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  1. Hey all Some screen tests were released today: https://redanianintelligence.com/2020/09/22/leaked-audition-scripts-for-amazons-wheel-of-time-reveal-a-glimpse-at-aes-sedai-rivalries/ Although they use code names for most of the scripts they refer to Elayne in it. Now that could be intentional to completely throw us off or it could have been an oversight. If it is our Elayne it could point to several possibilities: 1. Elayne is already Aes Sedai 2. Elayne is already Queen, so she would likely be a combo of Morgase and Elayne. In the script Queen could just mean Amrylin as well 3 Sanderson would not love this at all 4. Also seems to confirm Elaida 5. Hints that the main EoTW crew meet the people that captured Logain and that they go to Tar Valon and not Caemlyn. I could see this making a lot of sense because then Egwene and Nynaeve could start their training cutting down on Book 2 stuff Not for those saying; "but the castings?". Well Rafe tweeted that he did a scene with 30 actresses that won or nominated for like 30 Academy Awards and Emmys so there are a ton of unannounced castings that have not been leaked including some major Aes Sedai
  2. I recommend the whole video as there are a lot of things in there to be REALLY excited about but here is the link to the direct casting call which removes all doubt on nudity:
  3. Geeky Eri's 3rd block video on YT essentially confirms that as a minimum we are getting boobs and butts maybe full nudity
  4. I enjoy the conversation as well. I guess I am ok with changes to the story, consolidated characters, cut storylines etc...but I think that what GOT had it's first five years and what WoT needs is that it needs to still have certain major events in the story even if they get there a slightly different way. I think the Eye is just one of those. Others would be in first couple seasons: Falme (including the horn, some have suggested cutting that..wtf?) Egwene collaring and rescue Waystones Choeden'kal Quick note: Teaser of Whitespring Inn on Twitter Looks Awesome if a bit blurry
  5. 1. The pool of clean Saidin is created by the Aes Sedai of the AoL. This is important as it shows Rand that the taint can be removed which he later uses to cleanse it. 2. Your plot twist would not work without Moiraine lying. And she cannot. She is vague and cryptic but as an example Nynaeve would grill her and she would have to lie. Mat cannot be healed later in the Tower without revealing a lie. Your plot creates that paradox. 3. Ishamael is way too important to the story to swap with Aginor for many many reasons. 4. Rand NEEDS to actively channel at the eye and Tarwin's Gap. The Shieneran's SEE Rand. They know he is the Dragon Reborn and it sets up the entire arc of book 2 with Ingtar and later Masema. A random explosion does non of that. 5. It fundamentally changes Moiraines character. She is not the person you describe. She is willful and unbending and cryptic but never scheming. 6. Aginor/Balthamel let readers/viewers know that the Forsaken are free. If Rand fights Aginor in the dream world this does not become obvious. Look I know you think them going to the Eye is incredibly Vague (I don't-the audience won't care) and the events at the Eye don't sit well with you. I think you can add some dialogue and scenes to frame it even better especially for TV, but the Eye sets up so many things for later that this is not something that should be changed in the show, IMO
  6. Too much fundamental change to the story IMO. I doubt they change the Eye very much if at all from the books
  7. Well the seals would be completely resistant to the True Power or anything tainted by the Dark one, or he could have broken out instantly.
  8. Just so you know this is actually the real reason for them being there so it is not "new" for some reason Jordan decided to not reveal this until much later in the books
  9. I think everyone would agree with this but through the first 5 seasons or so GOT still hit almost every major event in the story I would expect WoT to do the same.
  10. No I could see doing it without them. You could create other situations that required Rand to channel and start to use the Eye and lead to Somesthas death and then the transition to Tarwins' Gap. But I think it would be better with them. To me they add so much. Here is what I would do. I would add scenes to the show with Ishamael and Aginor and Balthamel where he directs them to go to the eye and use it to fully free the Dark One and also mentioning that the Eye could also be used to reseal the DO's prison. Then you could have some small dialogue added scenes to better explain why the good guys need to go to the Eye. That could set up a truly epic episode where the Forsaken and Moiraine and company race to the Eye. The main group fighting off the blight while Aginor controls it. Then you could do the ending mostly as written and it would make complete sense.
