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  1. Seems they may be planning on making Elayne and Aviendha bisexual, and in love with each other, not just Rand. They want to do something to appeal to the LGBTQ crowd, and since same sex relationships make up a good amount of the backstory in much of the series, they figure turning the love triangle into a polyamorous relationship could be a good move, instead of having it as a polygamist relationship where three women marry the same man, and share him.
  2. Moiraine is in her mid-40's but looks like she's 25. It clearly states this, When Rand first sees her, he thinks she's no older than Nynaeve, who is 24-25 in the first book, but then he realized she also has a look of maturity and wisdom in her eyes. Physically she looks very young. The "ageless" look of an Aes Sedai doesn't actually make them look older. They still look young, but they give off an aura of maturity and wisdom that someone who looks as young as their do shouldn't have.
  3. Asian in culture yes, but their accent, according to RJ, is based on Texas. Culture and accents do not match in the series. You have the Shienarans who are not asian at all using katanas and wearing samurai armor. You have the Domani using the quivelent of chopsticks, and slicing their food into slivered (kinda like stir fry), while also not being asian. Basically, the Seanchan are gonna be a mix of of ethnicities, but mostly all speaking with a Texas accent. When it comes to ethnicity, the Seanchan are actually the most diverse,... Tuon is black (having skin like ebony) Other Seanchan are white. There are several native-Americanish tribes in Seanchan as well.
  4. No, he mixed CULTURE up. Not ethnicity. He stated clearly that Saldeans are the equivlent of North Africans when it comes to ethnicity. He was very clear on what ethnicities each region was based on. Then he mixed different cultures into each region as well. Andor and Cairhien are based on England and France. They, along with Tear,are among the only nations which are based on a single country. Tear being Spanish in both ethnicity and culture.
  5. According to RJ, the Seanchan accent is an Texas accent. However, when it comes to their ethnicity, there isn't one single one. The "Blood" are decended from people from the Westlands, which would have all sorts of ethnicities because they would be from all over the Westlands, but Luthar's armies also mated with Seanchan natives who are primarily based on Native American tribes. Their culture is based on the Chinese and Japanese Empires mostly with the emperor/empress being viewed as an almost god-like being and all people being their property.
  6. From what they have released on their plans, it sounds like, Elayne and Aviendha will share him, but will also be in a romantic relationship with each other. It sounds like they are planning on having their relationship be a more polyamorous feel to it, with all of them sharing each other. I'm unsure of what this means for his relationship with Min, because even in the books she didn't really ever feel comfortable with sharing him, and she and Aviendha never really got that close.
  7. I hope they get someone big to play Ishy. Since the actor would only be in a few seasons, it would be possible to have them on the show, and then replace them with a lesser known actor once Ishy is dead, and ressurrected as Moridin. Michael Fassbender would be an amazing Ishy. Having him on there as a primary antagonist for a few seasons would draw A LOT of eyes. It's the sort of thing that Amazon might be willing to plurge for. I saw a picture someone made with himwith flames in his eyes and mouth,and it gave me goosebumps.
  8. My main issue is that she is far too old. Moiraine is supposed to generally look arounf 25, same as Nynaeve. Her agelessness is more based on the vibe that people get from her, the maturity and wisdom in her eyes, and how she holds herself, more then her actual appearance.
  9. Actually Saidara is based on North African ethnicities....So think light-brown skin, like Egypt, and they have that same type of accent.
  10. Moiraine is not asian by any stretch of the imagination. She is from Cairhien, which is a country that is almost completely white. There is nothing in any physical description of Moiraine that even remotely points to her being asian in any way shape or form. She is said to have large eyes, brown hair, and pale skin.
  11. People said that Heath Ledger didn't have the range to play the joker, I don't think it's wise to judge someone based solely on their previous acting. However, just on looks, don't think she's the right choice. 1; She's several inches too tall. 2; While attractive, she wouldn't be able to pass for the age that Moiraine physically looks (without taking into account the ageless look, which I would say is mid-late 20's, perhaps early 30's. If they are choosing her just for the drawing power of having an award winning/nominated actress in the lead role, they could have better suited actresses. Tatiana Maslany is one. She is much closer to how I would see Moiraine looking, and she is much closer in height. She's won Emmies and Golden Globes for her work on Orphan Black.
  12. I just don't think she has the right look.
  13. They will be looking for lesser know, and thus more affordable actors for the main, recurring roles. Big name actors to ancor the cast will likely be reserved for roles which do not appear much in the series.....Tam, Elyas, Morgase..... I could see them splurging to get someone like Nicole Kidman as Morgase.
  14. In his biography, it says he was originally from Tear, but ran away as a teenager to become a soldier in the borderlands, before becoming a warder.
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