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  1. Mini authors borrow from other authors the will of time started out as Robert Jordan's of the Lord of the rings story. And he admitted this. He never pretended that he didn't borrow from tolkien. Terry goodkind didn't borrow from authors he ripped them off and claimed their work as his original ideas. you love to make speeches about how he doesn't write fantasy because he's above fantasy. But in the end he couldn't come up with a single idea without stealing it from another author and claiming it after them. And he is notoriously Petty. He publicly really told th
  2. The sunshine are definitely multiracial because there are people's based on the native Americans such as some of the servants there are also darker skin such as Tuon and there are plenty of white people and all of them speaking a Texas accent (according to Robert Jordan) which is hilarious. But many of the Westland people's have a lot of description of their physical. The Tearans for example obviously Spanish in both culture and ethnicity they are described as Olive skinned and have a clear medieval Spanish culture, with their proficiency in raising horses growing olives,
  3. ItThe three lobes are a joke. Yes they take them but they look for every opportunity to create loopholes around them. They are a technicality. If there is even the smallest hint of Truth and something ice guy says they consider it true incest get around the oath about lying. This is how the three oaths were designed. They were created with the intent of allowing I said die to get around them easily. They were created as smoke and mirrors so that's why I said I could put on a show for regular people and pretend like they are bound. Siuan put it very nicely when s
  4. And let's not forget one important fact. the White tower was not the first or only I survived stronghold formed after the breaking. There were others. the White tower basically destroyed all of the others because they wanted all the power for themselves. that is why they have a law that states that they are the only legitimate gathering of Channelors, and they attack in the other Chandler's who try to gather in groups, not because it's dangerous but because they don't want threat to their power. their power and the White tower itself is more important to the I said die than even stopping t
  5. I have the theory that the dark one gave Ishmael all of his memories once he joined the shadow. I think that he did it on the premise that access to his memories would help him better fight against Lew's Therin, but with the added benefits of driving him mad from mental exhaustion from having to remember every life pee ever lived. and this is why he remains with the shadow because the dark one promised to end this exhaustion by giving him an eternal death, once the wheel is destroyed.
  6. He said that he remembered fighting the chosen of like countless times, in the prologue of eye of the world. He knew that he was the one who served as the CoL's antithesis.
  7. I don't think he knew about the dark one prior to the boar being drilled, but I am sure that he knew about the cycle well before he turned to the shadow. He turned to the shadow because he realized that the cycle with continue every time the dark one was resealed and that the dark one would eventually win. he was a very logical person and he saw joining the shadow and helping The dark one succeed as the most logical choice. What I'm unclear on is whether or not he had his memories prior to this. Because it's also revealed that he follows the dark one because the d
  8. From an early point in the series, it's clear that ishamael remembers all of his past lives. This seems to be why he is so desperate for death. but do he have these memories before joining the Shadow or did The dark one give them to him? it would make sense that he joined the shadow because the dark one promised to give him an eternal death, if he was so tired from remembering all of his lives. but the story was quite clear that the reason he joined the shadow is because he saw that the shadows triumph was inevitable. It never mentioned early on that h
  9. KiWhere's the Malkeri being officially made Korean, with Lan' casting choice, does this mean the other border Landers are going to start being Asian as well. It would make sense with the Shienarsns, since they are based on Japanese culture anyway, with samurai like armor katana-like longswords, and top Knots, but what about the other borderlander nations? I'm pretty sure they're going to go with either Romani or Indian for Saldeans, given their description as darker-skinned often with largish prominent noses, which is very common among both those people's. But I
  10. Saying it's a talent still doesn't explain fully. people with strong talents in healing can still use the power in other ways. Andro is literally the only person in the entire series who is extremely weak in all but one aspects of the power.
  11. The only thing I can think of is that he is actually one of the most powerful Channeler's in the world, but that he is extremely limited in what he can use that power in. but he is unique in that he is so weak in the power in other talents that he can barely use it. Most people who are like him and very strong a single talent at least have some power and other talents. He can barely even do anything with the power and less he's traveling.
  12. That doesn't really explain why he is so weak and all other aspects of channeling. even someone who is extremely strong and healing can still create a fireball usually. and raw is so weak in the pattern in general that he shouldn't have even been able to create gateway. And yet he is able to create gateway's in ways that it's done most very powerful Channelors. so it's not that he is simply very talented and traveling it's literally that he can only travel and that's it. The most he can do in other ways is a very small trickle of the power. if he had
  13. I'm rereading the series and have been thinking about Androl. He's considered weak in the power but hasban uncanny ability to create gateways larger than people much more powerful. How is he able to do this. Two possibilities come to mind. The first is a block. A block which feeds off of his love of travel, which prevents him from accessing ant significant amount of power unless traveling is involved. The second is that he is actually very powerful but is somehow restricted to a single talent, traveling. So is isn't able to channel effectively i
  14. HBO owns the rights to screen adaptations of the series. they can egally make any shows they want. they do not need his consent to make an adaptation. They simply are quoted to credit him and pay royalties. just like Sony doesn't need Marval comic consent toake Spiderman movies because they own the rights
  15. Ishy-moridin is a central part of the plot. He is killed, but the Dark One refuses to let him die as punishment for his failture, and forces him to use the name Moridin as a way of mocking his desire to die.
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