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  1. Although he wouldn't be my first choice, the fact that we got an actor with career in Hollywood instead of K-POP star, makes me more confident about the project. That said, while he is almost 40, Mr Henney really looks young. I always imagined Lan as a seasoned warrior, stern face, but also tenderness in eyes. Mr Henney looks kind, polite, friendly even, just by looking at him. It would be really interesting to see what he can do with the role.
  2. I suppose the music would be evocative of epic spectacles we have already seen and I am all for it. Djawadi made GoT music so memorable that it remains one of the best things about the show. I would like to hear different sounds - something a bit more modern, but also having that epic orchestral sound when it's time. I want to hear songs, I want lyrics... We have seen how songs with lyrics can work well in "Game of Thrones" or "The Lord of The Rings". I would like to hear that. As for whom to hire... I would say "go big or go home" - John Williams would be amazing.
  3. I am not that sure. The politics of Tar Valon and Egwene's imprisonment can be the next "Game of Thrones" inside the TV show. Cut all the unnecessary Aes Sedai, have Romanda and Leleaine with Siuan and Sheriam, make it epic when Egwene turns tables on them and you get an impressive storyline. That story has a potential. I am more worried about Elayne's war for Caemlyn and all the games in Andor.
  4. From epic scenes, I have to choose Cleansing of Saidin. That was such a rhythmical scene in the books and I can't wait to see how it'll be done on screen. But, I am more interested in "quiter" scenes... 1. Egwene telling everything to Elaida's face. Overall, her entire imprisonment is something I want to see. 2. The council at the fields of Merrilor (please forgive me for misspellings. I have read WoT only in Serbian) 3. Rand in White Tower 4. Cadsuane breaking Semmihrage. 5. "Your dress is green" That one should be epic. (I hope that is the line... I need to read it in English)
  5. I am so sad that some people don't understand what a great news this is. We are talking about Oscar nominee playing Moiraine, an actress with incredible range, beautiful stature and overall, great career. This is "Sean Bean is Ned Stark" kind of news and I believe people's criticism is somewhat unfair. 1. Height is important in WoT, That said, none of adaptations put that much emphasis on height of the characters, unless like in the case of John Rhys Davies and Gimli, we speak about dwarfs. I suppose Rand will be the tallest, but I doubt they will nail everyone's height. 2. Rosamund Pike has incredible range and for non believers I suggest watching this If you think she can't act with green screen, watch it and think again. 3. She can pull Moiraine, that is for sure. Moiraine is a true lady, sharp, intelligent, strong, but also gentle and caring. Anyone who has watched Pike can verify that she can pull that off. I am very happy for WOT adaptation. I hope the further choices will be as inspiring as this one. Looking forward to seeing her in WoT.
  6. For me, nothing trumps Cadsuene's thinking of how to break Semirrhage ETA: I apologize if I am butchering the names... I have read WoT solely in my native...
  7. I would completely rewrite entire Forsaken storyarc. There was so much potential in it and at the end, I felt like they have done nothing. I wonder what were the stores mothers frightened their children since the villainous nature of these 13 were so mundane... I hope to find some new data at "The World of WoT" about them... Because if I don't, I would be thoroughly disappointed.
  8. Dreaming of Spring with Memories of Light...

  9. Thank you very much... Good to be here... I will check everything... :)
  10. Hello, good people of Dragonmount, My name is Mladen (in RL too) and I am a big fan of epic fantasy genre hence why I have joined this site. Not particularly interested in RPG, far more in discussions about the series. Hope I will discover the new frontiers of WoT Universe on this site...
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