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  1. Judging by his middle age, and irish accent, I would say he is gonna play someone from Western Andor/Two Rivers. So I would say Tam. The Two Rivers seems pretty diverse in the Show. So I do not see Tam being white any more of an issue than Mat being white.
  2. OK, for years, I had a theory that Rand and Moridin would have a battle that would end up much like Harry's fight with Voldemort, with Rand being "killed" but Moridin actually killing himself. The idea being that when Rand dies it's Moridin's soul, or, more precisely, his half of their combined soul, which passed on, leaving Rand alive, but that part of them which was linked to Moridin would be lost, maybe some memories, or his ability to channel.
  3. When they cross bailfire at Shodar Logoth, the patter reweaves them into a single soul. It's was the pattern's way of corrupting the paradox of their existance. They struck each other with balefire at the same time, and as such both should exist and neither should exist at the same time. This paradox would have destroyed the pattern, and so it created a new soul that was neither of them, and both of them in order to compensate. This is how Rand is able to sense and use the True Source, and how he is able to force Moridin to switch bodies with him in the end.
  4. My main concern was the "flame of Tar Valon" arc, and the fact that Logain was basically robbed of his chance to face off against Taim. Logain was literally the main opposer of Taim for 3 or 4 books, and yet they dropped him just to give Egwene a chance to suddenly reaalize how to completely reverse balefire? 1; Balefire shouldn't be reverseable That's the point of balefire. It's so dangerous that it could destroy the whole pattern. 2; There are so many other things Egwene could have done, in much the same fashion without stealing the spotlight from Logain and killing off one of the most anticipated story arcs of the series. I for one couldn't wait to see Logain finally face off against Taim, and they drop it.
  5. Except the bore is a hole in space/time. It's not part of the land. There wasn't a literal hole in the ground that leads to the dark one's prison. It's literally a rip in reality. The Dark One exists outside of reality. He exists outside of time and space, and Rand literally repaired that hole in space time. And please don't mention the pit of doom The pit of doom already existed. Shayol ghul was originally a volcanic island, and the magma chamber that became known as the Pit of Doom already existed prior to the bore being created. It just so happened that the weakest part of reality, where the Aes Sedai broke through, was inside the volcano.
  6. That still doesn't explain himhaving the ability to literally alter reality at will, like he did when he fully created the DO's prison, which exists outside of the pattern. He literally repaired the bore, to the point that it was as if it never existed. Even a Ta'veren wouldn't that much control over the pattern, and that can't be attributed to his connection to the land,since the bore was not a physical part of the world, but a hole in time and space.
  7. People always attribute Rand's effect on the land to him being Ta'veren, but that doesn't quite make since. Ta'veren effect odds. They can't make something that is impossible happen. For example, Mat can effect how a dice is rolled because it's purely ods, but he has less effect on cards because it's less based on odds because a person is doing the shuffling and each person might shuffle different. So the odds change from person to person. Rand's connection to the land literally makes dead things come back to life. Like the apple tree in the prologue of....I forget which one it was in. Rand literally changes reality, That can't be because of him being a Ta'veren. I always had a theory that Rand and Ishy were literal analogues to Jesus and the Anti-Christ. Each with some part of their either the creator or the dark one's power. So I think Rand's effect on the land and especially his ability to directly and purposely alter reality to completely recreate the DO's prison is because he somehow has the ability to tap into a small part of the creator's power.
  8. 1; The "Black Wind" is literally just a wind. They will likely have distorted voices blended with the wind so that it sounds like the wind is speaking. 2; LTT's voice will just be a voice over. One that Rand hears and no one else. It's gonna work out on screen no different than any other schitzophrenic character. Movies and tv shows have mentally ill characters who hear voices all the time. It will work no different than that.
  9. Where she went is never answered. It's a trick by RJ to make the reader think that Moiraine could secretly be Black Ajah, and that she might have been one of the Aes Sedai who was at the meeting with Bors. In reality it was Verin and Liandrin. All of the Darkfriends at the "social" were among the highest ranking. Liandrin is known to have been one of them, and it only makes sense for the other to have been Verin, who would have had to have been very high ranking in order to properly do her job as a spy, and gather enough information to bring down the Black Ajah. And since Verin's identiy as a darkfriend double agent isn't know until nearly the end of the series, the reader is intended to assume that Moiraine's absence means that she could have been the other one.
  10. I did have an epic dream one where I was a lord from Katar who reformed Almoth, with Falme as it's capital and became it's kng...... ?
  11. I always say "May you shelter in the palm of the Creator's hand, and May the last embrace of the mother welcome you home..," at funerals And I did actually say blood and ashes when I smashed my finger at work once.
  12. I guess that makes sense. Kinda like buring the end off of one single thread of a peice of fabric. The rest of the thread is still there, and more can be added to it.
  13. Ok we know balefire burns someone from the pattern, and erases their past actions from existance (but for some reason has no effect on the horn of valere) But does it actually destroy their soul? Can someone who is destroyed by balefire still be reborn? I am asking this because I have seen many theories which say that the forsaken are bound to the shadow for eternity,and they always turn to the shadow when the second age comes again, and the dark one's prison is broken. I'm 100% sure this is true for Ishy, who is the Dragon's antithesis, but is it true for the others? And if it's true, 4 of them were destroyed by balefire, 3 by Rand, and 1 by Moiraine. So if balefire prevents them from being reborn then that leaves 3 spots open when the 2nd age comes again in the next turning of the wheel. So maybe Taim was recruited and bound to the shadow, so he will be reborn in the next 2nd age as an Aes Sedai and turn to the shadow. But like I said, if balefire prevents rebirth, and the forsaken are bound to the shadow, than tht still leave 3 spots open. I guess that means the wheel will just force 3 aes sedai to turn and join the shadow. The wheel seems to automatically sense needs for changes in the pattern, just like it automatacially link Rand and Moridin's souls when they used balefire on each other.
  14. I don't remember Robert Jordan ever sayig that all borderlanders are asian. He said that Saldeans are based on North Africans, and that's literally the only time I remember. There is no reason for all of the borderlands to be based on the same ethnicity. I know Shienarans are based cultureally on Japan (samurai style armor, curved, one-sided longsword, top knots, etc, but I didn't see them actually described physically as looking asian. And I personally have always see Lan (and by expension the Malkieri) as northern european. Perhaps Danish. This is why I always saw Mads Mekkelsen as the perfect Lan. He has the hard, angular face, and is very good with swordplay in movies. And I could easily imagine him calling someone a sheepherder.
  15. According to RJ, Saldeans are based on North Africans. Large hooked noses are actually quite common in north Africa, especialy morocco.
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