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  1. I wanted to make a thread just where people can say tiny little things they caught that might be references to the books or that made them go 'Yes!' from the different episodes. No discussion here, ideally....that can go in the other threads. Just little mentions of things you saw that others might miss. I'll start. Episode 1 : Tam al'Thor describing how the Wheel works and how it lets you do it better next time. (Referring to the events on top of Dragonmount) Episode 2: Mat describing his dream with the bats and how they all had their necks cracked (Referring to the hangman's noose)
  2. Hello! The TV show has prompted me to re-read vita of the series for the first time in ages while I was at my parents’ for the holidays. And I realised I have a fair few questions about the ending of the series, and I thought I’d pop round and ask! 1) We know the Bore is drilled in the AOL and sealed by Rand in AMOL. Do we then know the DO is active in the world only between these two events (and subsequent turnings), or whether the DO also gets freed / is active in eg the fifth age? i guess if the former it would make Tarmon Gai’don actually the LAST battle against the DO (though of course no beginnings or endings etc) 2) slightly linked to the above is the nature of the Dragon. LTT was a powerful channeled and fought the DO in AOL. He then re-spawns as Rand in the third age. But Rand has a) the channeling ability and memories of LTT b)reality warping abilities. In the end it is b) that really matters to the endgame, but is that in any way related to a) (ie did LTT also have this ability), or are the two things (Rand being LTT reborn; and Rand having messianic reality warping powers) unrelated? 3) is a turning where the DO wins possible / do we think it has happened? thanks to anyone who’ll take the time to read / respond!
  3. I wanted to start a thread for the Origins animated shorts. Thoughts? Opinions? How do they represent the books compared to the show itself? Does it make you enjoy the show more?
  4. 3 forsaken appeares in Eye of the World. How many will appear in Season 1? Do you think this show will use 13 forsaken or is that too many to fit in an 8 seasons arc? Which Forsaken would be most likely to get cut?
  5. After several recollections of mine became challenged regarding the source material, I felt a re-read was necessary. I'm closing in on the end of tEotW and I have indeed misremembered or flat our forgotten my fare share of details. I certainly owe a few members a retraction or two. What about you folks? Any intentional rereads out there? and if so, is it effecting your opinions of whats to come, or jogged your memory about something?
  6. I didn't see one of these yet so why not I personally have some predictions about what is to come in episodes 5-8 and am curious what other people have and gives a chance for people to state their predictions for posterity here is my complete list ... this is imported from a post I made on redit so things that read "Stuff" or "Thing" are being kept intentionally vague but I expect our DM Crowd to be able to fill in those gaps without much effort these predictions were assembled from IMDB Casting Credits, Episode Blurbs, what we have left, Episode Names and what "Makes sense to me" in going from plot point to plot point Blood Calls Blood - Perrin and Egwane are captured by Whitecloaks led by Valda, and are rescued by Nyneave, Lan and Moraine Rand and Mat Meet Loial they are going to skip over Caemlyn The Flame of Tar Valon - Mat and Rand go to Basil Gils Tavern in Tar Valon (yes you read that right) Rand and Logain Lock Eyes in Tar Valon Moraine and the Sisters face the Amirlyn Seat over the Genteling of Logain Moraine either flees the tower or is hushed out the door by Suian Moraine partially heals Mat at Basil Gils Tavern but cannot fully heal him do to Logain consequences the Crew head to the waygate outside Tar Valon (and MAYBE enter it at the end of the episode) The Dark Along the Ways- Travel the Ways and avoid Machin-Shin exit the Ways near Faldara Meet Min and Padan Fain begin massing for the Battle of Tarwins Gap Crew heads for the EotW The Eye of the World Battle for Tarwins gap EotW Stuff with the 3 guys DR is revealed to be ..... Aei Sedi Arrive at the gap from the tower Fain steals the dagger and other thing Try to format it so that each episode has its own prediction headers
  7. Since the brief mention of ta'veren in the first episode, the show hasn't expanded on the theme or shown their effects explicitly. How should the show deal with the fact that the boys (and maybe Egwene) are ta'veren? 1. Ignore it and combine the ta'veren effects with the other character abilities (Perrin - wolfbrother, Matt - luck, Rand - channeler) 2. Keep it off-screen, but with an occasional comment (e.g., like the scene on the chase to Tear where Moraine discovered that everybody got married after Rand walked through town) 3. Use it to handwave the necessary Deus Ex Machina events 4. Explicitly show it on screen through the actors The first three are easy to write, but lack the impact of ta'veren in the books. Explicitly showing it on screen fit the books better and make for better viewing, but requires a well thought out concept and good writing. It would be tempting to handwave away lazy, poor writing as ta'veren effects. Is it worth the risk to try to show ta'veren effects on screen or should the show play it safe and continue to downplay the concept?
