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  1. That makes sense, since he's writing a book on their adventures. But I am sure it will be Moiraine.
  2. It should be done by whomever plays Moiraine, since the show is gonna follow her mostly, at least until she dies. The first episode should go like this... Prologue: Opening Segment with Moiraine reciting the opening lines of the book, while the camera, as though being carried by the wind itself soars over the mountains and mist and other areas being described. The camera then moves downwards and blows through Rand's cloak exactly like in the book, basically a zoom in on Rand, and then a quick cut to whomever plays Rand pulling their cloak around them and shivering.
  3. I think they will do OP battles two ways.... 1; If the scene if from the POV of a non-Channelor, there will be no effects. An example being, lets say the scene follows a maid walking through a door into finding an OP battle. She, and the camera, won't pick up any effects, just the channelors reactions. But if the scene follows the channelors themselves then all the effects, and all the weaves are shown.
  4. The only reason I can think of to make nudity explicit is if they want to show the implied sex scenes, such as Rand and Min, Rand and Aviendha, Rand and Elayne, Mat and random Darkfriend Aiel whose name I can't remember,
  5. I don't think they will have any issue having nudity, since there are plenty of scenes where people are naked in the books.....There is the dream Nynaeve has that she's naked and beong chased by one of the Forsaken, which is somewhat important to her character development. There are the public baths in Fal Dara.....The Aiel bathing tents............ I doubt they will have GOT style dull on sex scenes, but nudity is quite possible
  6. I always pictured Moiraine as having a a french accent, since she's Caihien. However, I could easily see her as having trained herself to speak several different accents to hide her roots.
  7. I would say that there needs to be 7 or 8 episodes per season. Similar to how GOT looks. Amazon has already announced that for the first few seasons they will doing one book per season. So, Season one is Eye of the World. However, they are for sure going to add scenes. They are gonna show many scenes that are implied in the books, but never shown. For example, they may have scenes of the Trollocs' movements through the Two Rivers as they search for Rand. Maybe one showing the fade giving orders, before you find out what it is.
  8. I want to focus on Eye of the World for now, but there are many things they can drop for time There is no reason to have the entirety of Mat & Rand's travels after Whitebridge. It can be all belded into one or two scenes where they encounter a nameless darkfriend.
  9. They will likely cast a few major stars in some roles for drawing power, then have the majority of the last be b-listers and unknowns. I think some of the roles for major stars will be Thom, Tam, and Morgase. Thom could be played by Michael Cain, Gary Oldman, or Someone who looks good in a facial hair. Tam only appears in a handful of chapters so he could be played by a major star who is just there to draw eyes to the premier. Ideally, he needs to be a middle aged actor who can speak in a irish accent (The Two Rivers accent is Irish), who could be believable as a Blademaster, and soldier. I say Liam Neeson. Like Tam, Morgase is a background character for most of the series, through she becomes a key supporting character later in the series and is the driving force for many characters developent..... (Rand feels he failed Elayne and Andor by failing to save Morgase, who he thinks he dead, Galad's grief over the presumed death of the only mother he had ever known, and fight to avenge her and bring her killer to justice are what pushes him into taking over the Children of the Light.) It needs to be someone who puts while attractive, can put out a vibe of power and regal authority......Nicole Kidman would be the best pick, if they were gonna use this character to draw eyes to the show.
  10. Sam Elliot will not be Thom. He can't speak in a british (Andoran) accent. I always thought that David Thewlis would be great as Fain.
  11. She might have meant that he would need Mat's help to get back out. Remember that Mat's had the key. Maybe she figured that out.
  12. Again, a tar'varen can't make the impossible happen. It can only effect existing odds of something that is possible. With Rand, it's far more than just being a tar'varen.
  13. He wasn't making the impossible happen. It's possible to fall several stories without being hurt, just not likely. The fact that something isn't likely to happen doesn't make it impossible. But a dead apple tree magically coming back to life full of fresh apples? That is physically impossible, and was caused by Rand. So Rand was literally causes dead things to come back to life, and makes apples magically appear on a tree that had been complete barren moments before. That seems like altering reality to me.
  14. There have been several things throughout the series which have always been credited to Rand being Ta'veren, but this doesn't make sense. A Ta'veren can only effect odds. They make something that is possible, far more likely to happen. However, they can't make something that is physically impossible happen. So, it doesn't make sense for Rand's being a Ta'veren be responsible for the dead, barren apple tree in the prologue of TGS come back to life, with a full harvest of apples. And of course, he literally altered reality when he fully recreated the Dark One's prison. Does this mean that Rand is the literal avatar of the Creator?
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