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  1. Tam wasn't an outlander. He was born and raised in the Two Rivers, and left seeking adventure. It was his wife Kari, who was the outlander. And nowhere in the entire series does it ever say that no one ever leaves the Two Rivers.
  2. It says their eyes are darker, not their skin.
  3. Someone doesn't lose their skin color just because they don't live where their ancestors did? Do you think the son of a Arabic man is gonna not have darker skin if he grows up in the west?
  4. If you ask me, Rand is the one who should have a darker complexion, not Egwene and Nynaever. He is half-Aiel, after all, and Aiel have a darker complexion, comparable to a people from the middle east. And it's said numerous times that Rand could easily pass for a Aielman on looks alone.
  5. I wouldn't say that any of them were "weaves" He was simply lashing out with raw power the whole time. It took no real focus, except when he was feeling for weaknesses in the shield. Otherwise he simply flailed out blinding using the power with no real focus. Even when he stilled them, he was really just throwing spirit out randomly. I don't think he even used the actual weave for severing. But the stilling and gentling require heavy amounts of spirit, and so I think he used so much of spirit that it ended up having the same effect.
  6. Rand doesn't actully "weave" anything to get out of the box. He feels for when the shield is at it's weakness, and then just unleashes a wave of raw power to overwhelm it. I would say that that could be explained by that weaving is only a way to direct and focus the power to certain ends, but the power can be used in a more raw form, but it's much harder to control. This would explain why Rand "accidently" stilled all the women who held his shield. It could also explain why the WT needs to train people. Even someone like Nynaeve, who has a base control naturally could be dangerous if she loses control. So she has to learn to focus the power, but someone ike Egwene who has no real control could accidently unleash a wave of power that could kill bystanders.
  7. I think they should have literal threads of light, with different colors to represent each element, with are directed by hand movements. It won't be he same as in the books where the channelors use their minds to control the threads, and literally look like they stand still to non-channelers, but it would make for a great visual element. I'm picturing it as something similar to Tai Chi, and the threads being woven from the movements.
  8. I do hope they change one thing with Egwene. I hope they drop the "flame of tar valon" at theend. I think it was a cop out, to suddenly be able to reverse balefire, which, until that time, had a mythos about it of being so dangerous that the shadow even hestitated to use it. It kinda destroys the purpose if youcan literally "unburn" threads that were burned away by balefire. Also, I want her to die defeating one of the OTHER forsaken,and leave Taim to the Asha'man. Logain and the Asha'man spent several books fighting against Taim and his dreadlords, and it felt anti-climatic to have them have no hand in his actual defeat. It would be better to have an epic Logain vs Taim battle. Maybe Egwene could die defeating Demandred after he kills Gawyn.
  9. They could have one of her sisters end up as a Novice. I'm surprised that one didn't anyway.
  10. Loial is the only character I see with heavy CGI. The fades are gonna be mostly just makeup. They said from the start that they want to do that.
  11. Well, for one, I am sure they will cut out the 10 weeks of riding around in the woods that basically filled up half the book before they all met up in Caemlyn. I think that Winternight, the Road to Taren Ferry, and everything leading up to their ending up in Shodar Logoth will happen in the first episode. And their arrival at Shadar Logoth, meeting Mordeth, fleeing the city and being separated will happen in episode 2, as will the Perrin and Egwene's meeting with Elyas, Rand, Mat and Thom's catching a ride on the Spray, and Nynaeve meeting up with Moiraine and Lan. After that will an episode of them being separated...to give time for Rand's acrobatics on the Spray's mast, Mat sitting by himself jacking off to a dagger, and Thom wanting to kill himself for even knowing either of them. And of course Perrin, Elyas, and Egwene's time with the Tinkers, if they are gonna still have Arem, and all of that. and everything else that happened, and that episode can end with the Fade attacking them at Whitebridge, and Thom's "death". There is not reason at all to even have Rand and Mat's actual journey, unless you want to use it to introduce the idea that darkfriends can be anyone and live anywhere. Because it was the first actual confirmation of darkfriends. They were merely mentioned before this, but personally, I don't care. I would just as soon have their first scenes be of them arriving at Caemlyn.
  12. Morgause needs to be a major star. She isn't in the series enough to not use her as a chance to have a big drawing name for the role. I say Nicole Kiddman. She's a major star, and almost everyone's dream actor for the role. Sony and Amazon have been willing to splurge on big names for important minor roles in the past. And she could serve as a spokesperson for the series, and do interviews to promote it as well.
  13. always thought that David Thewlis would make a great Fain. He can do the dark, crazy characters.
  14. Thom is one of the roles which I think should go to a somewhat well known actor. Preferably a stage actor who has done Shakespear, since I feel that the "High Chant" version of stories would kinda work like somewhat hammy Shakespear style acting.
  15. Yes, but it also destroys the entire mythos created around balefire, and the reason it's feared. Even the shadow hesitates to use it because of the danger it poses.
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