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  1. Ingtar. Ingtar. and Ingtar. That dog with buttons really does seem like it knows what it is saying. I knew a horse trainer that had a blue heeler that had a crazy high word recognition count. She could send her dog to get individual people that it knew or grab items for her. She could tell it to go places and wait for her. Pretty sure that dog could have used buttons for speech. Really hope we get head voice for wolves with some kind of effect to distinguish it as wolf voice. Maybe quickly blurring images as we hear the voice showing a bit of what wolf is saying.
  2. Ughh. Perrin and Mat go to White Castle. Rand is played by Neil Patrick Harris.
  3. Verin and Gitara after a hard night partying may have accidently joined the black ajah. When they sobered up Gitara kept spitting prophecy. The only place safe to hide the writings was in Verins secret hidey hole. And that will be why Verin will have an odd gait. In a reprise of his role in Pulp Fiction Christopher Walken will wear a wig and play Verin.
  4. If you have not seen it yet look up Lego WoT teaser trailer on youtube. Wonderful.
  5. I assume we will never see the back side in show. I wish the released photos had never included it. Now it will be pull the leaf and a gust of hotdogs and hamburgers tickles Perrin's sensitive nose.
  6. I am giving you #4. At least until series comes out and disproves me. I hope they got some weapon experts on crew. Too much fighting in this series to have a video game aesthetic going on.
  7. My only issue is the back side without stairs. It kind of looks like an overdone bar b que grill. I envision trollocs flipping villagers on the grill.
  8. Why does the spinning of the great sock make so much sense to me. I grok it. I was just watching a video with my wife of a sheep herder homeless guy. As soon as he started pulling his stuff out of his little wagon I yelled "tinker". That guy gets the weaving of the sock of time.
  9. I think the Tar Valon artists looked at a bunch of medieval and renaissance cathedrals and mosques and did a bit of merger. Bits of Blue Mosque here, some Notre Dame there, voila Tar Valon. I wonder if the squishing effecton White Tower from broadening the base and reducing island size was intentional. I think it would have been more interesting if the widened and bowled the top instead of making it space x rocket. A blooming flower atop Tar Valon more thematically correct to me.
  10. Squagly made perfect sense to me. Squat plus ugly equals squagly.
  11. She looks the part. Haven't seen her in anything. They need a good actress if she gets entire arc. She will need to be able to code switch from regal to petulant a lot.
  12. It's kind of amazing how Jordan was dealing with many social topics( sometimes awkwardly) that feel more in this moment than they did when he was writing.
  13. I don't want to rehash it but never got all the Faile hate. She will be a good character if they keep her. Saldean culture is cool. Cutting her might deprive us of that also.
  14. I think it was part of Jordan's creation of so many amazing characters. He got lost in world building. Then putting all the pieces in puzzle created some unnecessary bulk.
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