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  1. Yeah... I want to like the show, I've waited 25 years for it! So I don't think too hard about the things that don't make sense. And that bugs me, because I like to pick things apart 🤭 But I was happy with all the little lines directly taken from the books, and the scenes (and I suppose I use 'scenes' in the loosest sense of the word!). And I'm looking forward to the next season. But I do wish it wasn't quite so different from the books. But! I'm also glad to have this show. Saidin and saidar. 😝
  2. I like this, I did notice that ring during the sponge-down. I wasn't all that keen on this episode, it was okay but I had to wait a day before I could watch it and it didn't really feel worth the wait! My favourite part was when Egwene was braiding her hair in her kennel. Just made me smile, you know she's not able to fight against what's been done to her, but she can braid her hair and remember that she is Egwene from the (whoops that's right, there's no 'the' in the show 🤪) Two Rivers and they cannot take that from her, they will never break her as long as she remembers who she is and where she came from. Next week should be good!! 🤞
  3. I had to wait until Sunday night to watch this one! It was worth the wait though, how good was Renna. I loved the portrayal of the sul'dam/damane relationship. Didn't get any BDSM feels from it personally (funny how many pages that convo has taken up this topic 😆), as I remember from the books how the Seanchan thought of damane as being animals, the most exotic of their exotics. But even without that, Renna repeatedly told Egwene that she was a damane, not a woman. And Liandrin again! Every time I watch her I just like/pity her a little bit more. So much more interesting than in the books! And that sour face... I am a bit concerned though that Nynaeve was able to channel (albeit brief and uncontrolled) after Ryma told her to relate it to healing, as she is supposed to be unable to unless angry. I'm hoping it won't affect a particular favourite scene further down the track, even as I kinda do like the fact that I don't know exactly what's going to happen in the show. (Uno again 😭)
  4. We saw the saa.... Also I must say, I was really kinda hoping Liandrin wasn't going to be Black in the show! Because I've really been enjoying how complex her character is, she's easily one of the most interesting characters in the show. I thought they may have just been combining her with Elaida. I'd even convinced myself last week that she had convinced herself that she wasn't technically using the One Power as a weapon on the Wonder Girls and so wasn't breaking any Oaths. But she didn't, and she was, and so I guess she's just a complex and interesting Darkfriend 😆 Can't wait to watch Egwene next week!
  5. 🙂 Yes, it's no man's land between them and they do fight over it. But I think Falme being a city/large town in its own right keeps it from being conquered by one nation or the other.
  6. "It's me, hi, I'm the Dragon it's me." Does anyone else hate them calling Falme "falm"? I've always pronounced it "fal-may". Also Donal is really rocking it as Mat I must say. And Elayne is annoying/sweet, but she always was, let's be honest. And I was shouting at the TV when Nynaeve was packing to leave the Tower! Where could she possibly go from there, to join the Kin?? Curse you Rafe! But then it was just part of the Three Arches, thank the Light. Can't wait for next week! Think I'll have to re-watch in the meantime though 🤭 Edit: and I forgot Uno, what the bloody hell 😭
  7. Falme is between Arad Doman and Tarabon. But yeah that makes sense, it has been months after all, they could have made it that far. Edit: I forgot about the battle they have in Falme (may or may not be drunk right now 🤭), so yeah def makes sense for them to have made their way there by now.
  8. Oh Rand, you were such a sweet, sweet boy ❤️ Also, how are the Seanchan in Shienar? Am I missing something..?
  9. I rewatched it for the first time about three weeks ago, and I found I enjoyed it more than the first time around 😊 although Lan's... scene... (and really that whole episode) still hasn't grown on me, to say the least 🤮😆
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