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I am really keen to see how this adaption pans out. What is the ONE scene you have always wanted to see visualised? For me it has always been a toss up between The Prologue in TEOTW or Dumai's Wells. 


What do you want to see?

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Cleansing of Saidin is one among the scenes I wait. I think it was a wondrous thing to happen, yet action packed and emotional. 


Lan fighting Demandred in the Last Battle. Especially how that one ends. 


Two Rivers boys charging trollocs shouting in old tongue. 


Dumai's wells for sure. 



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For me, there is no way to limit it to one scene, I absolutely want to see the big items like those mentioned above, but just as important are the (borrowing Leigh Butler's term) Moments of Awesomeness where battles aren't involved, such as:

- Tuon and Karede finally understanding that Mat is highly competent and a "Lion on the open plain"
- Nyneave overcoming her block
- Salidar committee realizing they didn't install a 'malleable' Amyrlin

- Perrin's realization that Tam, Abel and others are accepting his suggestions as orders

- Verin's big reveal
- Nyneave's discussion with Weilin Aldragoran at the queen's lance in Saldea.
- Mat and Birgitte having a long conversation and finally requesting Mat to pick one language and then stick with it.
- Any of the three Taveren not realizing how much women around them are googly-eyed because of them.
- Almost anytime we're given the inner thoughts of Mat and Nyneave, while at the same time those thoughts are so very much opposite of the truth of the brave/righteous actions they are taking.


So, so many others.  Impossible for me to omit those

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Yeah that's one reason Gawyn might have to stay until suian falls, Mat wiping the floor with Gawyn and Galad even though he's just risen. All of Mat's old tongue scenes. I hope they include the Mat vs. Couladin fight. If they get that far, I hope we see Perrin parting the balefire and Egwene goggle-eyed like you can't do that. I also want the fight at the manor and see how they'll do it because part of that scene being epic is the narrator telling us those weaves hadn't been seen in 3000 years. One more, Nyneave accidentally healing Logain and then realizing whoops, I healed a false dragon.

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I am looking forward to seeing onscreen all of the majorly important scenes that most WOT fans love. Heck, I love those scenes too. However, in season 1 focusing on tEotW, I want the tv show to really put forth the horror aspect of those dreams and nightmares in which Ishamael, aka Ba'alzamon, scared the bejesus out of Rand, Perrin, and Mat. If Rafe, his directors, and the actors can really show in the visual format just how frightening those constant nightmares are to those characters, I would love it. Doing so would help make a clear distinction between The Wheel of Time tv series as compared to other fantasy tv shows. 

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My very favorite stuff in the series isn’t really character driven. Instead, it is the brief glimpses into the Age of Legends, and revolving nature of the battle between the Dragon and the Dark One.


So my two favorite chapters are The Dedicated from TSR (hands down the best book) and What Might Be from TGH. Although I’m really not sure how the TV series will adapt those - if they aren’t cut entirely.


I also agree that Dumai’s Wells will be epic if the series survives that long (sorry to be Debbie Downer but I don’t think it will).

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Too many to choose from in the whole series so I'll stick to TEOTW & TGH for the first season, if we get that far.


Give me at least one Fal Dara bath scene.

Ingtar coming clean to Rand and going out kamikaze style (I've cried every time).

Moiraine and Siuan's reunion. 

Logain laughing when he catches a glimpse of Rand. 

Lan/Nynaeve's early romance, any scene will do, though most excited about the one when Rand eavesdrops on them. 

Rand winning his first swordfight/duel and killing a dude (get used to it buddy) 

Rand revealing the Dragon banner and coming out to Perrin and Mat.

Nynaeve/Rand moment when she pretty much tells him she lied to Moiraine about his birth.


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From epic scenes, I have to choose Cleansing of Saidin. That was such a rhythmical scene in the books and I can't wait to see how it'll be done on screen.


But, I am more interested in "quiter" scenes... 


1. Egwene telling everything to Elaida's face. Overall, her entire imprisonment is something I want to see.


2. The council at the fields of Merrilor (please forgive me for misspellings. I have read WoT only in Serbian)


3. Rand in White Tower


4. Cadsuane breaking Semmihrage. 


5. "Your dress is green" That one should be epic. (I hope that is the line... I need to read it in English)

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I just really want them to play out the Rhuidean scene where Rand has to revive Mat exactly, word-for-word, as Robert Jordan described it in the book. If they do that, I can die happy.


Seriously, though, I'm curious to see how they represent the One Power and the weaves. Part of me hopes we get to see everything, but then, there are times when a woman channels and Rand comments on how he can't see anything, and I wonder if they won't let us see anything in those cases, either. I really want to see the exact weaves when Nynaeve cures gentling, though. 


I also hope they keep the scene in Caemlyn where Mat goes to deliver Elayne's letter, and he puts that flower in his hair. It's such a little thing, but it always makes me smile. 


Oh, and I'm really excited just to see how they do the opening credits! It's not that important, but, at the same time, it's so important. 

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KOD Chpt 20




Not an epic battle scene but a very emotional one for me.  Dare I say I wept a little. (Just don't tell my wife)


When Nynaeve travels to the pub with the three Malkieri Traders and she convinces them to ride to the last battle with Lan.


"The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai'don!"


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I can't wait to see Moiraine tell the story of Manatharen. I really hope they give us glimpses into that past when she does. 

Galad  (I just want to see someone so pretty)   OOOH speaking of a whitecloak!! How about that Dark Friend gathering where you discover that one of them IS a Whitecloak and inquisitor!!! 


 Igtor coming back to the Light at the last moment and giving his life so that the others can escape. I bawl my eyes out every time I read that part.   Dumai’s Wells, 


 Verin's reveal.  (another tear fest) . 


The Malkiri riding to join Lan with the Golden Crane flying again. 


  Or The moment when Rand finally after all that resisting and anger accepts his fate and is at peace with himself and what is destined to happen. His walk back down the mountain and everything coming to life around him. I cried so hard.   

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Two of the scenes I want to see involve Moiraine, the other Perrin. 


First, the story of Manetheran. That scene is the reason I re read the first book so much.


Second, the moment when Moiraine returns at the council of Merrilor. I re read that section 3 times on my first read through.


And finally, the forging of Mah'alleinir. Such an amazing moment, I loved the way that scene played out. And i love the name, for so many reasons.

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One scene that's not in the books that I'm sure will get play is Thom and Gholam starting the Cahrienen civil war. I just past that point in tGH and I'd forgotten about Thom. I could also see them having Lanfear kill barthanas for letting Rand escape. Unlike RJ doing it offscreen, I doubt something that momentus would be brushed aside.

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