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  1. Well people read that scene differently. To me it has always read as repressed men finally asserting their domination over women after years of being repressed shunned gentled and in Rand's case caged. "kneel or be knelt" and the sheer carnage described and that contextual element of the scene I just don't think work in the view of the gender dynamic that Rafe will want to portray. Maybe they keep it for shock value but Dumai's wells has never set well with me, it just feels super misogynistic to me. I know most don't agree as it seems to be many people's favorite scene.
  2. Yeah SDCC is definitely more of a "genre" focused show than a "comic" related. Even then though there were panels about WoT ran by Jordan at SDCC which I attended so a WoT trailer at SDCC makes a lot of sense. I would say this though. I do not think "mainstream" marketing has started AT ALL for WoT other than a couple press releases now over a year old. Right now, WoTOnPrime is marketing to the hard core WoT fan to just start some inexpensive word of mouth, viral marketing. I think when they go full marketing we will see it everywhere. People forget that Amazon's own market researc
  3. With every thing we have seen recently, the sound clip, sword video, guitar video and tiny show snippet and especially the concept art I think the show is in really good hands. I expect it to be quite good. I am in the minority of hard core WoT fans that actually want it to be solidly TV-MA. The world has always been TV-MA but sort of told in a PG-13 way. I do not think that works for this show. It needs to be alive, and adult. The two most successful series in Witcher and GOT are both very adult. The LOTR adaption will likely be more PG-13 because of the movies so since they are doing two maj
  4. They may not in terms of dialogue but in terms of events I would say it is very high probability.
  5. Well my thought is this. We know from the script reads that Moiraine eventually meets up with the Reds hunting Logain, likely after he is captured and likely on the way to Tar Valon. I suspect they have rescued Perrin and Egwene and Nynaeve is tagging along at this point as well with Mat and Rand still seperated. So at this point there are really 3 possibilities. 1. Somehow the Logain group meets up with Rand/Mat somewhere outside of a major city. Where? It makes no sense for Bassel Gil to be innkeeper in Four Kings, so maybe he has an Inn outside of Camelyn where they
  6. Yes, so there is the Instagram post Rafe made about the council of Aes Sedai and all the wonderful actresses there that day, which is almost certainly the stilling of Logain. Now it is possible that the the stilling itself takes place in Caenlyn instead, but if that is true then you need to Rand scenes which means that Elayne, Galad/Gawyn, and Elaida at a minimum need to cast. Many people thought Kate Franz is Elayne but Geeky Eri thinks not. Plus Rafe has said that one major character from Book 1 is not in season 1 that people will not be surprised at and 1 that they w
  7. Lots of things point to it and let's not forget that even in the books that is the intended target for Rand. I am just reading through the lines on what Rafe has said. The one glimmer of hope for Caemlyn though is that they did do the Spain scenes which has a Caemlyn vibe to it. But I think we don't see it until Season 2. If it is in Season 2, do they combine Cairihein and Camlyn? I would personally hate it but it's possible.
  8. I could see a combo of Moghedien and Sermirhage. After she escapes from Nynaeve she could flee to Seanchan and then take the place of Semirhage later in the show making her role even larger in the show. I understand what you mean about Graendal but a couple things. First, if Amazon wants a show that is more TV-MA then Graendal is perfect for part of that purpose. Also, she does quite a bit but Jordan chose not to show it, her role could easily be expanded. Plus I think a character with Graendals approach to sex would be good for the show. They could make that Berelain but that woul
  9. I am like 99% sure that Tar Valon will be in Season 1 and Caemlyn will not. Just looking at Rafe's replies and tidbits it is easy to come to that conclusion. Rand does not have to be in the White Tower for them to be in Tar Valon. They can go to the Queen's Blessing (maybe renamed) and wait for Moiraine and the others just like in the book. Then use the Tar Valon waygate for Fal Dara even before he has a chance to be in the Tower. I had really thought that Egwene and Nynaeve would stay at Tar Valon and not go to Fal Dara, but it seems Egwene at least has scenes there so my theory on that was w
  10. If Caemlyn was in Elayne and the rest of the Andorans would need to be in. Rafe has all but confirmed they are not in. Min is in the last block so Rand seems to meet her in Fal Dara, so Baerlon is likely out. We also know that Moriane's group meets up with the reds hunting Logain. Rafe has also confirmed that there is a scene with lots of Aes Sedai (likely the gentling of Logain) So my guess is that Baerlon and Caemlyn are out. Seems like Four Kings might remain and could be where Thom meets Rand and Mat. After meeting up with the Logain group they probably all go to Tar Valon and the Queen's
  11. It's set in the early Renaissance well before the industrial revolution.
  12. You want to merge the two most un-alike Forsaken? Don't see that at all. Graendal especially is needed for the future sexposition scenes. I think they will have Taim be Demandred as originally planned. Aginor and Balthamel could remain as they would only really need to be in a single scene. Ishamael obviously stays, and likely Moridin too. Semirhage is really important later, she would stay Asmodean is vital he stays. I can see Sammael and Rahvin or Sammael/Be'lal being combined. I doubt we get every major city. Caemlyn s
  13. The commonly held notion of the budget of WoT based on the tax credits is I believe way off. My guess is that the budget is in the $200 million range. That said I don't think SB would be a good use of resources.
  14. Oh thanks for that. Composer is SOOO important, would love to know more about that and who the replacement is. I am really hoping that they don't go for the anachronistic scoring that has become vogue lately.
  15. I LOVE the concept art. It strikes the perfect balance between drab like GOT and technicolor. Gives me great hope on the art direction backed up also by the sword and guitar though the Whitecloak uninforms that were leaked just look lame.
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