  8. The title sequence...weaves assembling, threads breaking, and the ajah depiction (minus one!). Did we also get an image of Tuon in that collection of woven feminine tapestries?
  9. Since I'm the one who proposed this I guess I should be the one to start it. Let's see if it actually works lol With less than two weeks to go before the show airs, how are you feeling about it? On a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being "I'll hate-watch it or not at all" and 10 being "It's going to be the best show ever" where are your expectations at? What are you concerned about? What are you hopeful for? There's only one rule I'd like to propose for this thread: don't mock or invalidate anyone else's concerns. Even if you think they're ridiculous or an overreaction. We all have different things we care about and are attached to and we should still be able to have a civil conversation about them. I'll start: I'm pretty excited. I'm mostly really looking forward to finally introducing some of my non-book reader friends and family to this world and characters I love so much. On a scale of 0 to 10, I'd rate my expectations at an 8. It's not going to be the best show ever, but I think it has a really good shot at doing well. I do have some concerns about some of things we've seen in promotional materials so far. I don't like the rumored change about Perrin's wife, and I hope it doesn't play out in the worst way possible (him actually killing her). I don't think they need to lean too hard into giving the protagonists dark and angsty backstories right off the bat. Their relative innocence at the start of the story would be refreshing to see in contrast to most fantasy we get these days. (This goes for Mat too). I also hope they don't add a bunch of gratuitous sex just for the ratings. Finally, when it comes to the changes related to gender, I've thought through a lot of different ways they could go about it and there are some I like less than others. I'll have to watch and find out. Overall, though, I'm pretty hopeful. It looks like they're doing a lot of things right and I'm absolutely in love with the sheer amount of symbolism, foreshadowing and attention to detail we've seen in the promotional materials. I really hope the show does well enough to be renewed for a third season (and much more).
  10. This Topic is dedicated to discussing Season 1 of the Wheel of Time TV Series. Full book spoilers are allowed. If you haven't caught up on the latest episode, please avoid this topic until you have.
  11. Episode 4 is the episode of Logain Official teaser - https://youtu.be/DHZdkuu4XGU Actor teaser - https://www.instagram.com/tv/CWqQtEUI1Bq/
  12. It has been noted by several folks that Rand went from 0 to 100 with his antagonism of Moiraine - way faster than he did in the books. We were not privy to Tam's fever dream in the show - yet. Do you think Rafe is using this to amp up Rand's rebelliousness/stubbornness? Rand is agonizing because he no longer knows who he is and he is lashing out at Moiraine. More accelerated than the books but not different in the end. Maybe we'll get treated to a flashback of the quarry road after another Moiraine confrontation...?
  13. So I'mma tag this with book and TV show spoilers just incase we want to say stuff that some might consider spoilers. But starting tomorrow Nov 1, 2021 Lets start counting down things we love about the Wheel Of Time. Sort of like the 12 Days of Christmas but to countdown to our new show. We'll Call it "19 Days in Nesan", lmao Today’s goal: 18 annnnd 19 DAY 1: Padan Fain - This was a tough call. All entries had merit but props to @Rand the Plumber with a super persuasive argument! Day 1 Honorable Mentions: Bela, Rand's Flute, Ba'alzamon, Sullin's Soup, Mat's Fated Marriage, Lan Killing Demandred. DAY 2: Choedan Kal. - This was even tougher. I was torn between the Hammer and Axe by @SinisterDeath and the Choedan Kal by @DaddyFinnbut I do like that they were featured literally from the start of the series. Continued to exist as this huge possible McGuffin. Then became a real thing with so many uses. Then did something huge but became 'sploded in the end. And after all that... Their initial use (presumed) ended up unnecessary because of...events 😛 Perrin's stuff was easily the best weaponry in the series. So either could have won. Day 2 Honorable Mentions: Perrin's Hammer and Axe. Two Rivers. Gawyn & Galad DAY 3: 3 Towers. @SinisterDeath with the nod. Honestly there were SO many great answers I just kinda let fate decide and roll an actual die to determine this one. Yeah yeah, I cheated…so what. 