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  1. Also there have been numerous reports that the sets for the Wheel of Time are among the most epic and impressive ever made from comments made by many who have seen them.
  2. I have confidence in the showrunners. I have yet to see anything that has sent up a huge red flag to me on any changes. Casting - maybe a little too intentionally diverse but like everyone they have chosen for the most part. Together they capture the essence of the characters. Change to guitar makes sense, think the sword and dagger look fine if not exactly as described. Expanding Logains role in Season 1- makes sense. Elayne to Season 2 - I can see the logic in the change. They get to show Tar Valon and having 2 major cities in Season 1 would have really affected budget. Speaking of budget: Shadow and Bone was done for $28 million total. The WoT is actually seriously being underestimated in terms of budget. It is estimated to be $120 million because of the tax credit in the Czech republic. However it does not include location shooting elsewhere or really SFX. Based on the base production budget I doubt that Amazon is skimping on SFX and they are working with multiple studios including Cinesite who did some of the Marvel movies as main. I would think it reasonable for there to be $25 to $30 million in SFX budget so total budget is at least $150 million possibly much more. So we are talking roughly 5 times the budget of shadow and bone. I think the SFX will be pretty epic for a TV show. Likely much better than the last seasons of GoT.
  3. On #1- Totally agree. Hyper WoT fan sites forget that WoT is incredibly main stream. Instant #1 best sellers and some of the most read books forever. On #2 - Don't totally agree. I think there is some room for changes if the core of the song essentially stays the same. I have zero doubt that the core will stay the same in the TV series. On #3 - The last 2 seasons and especially the last one were incredibly bad. Two things happened and it is something WoT may face if it lasts 8 or 9 seasons. First, Benioff and Weiss wanted out and so they rushed together two final seasons and destroyed everything in the process. It probably needed an additional 3 seasons or 2 extended ones to really bring the story to a conclusion. HBO should have considered a new team at the helm rather than rushing to a conclusion. Second and the biggest one. Through the course of the show, little plot details changed, events were slightly different and the characters changed from the books. Despite being at their core very similar to the book versions they were very different. Because of these two things the ending Jordan had planned and the events leading up to it literally made no sense whatsoever for these characters. TV Dany would not have done what she did, TV Bran was basically forgotten so his ending made less than zero sense. R=L=J meant nothing, but was pretty critical in the TV show. TV Stannis would not go as far as book Stannis, etc...They should have written an arc that ultimately made sense for the characters they were. Jon Snow in the TV version should have ultimately been on the Iron Throne TV Dany would have woken up and realized she did not want to be her brother. WoT will face this too. After 5 or six seasons things will be just different enough that certain arcs and the ending as it is will not make sense. It will be interesting to see how they handle this. On #4 I think that is very true and was part of why LOTR was so successful. And the WoT show will need to do the same things. I am sure we could all the list the major events that need to be retained. The one caveat is what I said with #3 in that at some point some of those tentpole moments might not make sense anymore for the TV show.
  4. I actually like Sanderson's books. His own books. I loved Elantris and Mistborn and have read the first three books of Way of Kings which is good and bad. I just do not like the Sanderson WoT books. I am not trying to sway anyone's opinion What I was saying though if you watch any of the dusty wheel shows on the notes, even the books Jordan himself wrote from the notes were quite different, and most times better. Also I am not a purist, I think the changes I have seen in WoT make sense and should make a better story. They could change something that I have a big issue with but in general as long as the action is good and production values are good and they take the TV series seriously (like history, not fantasy-which is what LOTR and GOT did and made it successfull) all things that they do seem to be doing I think I will adore the show.
  5. I absolutely love it and hope that the Aes Sedai ring looks just like this
  6. Well I do realize they went off Jordan's notes but if you have seen any of the reviews of what the books actually are and what the notes are they are very very different. So in the end the last 3 or 4 books by Jordan would have been significantly maybe entirely different than what Sanderson wrote even with all that assistance. And also there is a LOT of purely Sanderson stuff to tie a lot of things together and get from point A and B. And I just do not like them. They read as fan fiction regardless of whether they are official or not so I choose to ignore them. The overall view of the WoT world is much different under him and I do not like his take so his opinions are sort of irrelevant to me.
