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  1. The sword reveal was really cool to see (I want one). But I would love to see a trailer or more production material.
  2. Summary of Rafe's Q/A session. Good stuff in there: https://www.tor.com/2020/03/23/23-things-we-learned-from-rafe-judkins-wheel-of-time-instagram-qa/
  3. I can't wait for it...but trying not to get my hopes up too high to avoid disappointment.
  4. I absolutely agree about the 3 women. It's an important aspect of the story and does not need to be changed. Is the concern polygamy and current perception of it? Who cares, it's part of the story. GoT didn't shy away from controversial issues, and neither should WoT.
  5. This is not a popular opinion, but I would put Mat at #4 most disliked. Among other things, I was pretty annoyed by his not wanting to help Rand in FOH, and constantly trying to distance himself. Only being ta'averen forced him to help. I can't really blame him for his actions when under the cursed dagger, but seemed like it amplified his selfishness. I get that he's fun and has the rogue vibe. Go ahead, fire away.
  6. Update on mine: 1. Rand 2. Min 3. Loial 4. Moraine 5. Perrin 6. Thom 7. Elayne 8. Lan 9. Nynaeve 10. Mat
  7. Good points. I'm not sure that Rand being TDR is going to be a big secret even early on, but I guess you still have to attempt to not reveal things too soon.
  8. Nynaeve would be #1 or 2 for me over the first 5 books. I warmed up to her a little after that.
  9. I'm curious which characters everyone finds the most annoying or simply does not like. I'll go first. 1. Faile 2. Elaida 3. Gawyn
  10. LOL nice one with the toh...I agree that the other characters are extremely important and play vital roles. But he is the most critical ingredient, the strongest ta'averen. I'm not saying he should be in the spotlight the whole time, but if the plan is to reduce his role for Moraine, well that might be a mistake.
  11. Thanks for having this venue to discuss WOT. I'm pretty new here. I've been a WOT fan since the early 90s. I'm on my second reading, definitely a long break in between. I didn't realize how much I had forgotten until the re-read. I'm very excited for the TV show. Hopefully my wife can get into it the show also (she liked GOT, so maybe there is hope). 🙂
  12. She's one of my favorite characters, top 3. I can't wait to see who they cast for her.
  13. I don't see you how can have WOT without it centered on Rand, ultimately. I suspect it will initially be around Moraine (which makes sense for most of the first book). It should evolve naturally into the super girls and ta'averen...
  14. They did a good job casting her. But man I can't stand Alanna.
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