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  1. Wheel of Time Cast

    I had the idea of having Joe Dempsie from GOT as Perrin. He is youngish looking, even in his early 30's and could pass for 20 with the right makeup artist. And he is tall and buff, plus he's played a blacksmith so he knows how to work the hammer.. Plus he just looks so awesome swining a warhammer
  2. The dangers of eating nails is also not mentioned So since we have no evidence that eating nails is dangerous in the WOT world. it must not be. Yeah I don't buy that. I assume that it poses the same risk as it's RL counterpart, or, in peaches case, far more risk. Remember OUR world and OUR time. ARE the First Age. Tobac IS tobacco. They are one and the same.
  3. Yes, but thatdoesn't mean it DOESN"T cause have those dangers. There could be thousands of people traveling to the WT every year to get healed for lung cancers that they have no idea was caused by tobac, but for some reason, many fans have the mindset that because the dangers of smoking are not specifically mentioned in the books that tobac doesn't have the same health risks as tobac.
  4. Exactly. So, why do so many fans simply assume that tobac has no health risks? Also, in a world where healing with magic is possible, infectious diseases are less of a threat. I am sure the Aes Sedai send yellow sisters to heal outbreaks. Also, you are assuming that they would have no understanding of epidemiology, and statistics, but I am thinking they probably do. Keeping track of outbreak patterns seems to be something a Brown sisters would do, or even a Yellow sister, if she were interested in studying the causes of a disease in order to better understand it.
  5. The fact that lung cancer, and other smoking-based diseases are not common causes of death in the WOT world have lead to many fans to assume that tobac do not have the same daangers as it's real world counterpart, but this is just idiotic. You have to remember that in that world that anyone who suffers from a deadly disease can simply request healing from the Aes Sedai. The Aes Sedai get people coming to them in thousands to make such requests. It is literally the job of the Yellow Ajah to heal people. They likely heal their fair share of cancers.
  6. Does the One Power prevent pregnancy?

    You see them sleeping with men more than once in the books either to get information, or to gain trust. Many of the Aes Sedai held by the Black Tower were sleeping with Asha'man, for example. And I do remember more than one Aes Sedai at least hinting that they should have someone become Rand's lover in order to have access to him.
  7. You always see Aes Sedai using sex to get information, or to lure men into trusting them, but you never hear of them getting pregnant, not even with Green sisters and their Warders, whom I do not believe would really mind having children together in most cases. So, do you think there is a way to prevent pregnancy using the One Power? That would be the easiest way to explain the lack of babies in a society which has no qualms screwing their way to power and influence.
  8. Yes RJ did say something about the females being right, and that LTT's plan being flawed. He said that if the women had helped, then both sides of the OP would be tainted and all hope wold have been lost. The reason for the imperfect seal was not that they were using only Saidin, but because the original prison was created using the literal power of the creation. Humans can't match the power of a god, even with the One Power.
  9. Plot hole: Mat's death

    Didn't the heros of the horn even say it? Didn't they mention Mat's connection to the horn when they were called at Falme?
  10. No, it's seperate. The Power Rand was using could be used by either gender, like the True Power. I think that Dark One and Creator both get their power from the True Source, but their own versions are wholly seperate than the One Power as the world knows it.
  11. Like I said, if the others are actually originally chosen during the age of legends, and Ishy is the only one who has served more than once, M'Hael could be Ishy's replacement. Perhaps the DO is tired of failure, and plans on having M'Hael be the Chosen of Shadow now. Perhaps that's why he was given the position among the Chosen.
  12. I always felt that Rand's new power was literally the power of the creator, just like Moridin literally uses the power of the Dark One. There is plenty of evidence of Rand being able to literally create and alter realiity. 1; Him restoring the DO's prison and fully sealing the bore 2; The apples in the apple tree in the prologue of TGS magically appearing even though the tree was dead and barren. So, he lost his ability to touch the One Power, but was given access to an even greater power. Now he can just think of something and it becomes reality.
  13. In the prologue, the fact that Ishamael states that he and LTT had fought over countless ages points to the fact that the surviving Chosen are reborn into the same role. Do they live normal lives after death until then? Or are they held somewhere by the Dark One between turnings. And we know that they are not all originals. Some of them were destroyed by balefire, so they can't be reborn, and Taim became one as M'Hael. So how old do you think the Chosen actually were? I am not talking how old they are in their current lifetimes, but how many lifetimes each of them had spent as Chosen. Ishmael is likely the oldest overall, since he seems to be the central antithesis for the COL, according him, having faced him many times over many ages. So, I think it's safe to say that at least some of the others were also Chosen before as well, or perhaps Ishmael is the only one who is, and the others were chosen during the War of Power itself. But what does M'Hael's rising to the ranks of the Chosen mean then? Will he still be Chosen during his next rebirth? Do they all remember their past lives the way Ishmael did in the prologue? Or perhaps Ishamael is special, and remembers his the way Rand remembers being LTT, and they are the only ones. If if Ishael is the only one who is really reborn everytime, and the others are chosen during the second age, then what does M'Hael's rising to Chosen mean? Perhaps the DO is getting tired of Ishamael always failing him, and has chosen M'Hael to take his place ?