😛 Day 3 Honorable Mentions: 3 Oaths, 3 arches/rings, 3 Ba’alzamon fights, 3 Demandred kill attempts, Rand/Mat/Perrin threesome/ta’veren, Rand’s harem. DAY 4: 4 Amyrlin's @Pandemonium with the win. Yes it's entirely because they appealed to my vanity. Cadsuane being the best character, best Amyrlin, and just best me ever 😛 Look, I said I was a fair judge. I never claimed impartiality. lol. Day 4 Honorable Mentions: Borderland Nations, Fourth Age, 4 Kings, All of Ralph's suggestions 😉 DAY 5: 5 Great Captains @Pandemonium. This one actually got people voting and agreeing in thread. How can I ignore the masses? Day 5 Honorable Mentions: 5 Elements, Five Riders at Falme, Morgase's relationships, 5 reborn Chosen, 5 named horses, DAY 6: Six Pointed Star ter'angreal. @SinisterDeath knows my weakness. Me. Lol. But legit the Paralis-net did raise an already impressive Cadsuane up to the level of power that the best male channelers wielded. So that alone makes it an amazing thing. Day 6 Honorable Mentions: Six Bridges of Tar Valon, 6 swordsment Lan defeats, 6 stolen ter'angreal (love it - this is deep cut knowledge lol) Six named places on Caemlyn Road (also deep cut knowledge 🙂) First six books. DAY 7: 7 Seals of the Dark Ones Prison. @MasterAblarThis one gets the nod because not only does it encompass the entirety of the book series - but the fact they became less of a "Oh they all broke now the DO is free" - to a "Break them now Sealbreaker - so Rand can do his thangy thang". A cool twist that they get broken on purpose, and that a badass title is given because of it. Day 7 Honorable Mentions: 7 spokes of the wheel, 7 false dragons, 7 towers of Malkier, 7 Ajahs, 7 Ages, 7 Seals DAY 8: CO-Winners: 8 Blademasters Killed in Duels @Pandemonium & Cadsuane's 8-pointed star @SinisterDeath. One, because its a great answer and shows deep knowledge of the series... the other because its Caddy related. And SD just constantly now trying to name parts of my character's Paralis-net to score cheap points lmao - and having it work... is just too funny to pass up. Day 8 Honorable Mentions: 8 male Forsaken, 8 Ajah's (lol), 8 stone dogs retreating, DAY 9: 9 Golden Bees @Rose I love this one! Day 9 Honorable Mentions: Council of Nine, Nine horse hitch, 9 Rods of Dominion, Winter's Heart, Rand's 9 Visions. DAY 10: “Ten Years Betrayer” @Ralph Day 10 Honorable Mentions: 10 Days of the Week, 10 Nations, 10 types of shadowspawn, 10 swordsmen defeated (Jearom) 10 dead Chosen. DAY 11: The 11 Sitters who illegally deposed Siuan Sanche as Amrylin by @themann1086 Day 11: Honorable Mentions: 11 Main Novels, 11 Darkfriend Corpses kneeling to Rand, The funny thing SD said. 11 Clan Chiefs who had been the Rhuidean. DAY 12: 12 Aiel Warrior Societies @MasterAblar - I have not shown any love to the Aiel lately. So here's my penance. Day 12 Honorable Mentions: 12 Trolloc bands, Lanfear's power level, 12 high lords, 12 wavemistresses/sailmistresses, 12 Aes Sedai escaped Dumai Wells, Book 12, 12 Strings on a Bittern. DAY 13: 13 Chosen by @DaddyFinn - Like they said in another book series: "After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things. Terrible! Yes. But great." Day 13 Honorable Mentions: SD's sillyness, 13 Towers of Midnight, 13th Depository, 13 Nicknames Matt had, 13 waits between books :p, 13 Knitting Circle members, 13 High Lords/Ladies, 13 (the number...just the number). DAY 14: 14 Years Between RJ passing and the TV Adaptation finally happening @ManetherenTaveren - any time to honor RJ's memory gets a nod. Its automatic. Day 14 Honorable Mentions: 14 Major Houses of Andor that support Elayne, 14 Heroes of the Horn, 14 Nations of the Westlands, 14 letters in the title, 14 books that tell the tale of the EF5. DAY 15: 15 Named Members of the BotRH @MasterAblar Day 15 Honorable Mentions: The 15 Books in WoT. 15 named members of the Younglings, DAY 16: Lord of Chaos, Chapter 16, was the last time Kari al'Thor was mentioned. Since LoC took place during the year 999, Kari al'Thor had been dead for ~16 years. @SinisterDeath Day 16 Honorable Mentions: 16 named boats, 16 total Chosen deaths, Number of warders accompanying Perrin to Dumai Wells, DAY 17: the number of independent governing bodies in the Westlands @themann1086 Day 17 Honorable Mentions: How old Faile was when she began the Hunt, Perrin's aging, 17 Blademasters, DAY 18: TBD Day 18 Under Consideration: DAY 19: TBD Day 19 Under Consideration:
