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  1. Likely she is either Elaida or Verin I can see her as both actually.
  2. Well you are entitled to your opinion but I don't really agree with a word. Funny thing is I think that the first 3 books will be very close to intact but starting with the 4th it will start having major changes. And by book 8 or so it wont follow the books at all except some major events like the cleansing. The vast majority of fans I believe how no issue with the first book
  3. Well Aginor and Balthamel (sp?) are sent by the Dark One to use the pool of Saidin to break him free of his prison. The pool was created so that pure Saidin could be channeled to mend the DOs prison (enought to break it as well) but obviously it is used up with the fight at Tarwin's gap and Aginor and Rand fighting over it until Aginor burns himself out literally. Later we learn that Balazammon is actually Ishameal, and he actually wants to stop the DO from blinding the eye of the world because he believes that he can either rule as Naeblis or if not be the one to kill him at the Last Battle. This is why Ishamael and Moridin actually help Rand a few times. So by going there Rand keeps the Dark One locked up for a good deal longer completely destroys the Dark Ones army, learns that Saidin CAN be cleansed, which is obviously super important for later and also shows that Rand is connected to the land as he causes the blight to recede. And if I remember correctly sort of overfixes the weather. I never knew people had issues with The Eye of the World I always thought it was incredibly logical exiting and satisfying. It is the true reveal of the Dragon Reborn though Rand sort of continues to deny it for 2 more books. By the way, there WERE weaves Rand just at the time had no idea what he was doing and Jordan still wasn't 100% set in his description of saidar and saidin. Done well, it could be REALLY surprising to people when Rand starts channeling.
  4. What do you mean? It's one of the best and most important parts of any of the books. I from what I have heard about the sets I think it is one of the safest things to remain especially since Tarwins Gap is one of the things Rafe most wanted to film, and it's literally when Rand becomes the Dragon Born, they get the horn and the banner and meet the Green Man. The series will go past it in the first season but it will definitely be there.
  5. I suspect we lose the palace scene and everything is combined with a public gentling of Logain, but there is such charm and then threat to the whole palace sequence it would play really well on TV so will be a shame if we lose it. Though I will say with every casting it seems we are losing less and less
  6. Rafe has already confirmed Min is in Season 1. Cutting Elayne in Camelyn would be lame but with the expanded role of Logain it might happen.
  7. I think it will be easy with Nynaeve as she does a lot of big hearted things that we will see on TV, whereas in the books it is surrounded by scowls, sniffs and braid pulling. Elayne is a little trickier since early she acts like the royalty she is outside of Rand. We will have a hint when we see the first trailer. How exciting with that be. Possibly around Christmas?
  8. Also to Rafe: Please have WOTOP tell us who is playing Elayne, Min and Aviendha (I think she is the surprise Aiel)
  9. Too bad Angela Lansbury is 94 she would have been perfect for the role in her MSW days
  10. I just don't think it was anything sort of "normal" like research or eavesdropping, Jordan definitely suggested it was through a different unrevealed means. Maybe it was a complete oversight and that is the way he covered it, maybe something simple like eavesdropping is the actual answer, or maybe he later decided it was not important to the narrative. My personal theory is that Lanfear may have told Moiraine some things to protect Rand. Lanfear was visiting a lot of the EF guys so it wouldnt be a stretch to think she visited Moiraine, and in Book 4 when Rand announces Lanfear was there, she is calm, assumes she had nothing to do with the bad Trollocs sent by Sammael and may have even assumed (mistakenly) that she sent the "good ones, plus she says that Lanfear is unlikely to harm Rand, which seems to make sense firsthand as least as much or more than inference from books.
  11. All of that is possible and he was answering a lot of questions with his famous RAFO, but in this case he didn't. I don't know he made it seem important but you are right that the eavesdropping thing would make sense. He made it seem different than that though.
  12. All possible I guess. I know some people have all the notes so maybe it wasnt as important as Jordan made it seem when I talked to him about it. The eavesdropping idea has some merit. The weird thing is that at the point I talked to him about this it was like book 8 or so, so if there is a mundane answer like research or eavesdropping then there would have been no reason not to just share that. Plus after the "research" she still knows next to nothing about the Forsaken by her own account. All good thanks for the responses.
  13. That is good speculation but Jordan himself in my conversation with him about it said that it was not what you have above and important to the story. He never shared it apparently, but it was not as you have above. Thanks for replying though
  14. Agree the racial outcry against the casting is so lame. There is a pic below of the cast together. Even going by Jordan's descriptions the cast dynamic is exceedingly close to what Jordan described. Amazingly so actually. And Jordan's descriptions are not all that descriptive as previous poster says. Elayne's description bounces around all over the place especially her hair which is sometimes golden, sometimes golden red and sometimes reddish gold. She's strawberry blond probably but you could picture here anywhere in that range. Egwen IS desribed several times as "dark" In terms of the characters they chose they all fit very well. If you were given just the pics of each character without who they are playing most on this board would have guessed the character they are playing 100% correct. They are very close. They are not all as pale as Moiraine. Please move on. It is close to perfect, bot facially and physically. Oh and Rosamund will be wearing a brunette wig in the show as well. Also, if you look at Mat, Egwene, Perrin and Nynaeve they all have similar coloring, but Rand sticks out a little which is the exact intent of what Jordan wanted. Do they look exactly as I pictured them? No, though Moiraine and Rand are very very close, But that doesnt really matter as much as how they look together which as I said is close to perfect. Also, Aiel Eastern Asian? Seriously? More like tall people from Ireland. They are all tall with blonde to very red hair and light eyes.
  15. It was easy to figure out it was one of the forsaken but never really explained how she knew a specific one.
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