  7. Have to say this thread is both amazing and disheartening. If anyone has been paying attention at all they would realize that the show will be very close to the books. Having the first attack on Winternight makes sense, Thom having a guitar since the actor can actually play it make sense. even the sword and dagger are only minor changes. If you go and watch the Geeky Eri block videos the show will basically track with the books. Showing the Logain stuff actually make sense and it is described in the books anyway. And I believe it will make the TV show better. False dragons ARE to be feared and showing that will set up the show arc way better In terms of Sanderson, I hate his WoT books and do not consider them cannon so not super concerned about his opinion. Also Rafe has stated he consults and gets Harriets opinion all the time. and has Sarah Nakamura as consultant to make it as faithful to the books as possible. It is simply not a true statement that Rafe is going to to do a "based on" version and Amazon has actually stated it is their most anticipated series (yes over LOTR) I mean if you cant get past the ruby being in the wrong place then you will never enjoy it. There were those on GOT boards that were like that and literally hated every episode of the show. Also this show has about a $200 million budget for a single season and many people have said that the show has the most epic sets they have ever seen. I could not be more excited. And I have read the books at least 10 times (Sanderson fan faction only once)
  8. I have a suspicion there will be some added. I think the first episode will have a sex scene not in the books if some rumors turn out to be true.
  9. Well Min has been cast, so you are safe there. To be honest you are likely setting yourself up to be disappointed as WoT almost certainly will be solidly TV-MA with sex (they have an intimacy consultant) and NUDITY as many of the castings and extras require nudity and it is rumored to be in some of the main characters contracts as well. Not sure on cursing. I suspect there might be some real cursing and some of the book cursing. Maybe the forsaken being from a different age use modern cursing. The Witcher and GOT are the two TV fantasy series that were the most popular and they were the most adult. Amazon will not fail to notice that. Will it be as adult as GOT? I suspect not but it's very unlikely to be TV-14 either.
  10. Well people read that scene differently. To me it has always read as repressed men finally asserting their domination over women after years of being repressed shunned gentled and in Rand's case caged. "kneel or be knelt" and the sheer carnage described and that contextual element of the scene I just don't think work in the view of the gender dynamic that Rafe will want to portray. Maybe they keep it for shock value but Dumai's wells has never set well with me, it just feels super misogynistic to me. I know most don't agree as it seems to be many people's favorite scene.
  11. Yeah SDCC is definitely more of a "genre" focused show than a "comic" related. Even then though there were panels about WoT ran by Jordan at SDCC which I attended so a WoT trailer at SDCC makes a lot of sense. I would say this though. I do not think "mainstream" marketing has started AT ALL for WoT other than a couple press releases now over a year old. Right now, WoTOnPrime is marketing to the hard core WoT fan to just start some inexpensive word of mouth, viral marketing. I think when they go full marketing we will see it everywhere. People forget that Amazon's own market research showed more interest in the WoT show than LOTR so they will market this hard. Another thing to consider is that the marketing has been so light to this point that we don't even know the full cast or who the new composer is.
  12. With every thing we have seen recently, the sound clip, sword video, guitar video and tiny show snippet and especially the concept art I think the show is in really good hands. I expect it to be quite good. I am in the minority of hard core WoT fans that actually want it to be solidly TV-MA. The world has always been TV-MA but sort of told in a PG-13 way. I do not think that works for this show. It needs to be alive, and adult. The two most successful series in Witcher and GOT are both very adult. The LOTR adaption will likely be more PG-13 because of the movies so since they are doing two major fantasy series I think WoT will be the adult one. I am a little worried about the music. The original composer left and no replacement has been announce. I am worried that they will go the new trend and use mostly modern music for this show, which I think will be a huge mistake. Still the concept art and the quality of the props gives me a lot of hope.
  13. They may not in terms of dialogue but in terms of events I would say it is very high probability.
  14. Well my thought is this. We know from the script reads that Moiraine eventually meets up with the Reds hunting Logain, likely after he is captured and likely on the way to Tar Valon. I suspect they have rescued Perrin and Egwene and Nynaeve is tagging along at this point as well with Mat and Rand still seperated. So at this point there are really 3 possibilities. 1. Somehow the Logain group meets up with Rand/Mat somewhere outside of a major city. Where? It makes no sense for Bassel Gil to be innkeeper in Four Kings, so maybe he has an Inn outside of Camelyn where they meet on the road to Tar Valon? Possible they could just use CGI and Matte to show Camelyn without needing actual sets. Then it could proceed as in the books with them sneaking away from the Reds to get to the Waygate. I could see that working 2. Moiraine and the others split from the group and go and meet Basel Gil in Camelyn. This has the issue of it being unlikely that they ADD a big city in Tar Valon. So then likely the stilling is done in Camelyn, but then there is the issue of Elayne and whether she not being cast is a red herring. Possible I guess but thats a lot of casting to hide. Seems unlikely though there HAS to be some reasonably major castings still unannounced for some reason. 3. The most logical one to me is that they just continue on to Tar Valon as part of the Logain group. Requires the least amount of plot histrionics, and it is keeping with Tar Valon being the target all along and they can show Tar Valon (to hook viewers) in all its glory
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