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  1. So what do you all think happens to the likes of Lanfear,Demandred, and Moridin after their deaths and the Dark Ones prison being sealed? We know that he was able to resurrect the Forsaken who were killed during the series and that they were marked/tied to him. Now that the Bore is resealed, is he still able to do that? And if not, are the Forsaken still marked/ tied to the Dark One when they get spun back into the Pattern? Also, what happens to the mind traps now that Moridin is toast? Lastly, Im almost finished with my reread of AMOL. I dont remember if the Aes Sedai ever realized that the Oath Rod is responsible for the ageless faces and that is cuts their lifespan dramatically shorter.
  2. The scene where Lanfear peels the skin off the Darkfriend in the wagon and then throws the skin towards Rand/Egwene and company and inflates it in mid-air.
  3. Agreed. I felt this way on my first read, and even more strongly on my first reread when I got there a few weeks ago
  4. I didnt start the series until after Sanderson finished AMOL. I honestly didnt notice a real difference. Looking back I can see some differences, and I may notice a ton more once I get there in my re-read. The biggest thing I noticed was the tone shift. The entire series we hear about the Last Battle approaching and it is presented as some abstract thing. Starting with The Gathering Storm the Last Battle goes from abstract to a present and tangible period of time. The Prologues to The Gathering Storm and A Memory of Light perfectly capture the atmosphere that is tangible throughout the last 3 books
  5. On my first read through, Moiraine and Perrin were my favorite characters. I'm on book 6 of my first re-read and while I wouldnt say she is the glue, I certainly think she is central and integral to the story and characters. The truth of this will be made more than evident later in the series
  6. Hey everyone. This is my first post and I figured this would be a good place to start. I've been chewing on this thread for well over a week, and as I am towards the end of book 5 in my first reread, I have a few things that I would potentially change. These 3 things I feel are connected to some extent. I should probably mention that I will probably not articulate this nearly as well here as I have in my head over the last week, but I will try. 1. Logain Ever since we meet him in the Tower after being gentled and Min had her viewing of him, I was rooting really hard for him to have a major part or impact in the story. So obviously it follows that I was pretty disappointed in what became of him. I think he was severely underdeveloped and had so much potential .Maybe having him be the one to defeat Taim during the Last Battle. I really dont think his fulfillment of Min's viewing in AMoL fits with her description in FoH ( glory above all men). He does get a bit of redemption with his actions at the end. 2. A powerful male channeler as a sidekick to Rand I understand that Mat and Perrin kind of fill this role( and maybe even Nynaeve to a certain extent) but I always wished Rand had a sidekick that he could confide in and share his experiences with. This is where I think points 1 and 3 tie in. 3. One of the Forsaken flipping In the first few books, its somewhat of a common theme that "No one is so lost that he cannot be brought to the Light" or some several iterations of that. Naturally, Asmodean was a prime candidate for that. I think Lanfear and Moridin were as well, but to a lesser extent and for different reasons. It seemed like Jordan was leading towards Asmodean having a much bigger role before his thread was cut. With the emphasis on redemption early on in the series, I think this would have been a great avenue to explore in regards to the Forsaken. Even if Asmodean didnt survive until the end, I think having him eventually flip and maybe dying doing something heroic to save Rands' life or of Rands' companions would have had a nice touch. Having a former Forsaken at Rands side doing battle would have been epic. To be fair, I am happy with WoT how it is and I dont necessarily think that these suggestions would make the series better. They could very well break it for all I know. These are are just things I remember wishing and hoping for when I first read through the series.
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