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  1. I think the representation of magic will be more vibrant in WOT...the entire story is ABOUT magic. I expect imagery for weaving, embracing saidar and saidin, Shadar Logoth, etc...one thing I do hope is the Trollocs dont just look like LOTR orcs or undead. They need to be unique I think. I also think the underlying story is strong enough to support the increased magic focus.
  2. I'mnot sure how threads of fire & spirit (Nynaeve healing stilling) could be presented in a TV show balefire would be easier If I were to guess, I would think they have a SFX devoted to creating the "weaving" effect for the series. I suspect it will be pretty amazing actually in appearance.
  3. I agree with most of what you wrote. Personally I would keep all cursing as it is in the books, but they will likely test that and see if it works when filmed. Pretty sure I read pillow friends are confirmed so that could be a big element and nudity. I dont need it one way or the other, I would just be surprised if they go the TV-14 direction with this, but some recent Neflix shows have been successful this way such as Sabrina but maybe they do. Suspect the temptation to be more adult because of GOT will be very high though. I thought Rafe had already said the polygamy was out but maybe separate relationships. My guess is they will cast much like GOT with mostly young and lesser know character actors, but cast a star in the main role. I know Charlize Theron very much wanted to be in GOT so I could see someone like her as Moiraine. I suspect hers is first casting we learn about since she is "lead" for season 1
  4. Dont really agree with. Some of the magic scenes in GOT are also among the favorite scenes, and the dragons are hugely popular which is pure fantasy. People will accept magic fine as long as the presentation makes it organic and believable. That is possible with Wheel of Time, whereas most magic is poorly written and comes off as silly. TEOTW is very strong source material so I think it will be presented fine, and let's not forget it is their most anticipated show. The popularity of the books is huge.
  5. My guess is that the WOT will have nudity (possibly quite a lot depending on how they handle pillow friends and the White Tower), and some sexual situations but it wont be in a very graphic way like GOT, but I cant imagine there not being nudity and sex. I think WOT will be solidly TV-MA but not as hard as GOT. Cursing will be the interesting thing, I suspect they will have some real cursing mixed in with the WOT style cursing. Wouldnt be surprised with a Graendal "orgy" scene that is pretty explicit for shock value. I think the travelling people need to stay it's so important to the overall arc. To be honest, much of Perrins arc can be just excised without really any loss, especially the endless Faile kidnapping thing. I dont see them keeping the polygamy as is though. Not sure that would work. To be honest, I am not so sure that the story doesn't get changed quite a bit right around the Lanfear/Moiraine fight. I could see them changing that entire Arc. And Taim should be corrected back as originally intended. Bowl of the Winds? Not sure that adds a lot either. Shadar Logoth may be emphasized more. Fain may be more front and center.
  6. Really not agreeing with much of this to be honest. In my view, WOT is not about battles. There certainly are some key battles, but the focus is really on the progression and change of the characters. The Aiel are in many ways the core of the books, really impossible to take them out. I think the core main players will stay but I think the most vulnerable actually might actually be Elayne and Morgase. And I suspect large chunks of Perrins and Faile's story gets seriously truncated. I would expect more of the Black Ajah, Cadsuane earlier, and much less political hopping about. Taim will be Demandred. I think Lanfears and Moiranes story gets changed a lot. And the Forsaken get more screen time.
  7. Really? I had not read that. To be honest, I think the switch really weakened the entire series. Not enough to knock of its pedestal as the best book series ever, but that switch was just nonsensical. It's also something the series should switch back
  8. Not sure they need to cut that much. Despite being hugely long books, I think there is less actual plot in a book from ASOAIF as an example. I think they could do much of the core story if not all of it in 8 seasons. A lot of the stuff in later seasons like Faile's imprisonment, Elayne retaking the throne can be greatly reduced and consolidated. Morgase's imprisonment as well. I think the best thing they can do is to make Mazrim Taim be Demandred as originally intended. Yes I know Jordan denied this but I still don't believe him, he just made it too obvious. I really dont think you can delete any of the main set of characters. Polygamy wont play well so that will likely be morphed into a more girl-centric love triangle +1, encouraging female viewers to "ship" either Elayne, Avi or Min and form Camp Avi, Camp Elayne and Camp Min, and maybe early Camp Egwene. They could actually skip Avi and Min and change it to just Egwene versus Elayne but I dont think they will do that. Also, I actually do think that the WOT is actually women driven. Egwene and Nynaeve are as important as Matt and Perrin in many ways. It will also be interesting to see how "adult" it is. Jordan's writings were for the most part PG-13 but a lot of the content is at least as hard as Game of Thrones, especially if you want to portray the Forsaken correctly. I expect it to be pretty explicit actually.
  9. I think that it is Mierin. Not Cyndane or Lanfear. Mieren. The scene in the epilogue had Rand/Lews recognize the tortured woman as Mierin, not Lanfear. I think that is important. It is hinted in the rings scene with Rand that Mierin unlike the other Chosen did not really choose to be a Chosen but was forced into it as a result of what happened when she drilled into the dark one's prison. When she died, much like the madness that Nynaeve healed, the black roots of madness were lifted and Mieren is trying to help the light. She helped Egwene in te; as well.
  10. It is definitely NOT the fat man angreal. There was nothing at the time to figure out about it or discuss at the time and that is a criteria BS gave. I have no idea what #2 on your list could possibly be either.
  11. Entering into TAR does not fit Brandon's description at all in my opinion.
  12. We pretty much know the purpose of the swirling colors, so it isn't a hidden thing or puzzle. The connection with the 3 ta'veren will definitely play a major role in the books though, that's for sure. So what is the agreed upon purpose? \ It's allowing the 3 to see eachother, so most likely to coordinate in the future or definitely something more powerful we don't know about yet. It's not a mystery or anything though. OK. So this is exactly why I think it might be the hidden thing. We just all assume that the swirling colors are exactl what you said. We don't discuss them we just srt of assume that they are exactly what we think they are no more no less...like just an earring. But what if the colors turn out to be part of something muh much bigger and more imprtant than we were thinking. If sthe colors exist it book 4 I really think that this is the thing.
  13. We pretty much know the purpose of the swirling colors, so it isn't a hidden thing or puzzle. The connection with the 3 ta'veren will definitely play a major role in the books though, that's for sure. So what is the agreed upon purpose?
  14. OK. I have a thought. But I am not sure if it is mentioned in Book 4 at all, but maybe it is but in a slightly different way that we may be missing. I think that the Big Thing might be the swirling colors. If it started in Book 4, then it seems to really fit. I don't remember a whole lot of discussion specific to it or it being tied to any specific theory. Any chance?
  15. I think what we are seeing with AMOL is a micocosm of what happened to WOT in general. It takes much longer to get from point to point in the story that is anticipated. I am sure Jordan's notes highlight the main plotting elements...Mat will be here do this, and after this battle he goes here. Just a simple transition but fleshing it out in an interesting way might take much longer than you thought. In addition there may not be a smooth transition from one major point in the story to another so BS has to create several sub-points to move the story along. He is only 25% of the way through and it will undoubtedly balloon again. While he is now saying over 500K words I would not be surprised at all to see it ballon by another 25% to 40% which means in the end it could be 700K words or more. Also remember that Jordan was specifically going to leave some loose ends. I am not so sure that the losse ends will happen now, it is more of a complete wrap up of the WOT universe. Had Jordan lived 20 more years, he likely would have returned to the WOT universe (and had even though of the storyline) just as J.K. Rowling will eventually find another story to write in the HP world. The negative is that I think outside of a "special edition" AMOL will be broken up into at least 2 parts.
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