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  1. Dagon Thyne

    The casting thread

    Sam Elliot will not be Thom. He can't speak in a british (Andoran) accent. I always thought that David Thewlis would be great as Fain.
  2. She might have meant that he would need Mat's help to get back out. Remember that Mat's had the key. Maybe she figured that out.
  3. Dagon Thyne

    Is Rand the Creator?

    Again, a tar'varen can't make the impossible happen. It can only effect existing odds of something that is possible. With Rand, it's far more than just being a tar'varen.
  4. Dagon Thyne

    Is Rand the Creator?

    He wasn't making the impossible happen. It's possible to fall several stories without being hurt, just not likely. The fact that something isn't likely to happen doesn't make it impossible. But a dead apple tree magically coming back to life full of fresh apples? That is physically impossible, and was caused by Rand. So Rand was literally causes dead things to come back to life, and makes apples magically appear on a tree that had been complete barren moments before. That seems like altering reality to me.
  5. There have been several things throughout the series which have always been credited to Rand being Ta'veren, but this doesn't make sense. A Ta'veren can only effect odds. They make something that is possible, far more likely to happen. However, they can't make something that is physically impossible happen. So, it doesn't make sense for Rand's being a Ta'veren be responsible for the dead, barren apple tree in the prologue of TGS come back to life, with a full harvest of apples. And of course, he literally altered reality when he fully recreated the Dark One's prison. Does this mean that Rand is the literal avatar of the Creator?
  6. I am talking about what types of WOT related products will be produced to take advance of any future success the series may have,....Since it's amazon, I could see them making several toys, Sony would likely get the video game rights. They might also try to take advantage of the fact that gambling plays a significant part in Mat's character. Perhaps a version of Go, rebranded as "Stones", or a "gambling set" with WOT style playing cards and dice.
  7. Dagon Thyne

    What to keep, what to drop?

    It seems Amazon is planning on basing the first few seasons on a book by book basis..... Season 1; Eye of the World Season 2; The Great Hunt Season 3; The Dragon Reborn This is fine, since all of these books have enough to keep them interesting, especially if they have some added scenes, that are implied, but not shown in the books. There are several books in the middle of the series that can be merged. And I would also say that TGS, ToM, and AMoL can be merged into a single season as well. So the whole of the series could be done in 7 or 8 seasons.
  8. Yes, we all get that. But that doesn't change the fact that a RJ seems to have mixed up his metaphors. The wheel of time seems to be a metaphor for a yarn wheel, but a yarn wheel doesn't actually weave cloth, it creates yarn or thread. So it doesn't make sense for a yarn wheel to create "age lace".
  9. Dagon Thyne

    Wheel of Time Cast

    Perrin is 6'3", Hemmsworth is 6'3". He is just the right height.
  10. Really? Isn't Thom an Andoran? They speak in british accents, except for the Two Rivers, who have Irish accents.
  11. Dagon Thyne

    Wheel of Time Cast

    I had the idea of having Joe Dempsie from GOT as Perrin. He is youngish looking, even in his early 30's and could pass for 20 with the right makeup artist. And he is tall and buff, plus he's played a blacksmith so he knows how to work the hammer.. Plus he just looks so awesome swining a warhammer
  12. The dangers of eating nails is also not mentioned So since we have no evidence that eating nails is dangerous in the WOT world. it must not be. Yeah I don't buy that. I assume that it poses the same risk as it's RL counterpart, or, in peaches case, far more risk. Remember OUR world and OUR time. ARE the First Age. Tobac IS tobacco. They are one and the same.
  13. Yes, but thatdoesn't mean it DOESN"T cause have those dangers. There could be thousands of people traveling to the WT every year to get healed for lung cancers that they have no idea was caused by tobac, but for some reason, many fans have the mindset that because the dangers of smoking are not specifically mentioned in the books that tobac doesn't have the same health risks as tobac.
  14. Exactly. So, why do so many fans simply assume that tobac has no health risks? Also, in a world where healing with magic is possible, infectious diseases are less of a threat. I am sure the Aes Sedai send yellow sisters to heal outbreaks. Also, you are assuming that they would have no understanding of epidemiology, and statistics, but I am thinking they probably do. Keeping track of outbreak patterns seems to be something a Brown sisters would do, or even a Yellow sister, if she were interested in studying the causes of a disease in order to better understand it.