsized expectations leading to let down. I have been trying to manage my expectations, but it has proved futile. I am VERY excited for this. I'm hoping its more of a Q1 release, but wont be surprised by Q3/4.
  3. I love the idea of black and white with muted character colors!
  4. I love this point and totally agree that the main focus MUST be the characters rather than checking endless boxes of places and events. A big reason GOT was so great we’re the fascinating characters. My biggest hope for a successful series is doing the characters really well.
  5. I have been so impatient to hear concrete updates on resumption of filming. Especially after hearing about Witcher and Carnival Row etc. Marcus Rutherford posted some emoji’s to suggest he’s back on location, but nothing concrete from anyone that I’ve seen. I compulsively look for info on updates for this show, I just need to chill and forget it for 6 months...
  6. I was trying to decide what set game of thrones apart so much to make it so compelling and so incredibly successful and watched. The good writing and acting and source material are the easy answers, but as we all know, source material doesn't guarantee a great compelling TV series. The high budget with very good sets and costumes and locations. Special and practical effects that look real and add rather than detract. One of the most compelling things is the fantastic and nuanced characters. WOT series seems to have good acting and budget and sets etc. We already know the source material is good. Casting seems to be good, but time will tell. GOT also minimized magical elements, and there's not really a way WOT can do that, so hopefully the magic is very well executed. Now to the question at hand: how mature should this series be? I think that it tends to lend a feeling of realism and gravity and consequence, that lighter fantasy series really lack. I think that a more unflinching depiction would lead to a more visceral and consequential feel to the series. A lot of "lightweight" poorly done fantasy series keep coming to mind as I ponder this topic. Keeping things for all audiences makes it a harder line to walk I think. I realize LOTR is a great exception to the rule, being kept in PG13 territory, but again I think it is the exception and if Rafe decides to go that way, I really hope he pulls it off. Something I read Rafe write makes me wonder if we will be getting a somewhat sanitized version. My vote however is more towards an HBO version than a CW version. I don't think there needs to be a lot of explicit nudity and extreme gore shoehorned in to pull this off, but I wouldn't shy away from it either.
  7. After reading LOTS of speculation on various sites, there is some REALLY well thought out advice and pretty strong opinions. I suppose Rafe needs to tune it out and stick to his vision and be informed by those on his team and trusted advisors etc. I suspect most of the advice either aligns or doesn’t and it’s really too late for most to affect production anyway. That being said: I have heard a variety of guesses on how mature the content will be. I admit there are examples of well done less mature fantasy series (LOTR). Often fantasy series tend to appear low budget (this apparently won’t thankfully), and often overly cheesy. I think one of the reasons GOT succeeded was avoiding cheesiness, in part with great writing and acting, and in part because of the grittiness and unflinching depictions. I know it’s a balance between approachability to all audiences and the more mature GOT type audience, but with that recent excellent example of how well a show like that can be, I guess I would be most interested in that side of things. I recently read an article on fansided where Rafe replied to a question on maturity rating with: I want it to feel adult but be approachable to audiences. Reading that makes me worry punches will be pulled and the story won’t feel as consequential. But we will see. I would rather this be a change from Chuck or Marvel Agents of Shield in terms of tone, but I guess we’ll see...
  8. Great video! For people on this forum it’s mostly stuff they know, but it is a perfect video for me to show friends who haven’t read the books to get them excited for the show!
  9. I hadn’t thought about it, but I agree it will be difficult for the TV show to keep the tension through the power creep. I guess a middle ground may be found. It will be really interesting to see what they do ere for the tv series.
  10. Love the idea of these combinations. Realistically the show will have to be VERY successful to go this long, and I really hope it is!
  11. I think Faile was one of my least enjoyed parts of the series almost throughout.
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