  11. There are no wrong opinions but I cant even wrap my head around this one. Somestha IS the Eye of the World in essence so eliminating him would just be bizarre. Plus he is the last "good" link to the age of legends. Not to mention the horn, banner, seal, Tarwin's Gap fight against Ishamael. The vast majority of readers I think really like the eye but you hate it. I hate Dumai Well's so not every big fan like we are likes everything about the books. I think the question of Siuan gentling Rand is already there.
  12. Bold just to see responses This might not be so obvious. I can definitely envision a season 1 where Ishamael exists only in Rand’s dreams and not as overtly as in the book. If it is all voiceover, “Steve” could very well be Ishamael. I guess they could just show flame and shadow in a CGI face where the main quality is voice. Still needs to be cast for the fight at the Eye Wouldn’t be surprised if they are cut entirely. (I really think they are going to make major changes to the ending). I think we have discussed this before. I know you hate the Eye.There will definitely be changes to the story, but to eliminate the climax that Jordan wrote seems outlandish. I would be interested in how you think the season will end and build to if the Eye is completely changed. I could see them cutting one of them for cost savings but both make sense in the narrative. I know you hate the ending but based on some Rafe comments I doubt it is changed much except for maybe expanding Tarwin's Gap since it is one of Rafe's favorite scenes and one he wants to see the most. I agree that Agelmar has to be there. I doubt we meet Uno or Masema until season 2. I have always thought Season 1 will end with the start of the hunt for the horn, but that also means a lot of casting. That said I think they are filming episode 9 like in October so the important parts, Ingtar, Anaiya, Masema, Uno, Hurin? might not even be cast yet I absolutely believe they cut her. I just can't see it. Kate Franz time on set roughly aligns with when they would have filmed Elayne, and they are in Caemlyn so I think she is there but kept secret well. I expect we get a big casting announcement this Wednesday when the book read ends. This is an interesting one. I would think Morgase has to be there. Although I could see a scenario where they rewrite Camelyn to focus on Rand’s interaction with Logan. Seems like they are going to show Logain being captured so I do expect them to focus on Logain and Rand meeting. Meeting Elayne, Gawyn/Galad, Morgase and Elaida seems so important though. Lots of people though to hide as being cast so maybe all of them take place in Season 2 some where Unnecessary. He can be cast later. In fact, it’s probably preferable. Agree This one for sure. I’m wondering whether she’s already been cast, but they are playing coy. Maybe if they do show it all but I don't see Elaida without the others so maybe all of this is not there. Not sure why people think it’s Aviendha. I see that as very unlikely. Rhuarc is a possibility. But like I said in my post above, probably the dying maidens who speak to the Tinkers. Why would it be unlikely? Rhuarc would be a minor surprise, or Bain and Chiad, but I think that they travel to Tar Valon before using the ways, so moving the Aiel encounter from Book 2 and having Aviendha would be a great gift to book fans. Agree. They’ll wait until season 2 for Verin. Please, please, please cast Margo Martindale... Verin is a reasonably demanding role athletically. I think Margo or Imelda Stuanton would both be great but they need someone in shape for the role I think the Green Man will be eliminated. I think the odds of cutting The Green Man is literally zero. I agree she’ll be in it. May not be an announced casting though since I suspect we only see her once. Prologue won’t show up until season 2, I’m betting. So no Lews Therin. Possibly. Could see it as part of the New Spring flashbacks too as exposition Nah. Unless there’s a shot of her corpse. Probably a composite. And probably not in season 1.
  13. But if he is just slayer then he can't be Lord Luc because Perrin would know instantly. Full disclosure, never liked the whole thing I would rather than focus more on say Sheriam that parts of three or four episodes on this. I might instead just have a good portion of the Two Rivers looking up to the Whitecloaks, and being manipulated by Fain and following them as it will be a much more straightforward and interesting plot line.
  14. Oh I think the surprise is Aviendha, though Rhuarc would be second choice. I am not sure they will keep Luc/Isam will be really difficult to portray on screen
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