  14. We've had a deluge of promotional materials these past few weeks, so much that most of us can barely keep up. With less than two weeks until the show airs, what are your predictions about what we'll see in season 1? How do you think some of the changes we've seen hinted at will play out in practice? What obscure detail of the videos or images do you have wild theories about? For this thread, I'd like to ask that we keep value judgements and our own feelings about whether changes are good or not out of the discussion. This isn't about debating whether something is okay or acceptable. It's about speculating about what we think will happen, trying to understand what the showrunners are thinking, and what's in store for us. I'll start: I'm really curious to know what we'll see in Tear. I'm pretty convinced we'll see *something* in Tear because it's on the map in the Explore section of the Prime Video page for the show. They wouldn't put Tear on the map if something in the season didn't take place there. Initially I thought it might just be because of the prophecies. In the books, Logain is captured while marching his army on Tear. But he never gets there. Would they put it on the map (a map that has very few cities highlighted), if we never even reached it? I'm starting to doubt that. So what's happening in Tear? I saw a theory that we might get a Siuan flashback there, and there was a leaked image of Moiraine and Siuan together in a room that could be some sort of fisherman's house. But I can't figure out why they'd be in Tear together. Does anyone have thoughts? Or other theories you'd like to discuss?
  15. Okay, once again let's evaluate the evidence in front of us rather than leaping to conclusions. Let's all concede two baseline facts: (1) There is an ambiguity built into this whole "Who is the Dragon" question reflected in the promotional materials released yesterday as to the gender of the Dragon. I'll further concede that the ambiguity is intentional. (2) We have yet to see the entire show in context and so have no actual idea of how anything will be depicted on screen. Now, let's examine the remaining evidence and decide what it tells us. Moiraine "heard rumors of four young people who potentially matched the prophecy of the Dragon Reborn." Ask yourself, what is the content of these rumors? Who are the four young people? How is it that these young people "potentially match" the prophecy? We don't know the answers to these questions. Moiraine [supposedly] tells a group [supposedly] including Rand, Perrin, Mat and Egwene that "one of you four" is the Dragon Reborn. Realize first, that the actual quotation here matters as does the context of the clip. But even if the context and quotation are as reported, this is (a) a technically true statement since Rand is the Dragon Reborn and is included in the four being addressed; and (b) does not automatically follow from that statement that Egwene is under consideration - though it may follow depending on the context of the statement. Let's also recall that the Lews Therin is identified elsewhere in the promotional materials both as a male and as the prior Dragon. The materials also note that the Dragon Reborn is "believed to be Lews Therin spun back into the world." Now let's examine two possible constructions of the evidence: Construction 1: Moiraine and Lan ride into town. They believe the Dragon Reborn could potentially be a female channeler and include Egwene among those potential candidates. Do we have anything right now that contradicts this theory? Not directly, no. Construction 2: Moiraine and Lan hear rumors about four babies being born in this remote village at a time which would match the Dragon's birth. Having four born so close together is a unique event in such a small village, so Moiraine and Lan go to investigate. Upon arriving, Moiraine immediately notes the four people of the correct age, she immediately excludes Egwene because she's female but also immediately recognizes Egwene's strength in the Power (and/or that Egwene is ta'veren) and so contrives to bring her along. Do we have anything right now that contradicts this theory? Again, no. Therefore, all that we can safely conclude for right now is that there is a desire to play up the ambiguity of who the "Chosen One" is for purposes of marketing. There is zero downside to allowing the audience to draw whatever conclusions they want or to speculate as much as they want before the show comes out. We have no idea how the writers intend to explain RJ's lore to the audience. We have to consider that this ambiguity may actually be a story vehicle for helping to explain saidar and saidin to the audience. For example, maybe this backwoods village girl hears about the Dragon being reborn, then also that she has "great power" and has a moment of panic - "could it be me?!" and then Moiraine has an opportunity to explain that no, the Dragon must be a male channeler. I greatly prefer option 2. I will be annoyed if they choose option 1. Option 1 wouldn't make me stop watching the show, but it would definitely require Amazon to earn my goodwill back. Option 2 seems the more likely choice to me. What do y'all think?
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