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  1. HBO owns the rights to screen adaptations of the series. they can egally make any shows they want. they do not need his consent to make an adaptation. They simply are quoted to credit him and pay royalties. just like Sony doesn't need Marval comic consent toake Spiderman movies because they own the rights
  2. Ishy-moridin is a central part of the plot. He is killed, but the Dark One refuses to let him die as punishment for his failture, and forces him to use the name Moridin as a way of mocking his desire to die.
  3. They are planning to make one on Robert's Rebellion, and they may decide to contract him with so that hewill be available when they do. If he signs wirh Amazon for WOT, he would't be able to do their show most likely. HBO likes to sign people to no compete clauses to make sure they are available for future projects if they are sure that the person is their choice.
  4. I don't think you are meant to know. I think RJ used it as a way to trick the reader into thinking Elaida was Black Ajah, since he is the one who showed the most interest.
  5. He might not be available because I think he's HBO's choice for their GOT Robert's Rebellion prequel series. So HBO might end up signing him so he's under contract and they can keep him from signing onto shows that would interfere with their scheduling.
  6. Wilf Scolding is best known for playing Rhaegar Targaryen in Game of Thrones. Based on his looks, I believe he could be great as Galad.
  7. I think they will have Gitara's foretelling, and other major scenes from New Spring, as flashbacks throughout the series. They shouldn't reveal from the start exactly why Moiraine is doing what she is doing Leave it a mystery. That's how the character is supposed to be. RJ went as far as hinting she was black Ajah early on, with her being hinted as one of the Aes Sedai at the Darkfriend Social in The Great Hunt. They need to have that air of mystery and the possibility she is using Rand and the others.
  8. In the prologue of TGS, when the farmer is discussing the coming Last Battle. He notices that an apple tree which had died and had no fruit was suddently full of fresh, plump apples, unless I misread the entire prologue. Ta'veren effect odds, they can make something that is not likely to happen happeb more often, or something that was all but ensured happen much less. Like Mat's gambling. They could cause someone to die in a freak accidently that would normally not have even hurt them, or cause someone to survive a an accident that would have almost certainly killed them. But they can't cause the impossible to happen. But even there is any chance at all that something could happen, they can make it happen. Mat seems to have far more control, with his ta'veren nature effecting his gambling based on his needs, like causing him to lose when he is in danger of something becoming angry or suspicious of his wins. But it still requires at least a slight possibily.
  9. But something has to actually be possible for a ta'veren to cause it to happen. They can't literally make the impossible happen. For example Rand didn't cause the bags of grain to become unspoiled, he simply effected the odds that the remaning bags hadn't spoiled yet. Another ta'veren, no matter how powerful they were ta'varen, wouldn't have caused the dead apple tree to come back to life. Only Rand could have done that. I don't think even someone more ta'varen than rand would have made it happen. I think it's specifically an effect caused by the Dragon Reborn, which isn't caused by him being ta'veren.
  10. No they don't. All angreal and sa'angreal do is enhance one's own ability to channel, and allow them to use more of the one power than they would be able to on their own. It's ta'angreal which has actual uses, and can actually do thing with the one power. For example, the flying machines in the AOL were powered by ta'angreal which generated electricity, literally turning the one power into electrical current to power the machines.
  11. Some people have theorized that she was a channelor by the fact that she has three names, which is apparently reserved for channelors. However, I think her name was Ilyena Moerelle, and LTT's original name was simply Lews Therrin, with Therrin being his family name and she took his family name when they married. Much like the full name of a married women under most western cultures is her Husband's Surname, followed by her own surname with a hyphen between them. Under American name system her name would have been Ilyena Moerella-Therin.
  12. I always thought that he was asking if Ishy could sing. Never realized it was an actual type of singing. I figured that singing was just traditional in the culture that LTT and his family took part in, and he was asking Ishy if he could sing and wanted to take part.
  13. 1; Let Logain fight Taim, Giving it to Egwene ruined 3 books worth of buildup into a final battle between Logain and the Black Tower, and Taim and his Dreadlords. There are many other ways Egwene can get herself killed.... 2; Drop the "Flame of Tar Valon" weaves all together. The entire point of Balefire is that is literally burns away the pattern. Having a weave that can just "unburn" the pattern completely destroys the point. Balefire is supposed to be so dangerous that even the Forsaken, other than Ishamael, are hesitant to use it. 3; Don't focus too much on Moiraine. WOT isn't the type of story that has a "main character". It's supposed to be more like GOT, and have multiple, branching story arcs going at the same time. 4; You have to make sure the include the best characters in the series..... Narg, Paitr, and Unnamed Darkfriends Numbers 2-5.
  14. No. The hints about Taim were somewhat early in the series, and he hadn't figured out the entire story yet. He ended up changing his mind.
  15. A-List roles needs to be reserved for small roles,or ones that will be gone within a few seasons.... Perhaps Michael Fassbender as Ishy for the the first few seasons. Or maybe Nicole Kidman as Morgase.
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