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  1. Also, there is this, from tGS, chapter 13. Gawyn is sparring with two Warders, Sleete and Marlesh: "Sleete carried a heron-mark blade and was near-legendary in the White Tower for his prowess. He was said to have bested even Lan Mandragoran twice out of seven bouts, back when Mandragoran had been known to spar with other Warders." To me, that reads as though Moiraine has been back to the Tower in the past. More than once, really (back when Lan used to spar with the Warders, and then later on when he wasn't doing it anymore). 🤔🤷
  2. Yay the bio has been approved ? I'll post a novice-wandering-the-tower-grounds--who-might-she-bump-into type thread soonish. To clarify, all novice/Accepted posts go on the retro boards? And what is discord? ?
  3. Been poking around in here a bit lately, so just wanted to say hi ? I've been a fan of WoT for a long time, and used to RP back in the day, though I haven't done it for years and I miss it. It seems quiet around here, but I think that will suit me. It's taking me long enough to get a novice bio together as it is ? but it is slowly coming together, and I'm looking forward to RPing with you guys soon ?
  4. It's like a whole other layer that didn't exist the first time! And it's funny to read it not being the same age as the gang now too ☺️ Yeah I'm not sure if I RPed here. I started at the NWT, then was offline for ages before my parents bought a new computer (ahh the good old days), then when I came back the NWT had split, so I RPed mainly at silklantern. But I had chars at a few different sites so it's possible. It's actually really cool that Dragonmount is still around ?
  5. Well I wanted to be 'Verin's notebook' first, but that was taken! So when I was thinking of someone else's something, Seaine and her thick black eyebrows kept popping into my head ? Hello btw ☺️ guess I might do a quick intro! Love reading and writing, though I do a lot more reading than writing these days. I love sci-fi, lots of alien invasion and post-apocalyptic stuff, sci-fi romance is great too, though it's hard to find a good author who can make it work. I'm currently in the middle of rereading WoT, actually my very first reread funnily enough, since I first pick
  6. - when your son (whose name starts with R) wakes up in the middle of the night and you mumble groggily to your husband "Rand's crying" ?
  7. How about if Moiraine, while she's busy trying to manipulate Rand, and RJ's busy trying to make us think she might be Black, skipped off somewhere, maybe to the capital, stayed there a few days, and sent a letter to Myrelle telling her about Lan and Nynaeve. Who could a Green think be a better Aes Sedai for a broken Warder than the woman he loves??‍♂️ ?‍♀️
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